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Fenix - Automatic Blowjob Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage

Fenix - Automatic Blowjob Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage

Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage Fenix is our newest and most unique male masturbating toy made to take your sessions to the next orgasm-inducing level. Added with an extended exterior...
Balle - Vibrating  Stretching Voice  Masturbator Cup

Balle - Vibrating Stretching Voice Masturbator Cup

This vibrating and stretching masturbator adds a voice function, whether you want to enjoy the privacy of being touched or being shaken alone, you can experience an unexpected pleasure. It...
Dean - Portable Male Stroker with Realistic Pussy

Dean - Portable Male Stroker with Realistic Pussy

Male masturbator cup Equipped with a powerful motor and suction mode, you can choose the suction mode you like, and she will serve you wholeheartedly! You will scream from the...
Paul - 3 Modes Of  Vibration  AB Masturbator Cup

Paul - 3 Modes Of Vibration AB Masturbator Cup

It looks like a flashlight and is very handsome, which helps you avoid the embarrassment of privacy leaks to a large extent. AB cup is specially designed for male-Double hole...
Maria - Mini Pocket Pussy and Ass

Maria - Mini Pocket Pussy and Ass

Are you looking for a masturbator with vagina and butt? Yes, it is Maria, it’s a compact double-headed impactor. With a hard shell and strong internal texture (simulating the veins...

What is a Male Stroker?

Today, strokers go by several names, including masturbator cups, male masturbators, pocket pussies, and handheld girlfriends, to name a few.

Strokers have evolved over recent years to offer better sensations and features. Our Juntame collection of strokers will surely delight customers of all ages and preferences, thanks to a variety of functions and masturbatory pleasures.

How a Stroker Works and How to Use the Sex Toy

A stroker brings sexual pleasure by imitating a vagina or mouth. The sex toy takes the penis and introduces sensations as the male organ passes through it. The user will need to do some stroking motions to simulate masturbation and bring the person to climax and orgasm.

Using a stroker isn’t too complicated either. You can understand more about your Juntame sex toy by reading the product description, or what the stroker can do. Once bought, it’s best to read through the manual and see what your stroker can and cannot do for safety purposes. Some helpful information include the waterproof rating of the masturbator (can you use a stroker in the bathroom or shower?), the kind of lube that won’t damage the masturbator, and if there are any new features.

If you’ve ever penetrated a vagina before, then you’ll know what to do with a stroker. Bring your penis to a hard state, put on some lube to make it slippery, then insert. Get used to the sensation a stroker brings before going any further. Then, control the stroke and finish as needed.

Why Buy Juntame Stroker Toys?

Sex toys are more accessible than ever, thanks to technology, e-commerce marketplaces, and online sex toy shops. However, some products you can buy are inferior and break easily. Furthermore, there could be quality control issues such as non-safe materials and hazards that can lead to a prematurely interrupted session.

You won’t have to worry about all these things when you shop at Juntame for sex toys. Our online store is considered one of the best, and there’s enough variety to keep you sexually satisfied for years. Juntame is associated with quality and safety, with skin-safe silicone and waterproofing a large part of the reason. Whether you’re a beginner at sex toys and are curious about the experience or a veteran who has done them all, we have the means to excite and stimulate your path to sexual well-being.

Stroker FAQs

How often can I use a stroker?

The short answer is as often as you like. However, you should make sure that your stroker is nice and clean for the best experience. We recommend washing the sleeve using soap and water and allowing it to fully dry before using it again.

Are strokers or automatic male masturbators better?

That will depend on your preference. Auto masturbators, often called blowjob machines, automate the masturbation process which means you can just sit back and enjoy the waves of sensation the sex toy offers. On the other hand, strokers require manual stroking but you can choose your pace and depth.

Can I use a stroker with a partner?

By all means. You can ask your partner if he or she would like to have a new sex toy as a third wheel- when they say yes, it’s time to bring out the stroker! With the sex toy you can introduce new ways to play and have fun.

How long does a stroker last?

The lifespan of a stroker depends on the use. If you’re a frequent user you can expect the sex toy to last a while. Higher-quality sleeves mean you get to have more fun, but eventually as the sensation gets looser you may need to purchase a new one.

Can I combine strokers with other sex toys?

It’s all up to you. Depending on the scenario or roleplay you want to fulfill, you can add vibrators, p-spot massagers, or even a cuff or two into the mix. With the world of Juntame sex toys, anything is possible!