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Tongue Demon - Heating Multi-function Tongue Vibrator

Tongue Demon - Heating Multi-function Tongue Vibrator

Heating Multi-function Tongue Vibrator The tongue vibrator is eager to explore every inch of your erogenous zones, leaving no spot untouched. This tongue stimulator only quenches its thirst when it...
Noir - Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Stimulator 

Noir - Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Stimulator 

Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Stimulator The evolution of the Hitachi Wand or Wand Massager, which combines the classic Hitachi massaging head with a handle as a G-spot vibrator, gives...
Di-Orgasm - Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Tapping Stimulator

Di-Orgasm - Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Tapping Stimulator

Vibrating Massage Wand & G-spot Tapping Stimulator The enduring popularity of vibrating wand massagers lies in their practicality for both sexual arousal and body relief. They offer a new perspective...
Icey - Vibrating Clitoral Wand Massager

Icey - Vibrating Clitoral Wand Massager

Vibrating Clitoral Wand Massager Wave your magic wand vibrator and see an orgasmic miracle happen! Cast a rumbling spell on all your erogenous spots, and feel the sexual pleasure build...
Febos - Powerful Wand Massager

Febos - Powerful Wand Massager

Powerful Massage Wand Treat yourself to full-body bliss and relaxation with this eye-catching silicone wand massager. Silky-smooth silicone envelops Febos’s slender, twisting, ergonomic handle and broad head for fluttering stimulation....
Savvy - Extra Powerful Wand Massager with LED Display Screen

Savvy - Extra Powerful Wand Massager with LED Display Screen

Sleek and Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator Stronger and more powerful than ever, this unique wand gets the job done! With a smooth silicone top and the ability to generate throbbing...

Massage Wand Vibrators

Among the sex toys, nothing is more innocuous than the massage wand vibrator. At first glance, they appear to be household items that are meant to relieve stress after a hard day’s work. The truth isn’t actually far from that - wand vibrators can ease sexual tension and are more than capable of providing intense orgasms!

Juntame’s massage wand vibrators have evolved from straightforward clit and g-spot vibrators to specialized sex devices for men and women alike. From stronger motors to bendable wands, we have everything you’d want, and more.


What is a Massage Wand Vibrator?

Massage wand vibrators will have a flathead attachment on one end and a handle on the other. They’re primarily meant for external stimulation, except when they have extra features for penetration. Based on their name, wand vibrators are shaped like wands or flashlights, albeit in different sizes and colors. Some wands have a unibody construction and are discreet, while others are full-fledged devices that can perform dual stimulation. Your choice will depend on what kind of experience you want to have, and which erogenous zone you want to touch on.


How to Use Massage Wand Vibrators

Basic massage wand vibrators are easy to use - just have the device touch your most sensitive areas and let the vibration do the rest.

Vibrators with extra features, such as a tapping or thrusting mechanism, require some experimentation and testing. Read the manual and see how the parts go where so you’ll know what to do.

Massage wands are great for solo play, but they’re amazing in couple’s play as well. You can take the handle yourself or hand it over to your partner for more bedroom fun. Dual-ended vibrators can be shared simultaneously for that one-of-a-kind intimate moment between two people. The possibilities are practically endless!

Once the fun is over, it’s time to give your massage vibrator some love. Wash it carefully using gentle soap and warm water, and allow the device to dry out. You can also wipe it using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth, then store your toy in a cool and dry place.


Massage Wand Vibrator Features

Vibration Modes. What’s a vibrator if it doesn’t have a strong motor? The vibrations should be strong enough to get into your inner being and offer earth-shattering sensations. A great wand vibrator should be able to go from cruise mode to full-on orgasm mode to satisfy the user. 

Stimulation Points. The more points of stimulation, the better. If you want a versatile massage wand vibrator that can do a lot of things, then you should focus on this feature. Aside from the clit stimulating end, you can browse through our products, which include a dual-end toy and a vibrator you can bend and shape.

Tapping and Penetration Bonuses. Tapping and penetration functions are usually reserved for dildos, but here at Juntame, we have wand massagers that can play a semi-penetrative role for those who want it. G-spot tappers can reach a bit further down and give your erogenous zone that workout you’ve been fantasizing about in terms of oral sex.

Built-in Battery and Wireless. To be truly free to use your sex toy you wouldn’t want to be limited by wires and cables. Look for rechargeable massage wand vibrators because these devices allow you to use them in the bedroom, the car, and the bathroom, among others.


Massage Wand Vibrators FAQs

What is the best massage wand vibrator?

The best wand vibrator is the one that can satisfy your needs. Because this is different for every person, we recommend that you take the time to read about what a vibrator can do, e.g., its features. Extra vibration modes, a bigger head, and waterproof elements are just some of the things you can find when shopping for a good massage wand.

Can a massage wand fit inside me?

In general, massage wand vibrators are meant for external stimulation, meaning they’re not made for penetration. However, there are sex toys you can find that can provide dual pleasure for your clit or g-spot. In this case, a dildo vibrator may be a better buy.

Why buy Juntame massage wand vibrators?

Juntame wand vibrators are premier sex toys that are made to satisfy the user. We have high-quality products that offer plenty of delicious features, so feel free to browse through our product selections above. Stringent standards make our toys one of the best in the industry, which means the products will arrive on your doorstep and perform as advertised.

Do I need lube to use a wand vibrator?

Sex toys offer excellent sensations as long as they’re lubricated, and the wand vibrator is no exception. That said, you should always lube up and put some on your erogenous zones to prevent chafing and skin irritation. Use the right lubricant so your wand vibrator can last longer.