How to Use a Fleshlight

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How to Use a Fleshlight

How to Use a Fleshlight

The fleshlight has long been the go-to sex toy for guys who want to experience pussy penetration without an actual vagina in sight. When it comes to delivering sexual pleasure, the fleshlight is one of the most popular options around.

Maybe you want to know what a fleshlight does before you buy it. Or, you’re curious as to how a fleshlight works. How to use a fleshlight, you ask? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ll discuss the mechanisms of a fleshlight, how to best use it, and highlight a few special products along the way.

What is a Fleshlight Anyway?

The fleshlight is a sex toy made specifically to provide pleasure to the entire penis. Often casually called ‘hand-held girlfriends’, these products are perfect for masturbating with when there’s no pussy around.

That said, you can think about fleshlights as pussy alternatives. They’re designed to simulate a real vagina, right down to the fleshy folds, labia, and yes, the hole. The most basic ones are flashlight or cup-shaped sex devices that can accommodate a penis, while the more advanced and modern ones are toys that can simulate oral sex, rotate, and thrust, just to name a few.

To get the best fleshlight for you, it’s important to consider the features you’d want in a male masturbator. Fortunately, there are now more fleshlights than ever, each with its own unique functions. Or, you can go crazy and try one fleshlight after the other! How to become a sex toy tester?

3 Types of Fleshlights

Basic Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy

The simplest and cheapest fleshlight assumes an elongated shape for you to pump with. There are probably hundreds of thousands of pocket pussies you can buy that are designed this way, and the only thing separating each one is the sleeve that’s inside the cup.

The inside of a fleshlight is called a ‘sleeve’ and is made from soft silicone material. They emulate the texture and canals of a real vagina so you’d feel like you’re penetrating a real pussy. Cheaper products often do not have this, while premium toys will have realistic folds and even a labia for you to admire.

Hands-Free Stroker

Hands-free strokers will have motors and mechanisms to bring that laid-back masturbation. As the name implies, this sex toy can be operated without having to hold it to experience ejaculation. The fleshlight could have a base that you can put on a surface for stability or be designed in a way that achieves this kind of freedom.

There’s often an overlap between hands-free strokers and automatic male masturbators in terms of features. Perhaps a significant difference is portability and the true absence of having to use your hands to pleasure yourself. Hands-free strokers can also be labeled as hands-free male strokers.

Automatic Male Masturbator


Automatic Male Masturbator

 An automatic male masturbator is usually advertised as an ‘all in one’ fleshlight with a variety of features. Take for example Finn, which has suction, swallowing, and vibrating capabilities. You can play with it and simulate oral sex, or use it for a straightforward pumping session.

A thrusting male masturbator may belong in this category as well since they provide automatic stroking. To be able to have these features, automatic fleshlights will have motors and rechargeable batteries inside them. This means you’ll need to charge them and take more care than a non-electronic fleshlight. Still, you can derive greater pleasure with a toy that can do more than just take a penis.

Sex Torso (Bonus)

A sex torso is a smaller version of a sex doll. It can have the same number of holes, e.g., vagina and anus, as well as legs or even breasts. Think of them as a more compact version of a full-sized sex doll and you’ll get the idea.

If we’re thinking of fleshlights as having pussies then the sex torso can be considered a fleshlight as well. Plus, you get a few perks such as the ability to fondle or caress the butt, legs, or breasts. The best ones will have super-realistic vaginas and asses that offer a different experience.

How to Use a Fleshlight in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Unwrap and Take a Good Look at Your Fleshlight

Take your fleshlight out of its packaging and give it a good, hard look. Inspect for anything out of the ordinary, such as significant damage, loose parts, or defects that might injure you. See how the product feels in your hand in terms of weight and size.

Step 2. Know Which End to Use

Most fleshlights adopt a similar design- one end is open while the other is closed. The open end is usually the one where you penetrate. If at first glance this isn’t immediately obvious, then you should check the booklet or instructions that came with your sex toy.

Step 3. Test the Waters


Test the Waters


Now onto the interesting part- using the fleshlight. For more complicated devices, such as Hayden, you’ll want to spend more time familiarizing yourself with the features. Activate each and every function by itself- press the rotate button and see how it works, then move on to the thrusting part, etc.

On an important note, make sure not to get caught with your pants down without a proper lubricant. Sex toys do not have a way to get themselves nice and wet for penetration, and this is where lube comes in. Put a generous amount in the sleeve and on your penis, then massage the solution in to coat them both.

Afterward, put your penis in and get a feel for the sensation. A tight squeeze is normal for a new sex toy, but if it goes on for more than 10 minutes then it may not be the right fit for you. Try the vibrate, the thrust, and others for the same effect. Only when you’re truly comfortable should you read the next step.

Step 4. Ride Towards the Sunset

We’ve been building up to this point. You’re raring and ready to go and do a test run of your new fleshlight. You’re familiar with how a fleshlight works and you want to orgasm so badly.

So yes, go ahead and finish up. Get a feel for the fleshlight and the pleasure it brings. Did it feel great with vibrating and thrusting on? Take note of that and remember the settings for future use. You can clean the fleshlight using gentle soap and lukewarm water, and dry it out before you attempt another session.

Safety Tips on Using a Fleshlight

Did We Mention Lube is Important?

Don’t ever try to use a fleshlight without some lubricant, or you’ll be in a world of pain. As a side note, find out which type of lubricant is compatible with your fleshlight.

Master the Fleshlight

Get to know your fleshlight inside and out so you can make the most of your sex toy. If it’s more than just a simple masturbator cup, find out which button does which on the device or remote. You should also be familiar with how to shut the toy off in case of an emergency.

Don’t Put Anything In

Do not try to put any object, however big or small into the sleeve of the fleshlight. Before using or penetrating, do a quick inspection and see if there’s anything between your penis and the fleshlight. It might be redundant to say this, but you should only use the male stroker as it was intended for.

Clean and Store in a Cool and Dry Place

All sex toys should be nice and clean before you use them. After washing, properly store your masturbator in a discreet and safe place. Don’t mix it with other hard or sharp objects to lengthen the toy’s lifespan.

How to Use Fleshlight FAQs

The best fleshlight

What is the Best Fleshlight?

The best fleshlight is the one that fits your budget and has the features you’re looking for. You can shop around our website and find a variety of fleshlight products. If you want a proven bestseller, then we recommend you give Aalam a try.

Where Can I Buy a Fleshlight?

Fleshlights can be bought in a physical store or on a reputable website. Keep in mind that you’ll have to know the difference between a trusted sex toy brand and generic knock-offs with no quality control. To be sure, you can shop at, which has all the sex toys you need to attain sexual freedom and satisfaction.

How Can I Use My Fleshlight Hands-Free?

You’ll encounter difficulties when using a fleshlight that’s not made for hands-free masturbation. It’s possible, but more often than not you won’t be satisfied in the end. The good news is that you can buy an automatic male masturbator that will fit the bill and allow you to masturbate without even laying a hand on your penis.

What Should I Do with My Fleshlight After Use?

Clean it, of course! After the solo session, we recommend you remove the sleeve and give it a good wash.


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