1 Year - 12 Month - 365 Day Warranty with all of our products

We have full confidence in our products. We've rigorously tested each adult toy model before displaying it. Therefore, we proudly offer a 1-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. To be eligible for the warranty, please register your product by filling out the form below within two weeks of receiving your shipment.


Furthermore, to qualify for a warranty replacement, kindly send an email to cus@juntame.com with the following details: your full name, order number, shipping address, and a brief video demonstrating the malfunction. Please note that the warranty does NOT cover water damage to items. 


If you have purchased our products from our physical store but require after-sales service, we also offer support through our online store. To efficiently process your request, please provide the shopping receipt or the UPC code from the product packaging. This will assist us in verifying your purchase information and providing the necessary after-sales support.


Because no matter how much we stand by our products, we will always choose our customers’ satisfaction first!



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