Can hydrogen peroxide clean sex toys?

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Have you ever used a sex toy? How do you clean up after using sex toys? This must be a common problem faced by many people. In the use of sex toys, how to clean sex toys must be something that many people must rely on to buy sex toys.

In fact, there are many ways to clean sex toys. For example, it can be washed with water, or it can be cleaned with alcohol, or a special sex toy cleaner. Specifically, how to clean toys, the editor will introduce in detail today:

Can you clean sex toys with alcohol?

Alcohol is a product used to clean and disinfect many things; it is removed from your body before blood is drawn to thermometers and surfaces. But, can you clean sex toys with alcohol? Just like hydrogen peroxide, yes, you can clean some sex toys with alcohol, and some can't. Read further to find out why.

What are your sex toys made of?

How you clean a sex toy depends entirely on the material from which the sex toy is made. And, if you currently own a tried-and-true battery-powered toy and have thrown away its original packaging, it might be time to buy a new sex toy so you know exactly what your adult What are toys made of. Therefore, some sex toys can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, depending on their material. So, what are your sex toys made of?

ABS (plastic)

ABS is the technical term for hard plastics. You'll find this material in many sex toys, including vibrators, massagers, and bullets. Plastic is non-porous, but can crack over time or when dropped.

TPR (thermoplastic rubber) TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and SEBS (styrene ethylene butene styrene)

TPR, TPE and SEBS are the materials found in the vast majority of soft and rubber sex toys. Those sex toys are jelly-like, clear or bright in color. Also, some may look flesh-colored and have the word "skin" in the title. These sex toy materials are very porous and can dry out, crack or start to peel.

Additionally, some of these toys contain phthalates, a material known to cause cancer. Although some manufacturers now use phthalate-free TPRs and TPEs, this does not reduce the risk of spreading bacteria through porous materials.


PVC, yes, like the white plastic pipes used in pipes, are used to make sex toys. Some rubber is added to PVC to soften sex toys, and it may contain toxic chemicals that can cause burns, irritation, and cancer. PVC is also a porous material.


Latex sex toys are soft and stretchy. However, latex breaks down easily, especially when used with any other lubricant other than water-based solutions. Latex is also porous and can cause allergic reactions in some people, which can be fatal in those allergic to latex.

Internet skin, real skin

Many sex toys are labeled with Cyber ​​Skin, Real Skin, Real Feel, and other names to distract you from the fact that they are made of TPR, TPE, or SEBS. These materials break down quickly and are very porous.

Borosilicate glass, lime glass

Glass sex toys are made from the same type of glass you find in Pyrex tableware. Glass sex toys are non-porous and are an excellent hypoallergenic alternative to other materials. Sex toys made of glass are also beautiful.


When I think of wooden sex toys, the first thing that comes to my mind is that my partner is "there", holding a magnifying glass and tweezers looking for pieces. But wooden toys are very smooth, coated with safe resin and non-porous. However, prolonged use can wear down the coating and create a porous, unsafe sex toy.

  Stainless steel

Stainless steel sex toys may look like BDSM, pain-inducing gadgets, but they are actually safe, non-porous sex toys that are perfectly acceptable toys for couples and solo sex toy users. Stainless steel can also be heated and cooled, providing an exciting sensation.


Silicone is a soft, flexible material that is safe and hypoallergenic for humans. Silicone is also non-porous, and with proper care, it won't crack, peel, or dry out. However, some silicone sex toys can be more expensive and not a good deal for some people.

Silicone mixture

Silica gel mixtures such as SEBS silica or Real-Feel silica are not silica gels. As mentioned above, most of these sex toy materials are porous and contain almost no silicone.

Safe ways to clean sex toys

You can wash most sex toys with soap and water

Now that I've introduced you to the materials that make sex toys, what's a safe way to clean sex toys? Is it OK to clean sex toys with hydrogen peroxide?

Of course, standing in front of the sink and giving your dildo a good scrub can conjure up images of embarrassment. However, cleaning your sex toys, no matter what they are made of, is very important.

You see, we have all sorts of good and bad bacteria in and around our naughty places. Because of this, we're prone to vaginosis (think fish market), urinary tract infections, yeast infections (think it makes me itch), and STDs, especially if you share your sex toys with your partner.

So, here are the safe ways to clean sex toys, including answering the question of whether you can clean sex toys with hydrogen peroxide. These cleaning tips are listed by the material from which your sex toy is made.

TPR, TPE, SEBS, PVC, silicone compounds, and skin-type sex toys should not be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, but with good old-fashioned soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse and dry your sex toys. And, if you have skin-like products, use a repair powder after washing and drying to prevent the toy from degrading. You can also use an available sex toy cleaner, although you should always rinse off the product, even if the directions say otherwise. And, a word of warning; never, ever share sex toys made from these materials.

Latex sex toys are very delicate. Therefore, such sex toys should also be washed with soap and warm water, and then completely dried before storing. Avoid hydrogen peroxide and toy cleaners, as they contain harsh chemicals that break down latex very quickly.

Wooden sex toys can be safely cleaned with soap and warm water, as well as sex toy cleaners and hydrogen peroxide. But (and this is a big one), always check your wooden sex toys for wear and tear. The reason is that if the coating wears off, your wooden sex toy will no longer be sealed and suddenly become a porous product.

ABS plastic sex toys are easy to clean with soap and warm water, sex toy cleaner, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol because the material is completely non-porous. However, be sure to be prepared not to leave any chemical residue behind.

Silicone sex toys should also be washed with soap and warm water. Also, sex toy cleaners are suitable for this material. Be sure to rinse off all cleaning products from silicone sex toys to avoid exposing yourself to those harsh cleaning chemicals. And to answer your question about cleaning silicone sex toys with hydrogen peroxide, no, you shouldn't.

Stainless steel and glass sex toys can be cleaned with a variety of different things, including hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Also, you can clean stainless steel and glass sex toys with sex toy cleaner, soap and water, or boil them.

Protect Your Naughty: Keep These Sex Toys Clean and Safe!

Protect your naughty by keeping these sex toys clean! Why? Because sex toys are made of porous materials that have tiny pores that can hold bacteria and viruses. Therefore, without proper cleaning, your sex toys can give you yeast and bacterial infections and transmit STDs if you share them with your partner.

Also, if you do not properly clean your sex toys, for example, by using hydrogen peroxide on sex toys made of soft materials (yes, even silicone!), it may break down the materials. This can lead to larger pores, cracks, and destruction of materials that can harbor infection-causing bacteria and viruses

Finally, it's best to use soap and water or a sex toy cleaner for all sex toys, although you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean stainless steel, PVC plastic, and glass sex toys. This way, you can ensure that your plaything stays safe and will last through the many intense encounters that follow.


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