The 5 Best Male Strokers for Fun Orgasms

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The 5 Best Male Strokers for Fun Orgasms

automatic penis stroker  

Nobody in their right mind has ever said no to having some clean fun (except maybe Scrooge), but even the miser himself will probably say yes when presented with a male stroker. These nifty sex devices have only one goal- to give you the best self-pleasure you’ve ever had!

What is a Male Stroker or Masturbator?

Since time immemorial man has always used his hand to satisfy his sexual urges. Fast forward a thousand or so years later, and now there’s the male stroker that can do the dirty work.

A male masturbator is a sex toy that can provide penile pleasure. Most of them are shaped like an elongated cup, with wildly varying features such as vibration and suction, among others. They’re the evolved form of the pocket pussy, which had the shape of a vagina you could penetrate. Some of the best male strokers will have automatic functions so you can just lie back and not have to do anything.

How Do Male Strokers Work?

Male masturbators will typically have an outer, water-resistant shell or casing and a soft, skin-friendly sleeve inside. The quality and feel of the inner vagina or mouth sleeve will depend on the brand or manufacturer.

The simplest male stroker models are pretty straightforward. Get a hard-on, apply some lube, and go to town. More complex masturbator products enhance the self-play experience and will have vibrations or sucking mechanisms to simulate oral sex. There’s also an auto thruster or automatic masturbator so you won’t have to do manual work.

To activate the device, press a button and the built-in battery will power the vibrating, sucking, or rotating mechanism.

Who is a Male Stroker Good For?

Anyone who wants higher-quality self play will have a ton of fun with a penis stimulator. That said, this sex device is becoming more and more popular as it evolves to offer unique experiences.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a blowjob stimulator then there’s a high chance that an automatic male masturbator is for you. The good news is that there’s a male stroker for everyone regardless of budget. You can start your journey for the best male stroker by browsing through our top picks and trying one.

What to Know When Shopping For a Male Stroker?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a male masturbator.

Features. The first question you should ask is, ‘what do I want to get out of a male stroker?’ and go from there. For example, a rotating and thrusting machine is good for those who want the feeling of a handjob, while a blowjob machine is well, specifically made for realistic blowjobs. Read every detail on a few products you’re interested in, then make a decision.

Price. Budget is an essential part of shopping for a good male masturbator. The higher your budget, the more features you can get in a sex toy. Higher-end models offer auto masturbation and similar functions.

Buy Only in Official Shops. Avoid getting a fake product by buying only from official shops. Most brands will have a website where you can browse and order male masturbators and other sex toys you’d like to introduce in the bedroom. Plus, you’ll be getting your money’s worth in a high-quality male stroker.

Check the Sleeve or Insert Size. It’s generally a good idea to have a male masturbator that can accommodate your entire length for that deep stroke sensation. That said, most reputable brands will list their sleeve specifications in length and width, which should give you an idea if a male stroker is too short.

How Do You Use Male Strokers?

If you’ve used a pocket pussy or any iteration of a fleshlight, then you won’t have any problems getting into a male stroker. But what if you’re a male stroker virgin and don’t have a clue how to operate the sex device?

What you need to do is this- open the box and take out the masturbator, but don’t use it yet. Instead, plug it into a compatible cable for charging. In the meantime, open the manual and read the instructions. You’ll have an idea of how to use a male stroker in just a few minutes. As a bonus, you can familiarize yourself with the features and the buttons you need to activate them.

The 5 Best Male Strokers - Our Top Picks

Warrior - Auto Thrusting Stroker Automatic Male Masturbator

Warrior-best strokers

The Warrior is an all-in-one masturbating machine for men designed for endless sexual pleasure. It’s versatile enough to be used for self-play or with a partner to simulate a wild threesome!

Operation is as easy as 1-2-3. Take Warrior out of the package, apply some lube, and sit back as you experience a mind-blowing orgasm. But the fun doesn’t stop there- Warrior has enough features that you’d want to go again and again.

The Warrior boasts seven unique thrusting and rotating patterns, plus a beaded TPE sleeve to rub against your shaft. After dropping a load, the automatic men’s stroker can be disassembled quickly for cleaning. Once it’s dry, you can resume action right away.

On the outside, Warrior is as unassuming as they come. Some people might mistake it for a flashlight, while others may think it’s a high-tech gadget (which is somewhat true). The sleeve has just enough length to cover your entire penis, and with a use time of three hours, you’ll find this sex toy ready whenever you are.

Finn - Best Blowjob Machine & Automatic Blowjob Simulator

Finn-masturbator sex toy

The Finn is our favorite blowjob machine on the list. The sensation you get once you turn this blowjob simulator on is unlike any other. Feel free to imagine your favorite girl or guy once it’s in position and you press the button!

What makes Finn so special versus the competition is the technology behind the toy. While others simply suck, Finn inhales the heck out of your cock and won’t stop until you’ve dropped every last cum. The mechanism both inhales and ‘spits out’ air for a realistic blowjob experience,

As amazing as the blowjob feature is, a sex toy will be boring when there’s no variety. Thankfully, Finn has enough surprises to keep things interesting, thanks to five suction patterns and 12 vibration options. You’ll find an excuse to have Finn on 24/7 as you work through and find your favorite blowjob settings.

Finn’s sleeve is another noteworthy mention- it moves to the action and has 3D dots and channels so you’d feel like there’s a real person behind the oral sex. Charging is done via USB, and it’s waterproof so you can bring it to the shower.

Hayden - Automatic Rotating & Thrusting Male Masturbator

Hayden-Power strokers

The Hayden is a powerhouse in its own right, with multiple use modes to keep you happy all day long. A full charge can provide up to 90 minutes of play time, and it’s rechargeable via USB.

It’s a modern male stroker with a lot to like. The aqua blue color lends a nice aesthetic, and it makes the buttons easy to see. Hayden packs a lot of punch considering its portability. You get not just one, but two suction modes (in the sleeve and the other at the opening) so you really feel the heat. Activate rotation and you’ll be hard-pressed not to cum within a minute!

With a total of seven rotating and thrusting modes, Hayden is sure to become your go-to auto male masturbator. The included TPE sleeve is dotted for extra pleasure and cements Hayden as a reliable sex toy for daily use.

Barrel Cup - Open-Ended Vibrating Stroker Penis Simulator

Barrel cup-masturbators

The Barrel Cup is a minimalist auto stroker that can act as a penis stimulator for real sex. If your partner wants to skip foreplay and expects a rock hard cock that’s ready to go, then you owe it to yourself to get one.

Barrel Cup has an open-ended design that grips the shaft and performs endless ways. Remember to take out the lids on both sides so you can enter, and add a generous amount of lube so there’s nothing but pleasurable sensations. This male stroker works best with a partner- they can put this around the base of your penis and come up with different ways to empty your balls, including a tip handjob or a sensuous blowjob, among others.

The vibrating stroker is submersible and fully waterproof, and works very well if your thrill is getting wet and soapy. As far as vibration is concerned, you can press a button and it turns on right away. Barrel Cup is a discreet and very portable toy and can fit in your pocket or carry-on bag. Use it at home, in the car or whenever you’re on a business trip or vacation without anyone knowing.

With only a 1.5 hour charging time and 1 hour rated use, the Barrel Cup will be ready whenever you are!

Oliver - Automatic Vibrating Masturbator

Oliver-manual masturbation

Self-play becomes even more exciting with Oliver around. The unassuming masturbator will definitely surprise you with earth-shaking orgasms the moment you turn it on.

The best feature of the Oliver is definitely the industry-leading vacuum pumping technology. The toy offers a swallowing and clamping sensation, much like what you’d experience if your partner was performing oral sex. Move it up and down and voila! The experience is akin to vaginal or anal penetration. When you’re ready to cum, activate the special ‘climax’ button and Oliver will work extra hard (squeezing and sucking becomes more intense) in a satisying finish.

Oliver also serves as a training tool if you want to get higher sexual stamina in the bedroom. The diminutive shell packs various settings, including five suction modes and ten vibration modes. You can experiment to get the right settings, but where’s the fun in that? We recommend you get a ‘surprise’ and see how long you can last with both modes maxed out!

The Oliver automatic masturbator elevates self-pleasure to a whole new level. Make sure to put in plenty of lube before the action starts so you can avoid unwanted chafing and injury.

Male Strokers FAQs

What is the right male masturbator for me?

Your idea of the best male stroker might be different than the next person, so it’s best to read and fully understand a product’s features before you buy. Look for features that you’d want to have- for example, you want a personal sex toy that can suck like a real person, or one that has realistic inner sleeves.

How do I clean my automatic stroker?

Nearly all automatic strokers can be disassembled and cleaned, but how you take them apart and wash them might be different. To be sure, read the manual before going into cleaning mode. Don’t use any cleaning solution that’s not compatible with the sleeve material, and either air dry them or use a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Should I lube up before I use a male stroker?

Yes, definitely. Although the sleeves that come with a male stroker are designed to be safe, they won’t be slippery enough on their own. Shop and buy compatible sex lubricants before you even try a stroker to avoid injury to your beloved pecker.

Can I ejaculate into a male stroker?

The best male masturbators allow individuals to cum inside the device. These toys will either have an easy-disassembly mechanism so you can take them apart and wash each individual piece. As a word of advice, it’s recommended that you use warm water and gentle soap, rinsing off the residue completely before putting the toy back together. 

How do I take care of my male masturbator?

The right maintenance ensures your male stroker will be of service for a very long time. Follow the instructions in the manual that comes with your penis stroker. Keep it away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. Avoid storing it along with sharp or heavy objects so your male stroker won’t crack or break.


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