What to Do for an Anal Session

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Planning an Anal Sesh? Here’s What To Do

Anal Sesh

Anal sex can be a spontaneous, ‘let’s do it now’ kind of thing, although the best way is to plan ahead and prepare for what’s to come. If you want the experience to be a good one and not turn into an embarrassing situation, then here are some things you need to do first.

Sex Toys and the Role They Can Play in Anal Sex

Sex toys can have a significant impact on the experience of anal, but they’re not a necessity. If you want to know how to prep for anal, then there are several ways you can do this, and they all involve cleaning and washing your bum.

Adults will know how important it is to wash your butt after doing a number two, and the premise is the same for anal play. It’s worth noting though, that your body is a remarkable machine that’s capable of storing your poop up high where they can’t be easily reached. This means that horror stories of ‘mud cakes’ are very rare and not something you can expect in a typical sesh, and washing properly and thoroughly can reduce those chances even further.

There’s also the matter of having a lot of lubrication on hand to ease into it. Couples and individuals who intend to use sex toys will need them, but not just any kind will do. Consult the manual that comes with your sex toy and see what kind of lube is compatible with it.

Don’t forget that there are two distinct toys you can use for anal play, namely the butt plug and anal vibrator. Butt plugs can ease you into the actual experience and give you a preview of the sensations you can expect. On the other hand, anal vibrators simulate actual penetration and add vibrations to make it tenfold. These toys work great for first-timers and if you’re looking for something that can ease you into the fascinating world of anal. On the low-tech side, you can opt for latex gloves and a generous splash of lube to ease your way into the anal game.

How to Prep for Anal the Regular Way

enema bulb

Practicing good hygiene is important for butt play. If you know how to wash yourself down there, then you already know the basics of preparation for anal sex.

The simplest way to prep for anal is to do the ol’ butt rinse. Using a bidet or while in the shower, give your bottom some love with gentle soap and wash it thoroughly with lukewarm or slightly warm water. You can do this several more times to be sure, then dry your butt with a clean towel.

Alternatively, you can use an enema bulb for a deeper and more thorough cleaning. Most online sex toy stores will have them, and some will even have toys that can squirt out water under different pressures. You can choose between a manual enema, i.e., you’ll have to squirt the water yourself, or automatic, which means you just need to press a button to start the rinse.

Remember to always wash your hands after cleaning your butt, before engaging in anal play, and post-session. As a reminder, you shouldn’t penetrate or use the toy in other holes or erogenous zones once it’s entered the anus, or you’ll get a bacterial infection. If you really must, then give the sex toy or penis a good washing.

Possible Anal Situations and How to Prepare For Them

Spontaneous Anal Play

Picture this- you’re making out and getting hot and bothered, and the play naturally turns into penetration and/or fingering. Suddenly, you or your partner have an idea to do anal. The problem is that you haven’t washed and are uncertain about the offer.

If this is the case, then anywhere between two to five minutes is all you’ll need. Excuse yourself and go into the bathroom. Go through the motions of washing your butt and pay special attention to the rim of the anus and a few inches deep. Wipe all the water and moisture away and wash your hands. Now you’re ready!

Anal is Tomorrow

So maybe you and your partner have talked about it and both agree to anal sex. Consent is important here, especially if it’s not the usual vanilla sex. You agree to do it tomorrow or at a planned time, which gives you plenty of time to prepare.

In this situation, you’ll have a lot more options than a wash-and-rinse. To get that thorough clean you can use an enema, particularly an enema bulb. This device usually holds water via a reservoir and a long, narrow spout that goes inside the bum. Simply fill the reservoir with lukewarm water, go to the bathroom, and squirt there. Hold the water inside your anus for a few seconds before relaxing the muscle to let it out. Do this several more times until the flushed water is relatively clear.

In addition, you can prepare for anal play by lightly masturbating, putting in a butt plug, having your partner put a finger in, or using an anal dildo or vibrator. Remember to leave the climax to the actual session- just get enough stimulation to feel what it’s like and to get more comfortable.

Positions and Practices for Butt Play

Gloved Hand and Lube

The gloved hand and lube combo is a standard in prostate exams, and incidentally, one of the best ways to get started in anal. The practitioner will usually put a gloved finger up your butt just a few inches to get to the prostate (for guys) and check for any abnormalities. Of course, the finger will be lubed to prevent friction.

You can do the same with a partner as a foreplay or precursor to butt sex. Circle around the opening a few times, then slowly and gently put the finger in. You can repeat the process until the receiver is comfortable.

Slow Doggy Style

Doggy style sex was practically made for anal penetration. It’s an easy way to explore the anal area while having a great degree of control over the pace and penetration. The only difference is unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce its own lubrication, which means you’ll have to put lube on your penis or while wearing a condom.

To start, assume normal positions with the receiver bending over while the giver goes around the back. You can do the glove and lube to ease in, and when comfortable, penetrate using a slow and shallow motion.

Using a Sex Toy

Using a Sex Toy

Spice things up and introduce an anal sex toy in the bedroom. There are specially-made products, such as anal vibrators, beads, and prostate massagers that can get the job done. These toys are specially made to fill you up and touch your sensitive nerve endings consistently for more enjoyable anal play.

Setting up the play will depend on the toy you bring. If it’s a butt plug, then you can try vaginal penetration to see how it feels. However, couples who want to focus on butt play should go for toys that work specifically to achieve this end.

The Spit Roast

Incidentally, the spit roast calls for a sex toy, particularly a thrusting dildo in order to work. A thrusting dildo will do the back ride automatically while the receiver goes at the front for oral sex. Or, you can do the other way around and have the dildo act as the recipient of the blowjob while your partner goes behind.

While interchangeable, it’s not recommended to use a sex toy or penis in both holes. Make sure to wash if you intend to do this to prevent bacterial infection.

Solo Masturbation

Solo masturbation is just like normal masturbation except it’s done in the butt. Granted, the orgasm might not be the fast and furious type- it’s actually more of a slow and sensual thing. At least you have full control over how deep the toy or finger goes inside and the pace at which they go.

Once you have the experience you can multitask with other toys going over your erogenous zones, but first-timers should put their full focus on the anal area.

Don’t Forget Aftercare

Last but not least, you will need to take care of your body after the session. Cleaning up is essential especially if there’s a mess. However, we’d recommend peeing afterward and washing up with lukewarm to warm water and soap just to be safe.

Wash your hands or take a bath, then talk about the experience with your partner. It’s okay to feel vulnerable and a bit weird, so go ahead and communicate to let it all out. As a side note, if you’re feeling sore then a soak can do the trick quite nicely.

How to Prep for Anal FAQs

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

It’s perfectly normal to feel discomfort for the first time since you’re not used to the sensation yet. However, this should not escalate to pain, or else you’re doing it wrong. As a general rule, anal penetration should be a slow and steady process and not a sprint to the finish line.

What is the Number One Rule for Safe Anal Play?

Constant communication and going slow are the key rules to successful anal sex. Unless you’re doing a solo masturbation, it’s best to talk with your partner every step of the way. At any time it feels weird or painful, stop and go back to the beginning. It’s okay to not have an orgasm during anal sessions.

What Lube is Best for Anal Sex?

That will depend on what you intend to do during anal sex. If it’s by your lonesome and you have an anal sex toy in tow, you should check the manual for the right kind of lube to use. If you’re using a butt plug, vibrator, or a latex glove, then you might want to browse online for compatible products.

Is a Vibrator or Dildo Better for Butt Sex?

Each of the sex toys mentioned above will provide a new experience for the receiver. That said, it’s entirely up to you how you want your first anal to be.

If your fantasy is to get penetrated beyond a few inches, then a dildo should be your next sex toy. Otherwise, if you want something more than just that, then an all-rounder vibrator might be a better bet. You can get something that wraps around your body and stimulates the g-spot or clitoris for added fun.

Is Juntame a Good Brand for Anal Toys?

Make sure that your anal toy is a high-quality product for the best experience. Since it will be coming in contact with your sensitive tissue and muscle linings, the material should be skin-safe and clean. Juntame ticks all the boxes so you can just enjoy the experience.

Why Should You Avoid Numbing Cream in Anal?

The use of numbing cream is not recommended, especially for anal play beginners. Anal sex shouldn’t be so painful that it overcomes pleasure, and the receiver should always be aware of the sensations during the session for safety purposes.

With a numbing cream, you won’t know if the tissue lining tears or if the pressure or depth is too much. The bottom line is It’s better to use a generous amount of lubricant than a numbing cream.

What are Possible Anal Sex Injuries?

Best practices aside, couples and individuals can experience injury if they’re not careful. Friction, size, and intensity can all bring about possible bleeding, persistent pain, lumps, and sores, as well as strange discharge.

How to Prep for Anal - Do All These Things for a Nice Experience

While the words ‘anal sex’ can be daunting, there’s no reason to hold back if you’re exploring your sexuality. Preparing for anal play is half the equation, and more so if it’s your first time. However, you shouldn’t rush it just for doing’s sake. Take it slow, relax, and feel the different sensations to get comfortable.


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