How to Use a Prostate Massager

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How to Use a Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager

‘Do you want to try a prostate massager?’ may be the last thing you or your partner will want to consider when cooking up ways to make sex exciting again, but as the saying goes, ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.’


More often than not, a prostate massager can be the difference between ‘meh’ sex and an amazing, mind-blowing orgasm. However, before you consider buying a bestseller like Dakota, you may want to know how a prostate massager works and how you can use it in the bedroom.


If your curiosity is piqued and you want to discover a pleasure center in your bum, then read on and learn about a sex toy that can accomplish this task.


Is a Prostate Massage Toy a Sex Toy?

Prostate Massage Toy

In short, yes, a prostate massager can be classified as a sex toy. It can be categorized under ‘anal toys’ or ‘for him’ adult products because of its function and nature. Use a prostate massager the right way and it will provide a unique experience unlike anything you’ve had before!


A male prostate massager is a sex toy that goes into the bum. That’s because the prostate gland, otherwise known as the p-spot is located a few inches inside a man’s anus. Research and studies have shown that getting the p-spot stimulated brings a different kind of orgasm. It’s also believed that an orgasm from p-spot stimulation is much more intense than the one you’d get from the penis.


Although manually stimulating the prostate is possible with lube and a latex glove, sex toys make it easier and free up your or your partner’s attention for other things, like kissing and touching. That said, you’ll be delighted to know that there are many interesting features in prostate massagers, including vibrating and thrusting functions.


How to Use a Prostate Massager

Prostate Massager toys

There’s actually no single perfect way to use a prostate massager. Because each individual has their own preference and desire, the correct way to use a p-spot toy will be the one they find to be the best for them.


There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind when inserting a prostate massager. For first-timers, a slow and steady approach works best as you wouldn’t want the receiver to get a rude awakening. A gloved hand with a gentle poke (like you would in a typical prostate exam) should allow enough time to acclimate to the new sensation.


Unlike a dildo, a p-spot sex toy doesn’t have to go as deep to deliver the pleasure. For special toys like Demon where there’s a lot going on, it’s recommended that you only turn the features on when the receiver is fully comfortable. The flicking modes and cock ring functions can be introduced in the next session. It’s these kinds of things that will make you and your partner look forward to the next play! 


Step 1. Buy the Prostate Massager You Want

Once you’ve gotten the consent for this type of sexual activity you and your partner can start shopping for the best prostate massager. See if a regular massager works or if you want all the bells and whistles of a modern sex toy, like a thrusting prostate massager.

Step 2. Unpack and Read the Manual

Now it’s time to remove the sex toy from the packaging and also the manual that came with it. Understand your new prostate massager better by taking the time to read through the material. This way, you’ll know how to use a prostate massager.

Step 3. Do a Quick Sex Toy Inspection

Give your p-spot massager a quick once-over and ensure there aren’t any broken parts and that the surface is nice and smooth. You can also turn it on to test the features, including the vibration, thrusting, etc. Charge it using the cable that came with the product and see if it takes up juice.

Step 4. Relax and Try It Out

This step is similar to using a prostate massager since it involves doing a test run before the real thing. The important part about enjoying the prostate massage toy is to relax and experiment to see which stroke or movement feels best. If doing it with a partner, communicate so the giver knows what they should do to enhance the experience.


How Do You Massage the Prostate?

The action involved in massaging the prostate is similar to the motions you’d use to stimulate a woman’s g-spot. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to spice it up depending on what sex toy you’d use for the play session.

The most common way to stimulate a p-spot would be to find it first. Explore around an inch or two from the opening of the anus until you feel a small bump. Then, you can either do a ‘come hither’ motion or a tease via gentle circular strokes to elicit pleasure from the sensitive nerve endings.

Using an external prostate massager to do the same thing is markedly different, but easier in the end once you’ve figured things out. For each distinctive feature a prostate massage toy has, you’ll need to spend more time to discover how it’s best used.


Safety Tips When Using a Prostate Massager

Caution is Most Important. Most sex toys, including prostate massagers are made to be safe to use. Carry out warnings and recommendations as stated in the manual so you and your partner won’t have an embarrassing situation. Furthermore, exercise caution and stop when the receiver is uncomfortable with the anal penetration.

Communicate and Talk to Each Other. Since you’ve already invested in a sex toy, you might as well make the right moves so it won’t get left out in the next play session. Communication with your partner is of absolute importance, especially in unique situations such as anal stimulation. If the receiver says that the toy feels nice, continue what you’re doing. Support and encouragement can take shared orgasms to the next level.

Remember to Wash After. Both the receiver and prostate massager should take a quick wash after the session. Use gentle soap and water so the toy’s surface and materials won’t get damaged. Follow the precautions in the manual so your p-spot toy will last a long time.

Prostate Massager FAQs


What is a prostate massager?

A prostate massager is a special kind of sex toy used to penetrate the anal region and get to the ‘sweet spot’, or the p-spot. Prostate massagers are a bit smaller than dildos and vaginal sex toys because the p-spot is located just a few inches along the opening. Newer p-spot toys can have modern features, including thrusting, rotating, and vibrating, to name a few.

How to use a prostate massager?

To be a pro at handling prostate massagers you’ll need to be careful yet deliberate. Do some research on where the p-spot is, then locate it with your partner’s help. From there, you’ll have an idea of how deep the toy should go to deliver maximum pleasure.

Do you sell the best prostate massager?

Juntame is a popular trusted brand when it comes to adult products. Our online sex toy shop has garnered lots of positive reviews from satisfied customers. You can browse through our prostate massagers section and get what you want- we will deliver it straight to your doorstep in a discreet package.

How to insert prostate massager?

Prostate massagers should be coupled with the right type of lube to make insertion a painless affair. Couples should try out p-spot massaging with constant communication and in a relaxed setting. Make sure the main shaft is the one you’d insert into the anus- do it slowly until you get an affirmation from your partner. Once both of you are comfortable with the feel and control, you can proceed to play out your bedroom fantasies.

Does a prostate massager hurt?

A prostate massager shouldn’t hurt when it’s used to stimulate the p-spot. Rather, the sensation should feel very nice to the receiver as the prostate is one of the most sensitive organs out there. Remember to read the sex toy manual and online guides to achieving optimal p-spot stimulation.

What kind of orgasm can I get with a prostate massager?

The sensation you get from having your prostate rubbed the right way will feel like never before. At first, it may feel weird but give it a few seconds or so and it should be replaced by euphoria. With the right movement and encouragement, you can get the elusive p-spot orgasm that many people have yet to experience.


The Best Prostate Massage is Waiting For You

There’s no better time than now to pick up a prostate massager. With so many options and features, you can dive right in and experience a p-spot orgasm to expand your sexuality. Now that you know how to use a prostate massager, it’s best to plan for a bedroom session with your partner as soon as possible!


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