What to pay attention to when choosing Male Masturbator

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What is Male Masturbator? Is it easy to use? Share the experience of using the electric Male Masturbator. In this issue, we will dissect the types of the electric Male Masturbator and the experience of using it, so that the brothers can have a better understanding of the products of the Male Masturbator, and avoid choosing the Male Masturbator. Don't understand how to choose? Worry that it won't work if you buy it at home. Some consultation questions.

There are certain benefits for us to use Male Masturbator, especially for unmarried brothers, it has a certain comforting effect.

Because the brothers usually use their hands to jerk off when jerking off. At first, it is better to estimate, but later you will find that when you jerk off, you will shoot faster and faster!

Xiao Lang is so straightforward, and the brothers who read this article are not embarrassed, that is normal.

What is the reason for ejaculation soon? Because I sell the product Male Masturbator all the year round, I often help customers analyze the reasons for premature ejaculation, and countless students' consultation questions about premature ejaculation are on the top of hand masturbation!

After a long period of rubbing with your hands, you will gradually realize that the head of the dick will be very sensitive, and don't touch it, as soon as you touch it, you will feel ejaculation! Xiaolang is right?

And the main reason for this sensitivity is that the brothers use their hands to solve their physiological needs for a long time, while ignoring the feeling of their cock's head. Because to solve the needs by hand, it is not through the glans.

Then what is the principle of the Male Masturbator? It is an inverted mold made of a high imitation of a female vagina. When using it, it is performed with high imitation and real sex. If our brothers are a virgin, they have never masturbated once. , that can be used back with Male Masturbator, I believe that there will be no consultation questions about the sensitivity of the glans, unless it is a congenital apricot.

Well, it is so popular, the most important thing is to let the brothers understand the role of Male Masturbator and the reason for using the concept of Male Masturbator.

The price of the electric Male Masturbator is a little higher than that of the manual model, and it has improved the grade in terms of function and appearance.

Fully automatic, the features are: 1. Thick inner liner, 2. Voice function (calling a boat) can be inserted into earphones [hearing], 3. With airbag clip suction [suction function] The experience increases, of course, this Male Masturbator Quwang Mall is strongly advocated.

Then this kind of electric Male Masturbator that can't be considered fully automatic can only be semi-electric. Some brothers like the fully automatic type, like the one below.

The features are: 1. Automatically [release both hands] 2. With voice. This is probably a little worse in terms of comfort, and the inner liner is a bit thinner, but it is also loved by brothers. It is enough to add more oil when using it. It is suitable for this type of brother with a bigger second child.

Ordinary Male Masturbator of this brand should not be too bad. Later, Xiaolang is based on the customer's long-distance relationship and long-term separated couples. How to solve this kind of demand? Therefore, there are also Male Masturbator products that solve this kind of demand consultation problem. The following one, intelligent type The Male Masturbator.

Therefore, there is also a female-type vibrating egg, which can be used by couples and couples to solve the needs of both parties and solve some of the indifference of emotional consultation problems caused by long-term separation.

These Male Masturbator functions are estimated to have been developed thoroughly, but is this enough?

male masturbation machine

So it's not good, you have to put more effort into the material, appearance and experience.

It is already winter now, and some brothers report that the weather is colder, and the experience of using Male Masturbator to feel that the second child has a cold is very cool!

It's just that it doesn't matter, the weather is cold and don't hinder the use, just equip the Male Masturbator with a heating rod, so that the inside of the Male Masturbator can be warmed up, so that it won't get cold.

Therefore, it is necessary to use heating. Some brothers are afraid of troubles. Don't think about using a heating rod. Then Xiaolang has to solve the consultation problem. Of course, he started with the automatic heating Male Masturbator.

Well, I have shared so many electric Male Masturbators today. I believe that you should have a thorough understanding of them, right?

In short, there are many types of electric Male Masturbator, just choose the one that suits your needs. If you are a novice, you must choose one with a thick inner liner, so that the experience will be particularly good.


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