Realistic Dildos Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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Realistic Dildos Guide - Everything You Need to Know


Dildos have truly evolved from makeshift, homemade items (cucumber, anyone?) to looking and feeling like a real cock in all its detail and entirety. This level of convenience begs the question, why do people use realistic dildos?

It may seem that everyone you know is jumping into the whole, realistic ‘feels like a real dick’ dildo, but this isn’t really the case. Some people love the experience of a textured dildo, with a pronounced head, veins, and all, but others do prefer anything that can hit their sweet spot. Realistic dildos provide a nice psychological illusion so you can fulfill your sexual fantasies.

A realistic dildo will have several characteristics, which include lifelike skin, natural tones, a shaft filled with veins, a pronounced head, and sometimes even a pair of balls. What you want will largely depend on what you want to feel when you’re playing alone or with your partner.

What Are The Best Realistic Dildos?

So maybe you’re still using that old dildo you bought several years ago and have discovered that they now make dildos that are realistic. You want to buy one but there are so many choices, and you feel that you’ll make a mistake if you don’t get help.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the three best realistic dildos with features that will make your toes curl with mind-blowing orgasms.

Adam - Suction Cup Realistic Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

thrusting dildo

Adam is a great realistic dildo that does it all, with a vibrating and thrusting function not all dildos have. These features give you more freedom in the self-play department, and it might be the only dildo you’ll ever need!

The sex toy is made up of two parts, the suction base and the dildo itself. The base gives it that hands-free ability and the thrusting action that simulates a real man giving you the business. Affix it on any flat surface, tilt the adjustable angle to however you want, and Adam will be ready to rock.

Then there’s the dildo itself, complete with a distinctive head, veined shaft, and testicles that can rub against your labia or clit. Adam has ten vibrating and thrusting patterns by itself, and the base offers the feeling of getting fucked by a real cock. With this setup, you can play out any fantasy you want, including a cowgirl position, sex in the bathroom, or even anal.

Adam is incredibly lifelike, with veins and swelling decorating the silicone material. A remote control dictates all the action for convenience. Charging can be done via a wall plug, computer, car charger, or power bank, and it only takes two hours to squeeze in an hour of fun-filled play.


  • Affixes to any flat surface
  • Lots of vibration and thrusting patterns
  • Realistic silicone skin

Alger - 8 Inch Big Black Suction Cup Thrusting Vibration Dildo

huge dildo

Alger is everyone’s secret guilty pleasure. It’s huge, black, and capable of filling your hole, and it comes with several unique features that spice up self-masturbation even more than usual.

The realistic dildo assumes the shape of a real cock, with a head, a testicle base, and a shaft. However, instead of the usual veins in most dildos, Alger has beads running down the length on four sides. Slide it inside and the beads rub against your vaginal or anal walls, possibly even your g-spot and clitoris. It’s so good that once you try it, you might never go back to using a boring vanilla dildo ever again!

Alger is a mixture of both hard and supple in all the right places. It’s firm enough to get the feel of a throbbing hard-on, yet gentle enough that you won’t get hurt while using it. As a side note, we recommend you apply a generous amount of lube on yourself and the realistic dildo for a pleasurable experience.

Like all the best lifelike dildos, Alger has a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s an automatic thruster, and it shakes, rotates, and vibrates to your command. A single remote control dictates the action, whether you want it vibrating or making tight roundabouts inside of you. For the ultimate wild sex experience, turn all of them on and brace yourself for an unforgettable time.

Alger is IPX6 waterproof, which means you can bring it to the shower or bathroom. The liquid silicone material is a nod to the real thing, and it’s rechargeable as well for endless play sessions.


  • Bead ridges for extra stimulation
  • Rotates and shakes
  • Great for nearly every sex scenario

Rahim - Thrusting Dildo Vibration Machine

realistic dildo

Rahim is billed as a portable thrusting dildo for hands-free pleasure. The realistic dildo is equipped with several vibrating and thrusting speeds that cater to every sexual whim. The base can be de-attached if you want some manual stimulation or if you’re bringing it with you to the bedroom.

The two-part sex toy has a considerable base and a smooth yet firm dildo when put together. Suction technology lets you affix the base on any smooth surface, including bathroom tile, mirror, or glass. If you prefer a good old-fashioned riding session, simply put the base on the floor, angle it, then attach the realistic dildo and hop on. The included remote control handles the thrust and vibration according to your preferred speed and power.

Rahim is designed not just for penetration but also to stimulate your g-spot. It’s stable enough for hands-free mode, thanks to solid support rods and a high-quality silicone body. Speaking of which, the dildo is clearly the highlight of the piece, with a shaped head, folds, and veins dotting the skin. You can get creative with this sex toy and discover new ways to bring about amazing orgasms. At the same time, you can give the reins to your partner for a wholly unique experience. Whether you’re a newbie at dildos or have been riding since they were introduced in the market, Rahim is definitely a solid buy.


  • Stable and smooth operation
  • Realistic thrusting action
  • Magnetic USB charging and use time of 1.5 hours

Why Do People Choose Realistic Sex Toys?

A large portion of sex toy users will prefer a product that looks and functions like the real thing. Most of yesterday’s products did not have enough design or technology compared to today, hence the reason why modern dildos are created better than their traditional counterparts.

A dildo is a personal apparatus users can get intimate with. When you’re interacting with a sex toy, there’s a high chance that you’re letting your imagination wander. In the case of a realistic dildo, you’re probably fantasizing about the cute guy in your office or the one you met at the bar the week before.

Realistic dildos play to these roleplay scenarios very well. If you’d close your eyes and grab one, you’d almost believe they’re the real thing. In effect, the orgasm will be much better, as well as the sensations you’d get while playing with a lifelike dildo machine.

Remember, people are okay with spending a bit more if it means they get a higher quality product in the end. A dildo with a thrusting and vibrating mechanism offers a lot more features than a simple toy.

How is Using a Dildo Different From The Real Thing?

Realistic dildos blur the line between having sex with a real person and using a toy for sexual pleasure. The fact that the best dildos will have the key features of a real cock, e.g., the veins, lines, and a shaped head means you can experience fun without needing a partner with you in the bedroom.

Perhaps the main difference between a dildo and the real thing is the amount of control you have. You literally have the remote control on hand, which means you can set the pace and vibrations as it enters your most intimate regions. It’s similar to when you’re riding a cock and have your partner lie back- you can grind away or go up and down depending on what you want. As a side note, a dildo will never go limp and can finish with you (no more premature ejaculation!)

7 Top Tips for Dildo Use

Have a Lot of Lubricant On Hand

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- you won’t have fun with sex toys if you don’t have lubricant on hand. Whilst stimulating a real vagina naturally makes it wet, you won’t get the same effect with a vibrating or thrusting dildo.

Lube will be a godsend for those trying realistic dildo toys for the first time. In addition, the entry will feel so much better when you slather on a generous amount on the dildo’s surface and your hole.

Don’t Put It In All At Once

The adage ‘don’t bite off more than you can chew’ applies to realistic dildos, especially the monster ones. Length and girth are to be considered carefully here- don’t shop for large dildos if it’s your first time. You can just ramp up and upgrade once you get the hang of using the sex toy.

Then, during entry, try to get a feel for the tip first before you push the shaft in. Think slow and sensuous sex, or even the time when you got your virginity taken from you.

Clean Up Before Trying Anal Play

Yes, you can certainly use a realistic thrusting dildo to get some ass pleasure, but remember to do these things beforehand:

  • Take a long shower and pay attention to washing your anus
  • Refrain from eating huge portions before anal penetration
  • Bring a wet wipe or towel for insurance

Afterward, make sure to clean your dildo and disinfect it before using it again.

Heed Warnings on the Manual

Don’t throw away the booklet or leaflet that comes with your realistic dildo, as it can help you understand your toy better. Give it a once-over or as you charge up the built-in battery to become familiar with the device.

Follow the instructions in the manual so you reduce the risk of injury later on. For example, the dildo may not be completely submerge-proof, or you should use a special kind of lube so the surface material doesn’t melt or get damaged.

Wash After Every Use

This should go without saying. Clean up after yourself, then pay attention to the sex toys you’ve used. For specific directions on how to wash or disassemble your dildo, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

As a general rule, you can wipe a dildo with a microfiber cloth or a wet wipe. Do it gently to prevent abrasions, and use warm water and soap when necessary. Allow the device to dry completely before you take it for another spin.

Relax and Have Fun

Penetration using a dildo will not be pleasant if you’re not fully relaxed and comfortable. That said, there are several things you can do, including taking a warm bath, lighting scented candles, and setting the mood with music and lights, among others.

You can also do some self-masturbation using your fingers. Foreplay involving rubbing your clitoris, or touching your g-spot can do wonders for your mindset. Insert the realistic dildo only when you’re confident enough to control it.

Get Consent Before Bringing It Into Play

The dildo is a great sex toy to use with a partner. However, not everyone will be receptive to the idea of a ‘third party’. It’s probably a bad idea to pull it out of your bag of tricks while you’re having sex- bring it up prior to kissing or even when you’re both ready to sleep, for example.

If your partner says no, respect their decision and keep the dildo around for self-play.

Shop for Realistic Dildos at Juntame Today!

By now you’ll have all the knowledge to move forward with using a realistic dildo for self-pleasure or partner play. The best realistic dildo is one that’s an amazing fit for your particular sexual needs. Make sure to check out our realistic dildos for sale and go from there!


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