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Black Fox - Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeves 

Black Fox - Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeves 

$56.94 – $60.94
Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeve & Clit Stimulator Featuring a full textured sleeve and a clit attachment, this vibrating penis enhancer makes your erections harder and enhances your erotic moments....
Pulse - Electric Cock Girth Sleeve

Pulse - Electric Cock Girth Sleeve

Vibrating Girth Enhancer & Clitoral Stimulator Get bigger and more buzzy with the size-augmenting power of this unique, vibrating penis enhancer that’s perfect for couple’s play. Two soft and flexible...
Silicone Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

Silicone Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve

Go one step beyond for your pleasure! Lube up and enjoy yourself with this vibrating masturbation sleeve with removable bullet vibe.Made from super soft and stretchy silicone, this sleeve will...
Conqueror - 5-inch Penis Extender Extension Sleeve & Bullet Vibrator

Conqueror - 5-inch Penis Extender Extension Sleeve & Bullet Vibrator

5-inch Realistic Penis Extender Sleeve & Bullet Vibrator In addition to a general penis enhancer or extender sleeve, this penis extension is compacted with a bullet vibrator to intensify your banging...
Extender - 5-inch Realistic Penis Enhancer Extension Sleeve

Extender - 5-inch Realistic Penis Enhancer Extension Sleeve

5-inch Realistic Penis Enhancer Extension Sleeve The nude 5-inch penis extension sleeve is born to thrill up your banging pleasure with incredible fullness and different textured sensations you haven’t experienced...

Penis Sleeve

The penis sleeve has seen a few iterations in the last decade or so, from a simplistic accessory to one that has vibration and other pleasurable aspects. Juntame has all the sex toys you need, including realistic extenders, sleeves with vibrators, and even a cock ring to get your manhood up and running.

In this category, you can find a number of penis sleeves with different functions that cater to exactly what you need. If you’re ever bothered by the rigidity, length, and girth of your penis, you can use Juntame’s array of penis sleeves to gain an extra edge. Our sex toys are made from premium materials and are very safe to use. More importantly, you and your partner will have an enhanced experience when you bring our adult products to the bedroom.

What is a Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves are handy sex accessories that are usually worn over a penis. As per the name, a penis sleeve is something that’s exclusive for males, although you can find imaginative uses for it outside of that. Just like a condom, you ‘wear’ the penis sleeve before making love with your partner and enhance the pleasure that comes with penetration.

Technology has improved the good old penis sleeve and turned it into something much more exciting. Depending on the adult product you purchase, a Juntame penis sleeve can increase your penis’ size or girth, or add a nice function such as vibrate. In solo use, a penis sleeve can act as a solo masturbator device to elevate orgasm to new heights.

One thing to note is that a penis sleeve isn’t an auto masturbator or stroker, which means you should either penetrate or use your hand to achieve sexual satisfaction. Penis sleeves shine in couple’s play and do decently well if used on their own.

How Do I Wear My Penis Sleeve?

It’s relatively easy to wear a penis sleeve because the moment you see it you’ll know what to do. Still, it’s best to consult the manual and give it a quick do-over if you want to know more about your Juntame penis sleeve and what it does.

The penis sleeve will have a slot or area where you can put it over the penis’ shaft. Once secured and comfortable, you can then activate the features and make it vibrate or extend. A good helping of lube on the external surface spread evenly and you’re ready to go.

Putting over a penis sleeve requires a tight yet comfortable fit. It shouldn’t be too loose in that the sleeve gets dislodged while playing, nor too tight in that you’ll be uncomfortable after a few minutes. You’ll know it’s the perfect fit if the sex toy is firmly in place and you can see or experience the effects, e.g., a more engorged organ, for instance. You also wouldn’t want to ruin the mood by having the sleeve de-attach or fall loose after a few penetrations.

After sex you can carefully remove the penis sleeve, then wash it with gentle soap and warm water. Charge the sex toy if the battery is low so you can use it again in the next session. Or, you can discuss things with your partner and introduce new scenarios and fantasies you can try out next time!

Adding Juntame Penis Sleeves to the Bedroom

Solo Play

You can use a penis sleeve like you would a male masturbator, which is the simplest and easiest use for the sex toy. You start by wearing the penis sleeve and making sure it’s nice and tight, then proceed to manual stimulation. In this regard, you’ll want a penis sleeve that won’t cover the entire organ so you can stimulate it to achieve orgasm.

Partner Play Without Fantasy

Yes, it’s possible to bring a penis sleeve to the bedroom and have both individuals benefit from the added pleasure. You can do a straightforward sex routine without any fantasy roleplaying. Penis sleeves can have a vibrating function to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones and provide a nice sensation to the wearer. Others will have a cock ring effect to further engorge the appearance and feel of the penis. Use the remote if it comes with one or press the buttons on the sex toy to control the features.

Partner Play With Fantasy

Turn the sexy action up a notch with partner roleplay. You can live out your deepest and darkest sexual fantasies with your partner by discussing them first. Get consent and the sex toys needed to turn it into reality, then set the mood and proceed to live it out. Of course, if you need to purchase additional sex toys to complete your fantasy, you can always browse through Juntame sex toy shop categories. You won’t be disappointed by our range of sex toy offerings!