How to Use a Penis Pump

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How to Use a Penis Pump

Use a Penis Pump

You could be looking for a male sex enhancer but don’t know where to start. If this is the case, then the humble penis pump could be the product you need.

Short of having surgery to get a bigger penis, a cock pump can improve your penises’ rigidity and encourage more blood flow to the area that matters most. It’s one of the safest penis enlargement practices you can take. Plus, it’s relatively safer than other penis enlargement methods.

Today we’ll explore what a penis pump is, how to use penis pump, and answer timely concerns surrounding this male sex toy. Stick around and you might want to get one of these sex toys to improve your sex life.

Penis Pump - Introduction

The most straightforward use of a penis pump is to make the user’s penis hard and rigid. You can use the sex toy as a sort of training device to gain length and girth or as a pre-sex toy before penetration.

Nowadays penis pump vacuum mechanisms can vary, but they can be divided into two- manually or using an electric motor. The device can have a manual pump that you operate once your penis is in, or via a button that works automatically. Typically, you’ll have greater control over a hand pump but electronic-based pumps are convenient.

Penis pumps are arguably safer compared to other restrictive sex toys because they use a vacuum to bring the blood to where it’s needed. You will still need to monitor use time and frequency so the toy won’t have a detrimental effect on your manhood.

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

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The idea of a device that can make your penis bigger might seem like a dream, and that’s what a penis pump offers. However, you shouldn’t realistically expect to grow a full two or three inches in just a few sessions, or a thoroughly engorged penis that can last for hours.

As a sex toy, a penis pump can prime your manhood for maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Toys like Carson can stimulate your penis to the point that it’s fully erect and rigid. On a positive note, the vacuum can provide a ‘pull’ to lengthen your penis several centimeters or up to an inch, depending on physiology.

Once that part is done you can sustain your penis’ state by supplementing with a cock ring or similar toy. So yes, penis pumps work and they can make a difference in your and your partner’s sexual satisfaction.

How to Use a Penis Pump

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Step 1. Place Your Penis in the Tube

Open one part of the tube and place your penis inside. Make sure to put only the intended area unless otherwise stated in the manual. Secure the closure and double-check if you’ve formed a tight seal before you proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Vacuum Out the Air

Depending on the penis pump mechanism, you can use the built-in hand pump or electric pump to create a vacuum effect. Newer penis pump models will have advanced features so you can quickly achieve this step. You’ll feel the pressure mounting on your penis- remember not to make it too uncomfortable or you’ll need to start over.  

Step 3. Wait for the Desired Effect

Typically, it only takes a few minutes for a penis pump to work. You’ll feel your penis getting bigger and feel more engorged than usual. Depending on your situation, you can wait for around ten minutes or so as a training tool, or within five to ten minutes if you want to use the pump’s effect in the bedroom.

Step 4. Release the Pressure

Most modern penis enlargement pump devices will have a one-button pressure release you can use. When you want to get in on the action, just press it and take your penis out of the device. Afterward, you may need to sustain the rigidity by fitting a cock ring if you’re planning to have sex.

4 Safety Tips When Using a Penis Pump

Don’t Be Overzealous

We know how exciting it is to play with a new toy. However, you should do things in moderation because things will not improve in just one day. A good example is that you shouldn’t pump vacuum into the pump too much in hopes that you’ll gain an inch after a 20-minute session. Remember that penile gains take time, and you should be consistent if you want long-lasting results.

Read the Instructions

Yes, we know that manuals and instructions are boring, but they’re there for your and other users’ safety. You wouldn’t want to look back and say ‘I wish I read the instructions before I put the penis pump on’, so invest a few minutes to get to know your sex toy better.

Instructions and recommendations are helpful in their own way, especially if they involve a body part. That said, make sure to give the booklet or manual a quick browse before you even put your hands on the device.

Use Only Within the Recommended Time

Just like a cock ring, a penis pump should only be used for up to 20-25 minutes at a time. Otherwise, the benefits might turn to harm or even cause permanent damage not just to the penis, but the appendage’s blood vessels and tissue as well.

As a precaution, stop using the penis pump when you feel too uncomfortable or if the device starts to cause pain. Refer to the manual for the steps you should take to wear the pump and what you can and can’t do while the device is in place.

Wash and Store When Not in Use

A good rule of thumb to follow is to wash the penis pump after every use. Disassemble the device into its individual components and wash each using gentle soap and warm water. Dry them out using a clean cloth, e.g., a microfiber cloth or hand towel before putting all the parts back together. Then, store in a cool and dry place until you’re ready for the next session.

Penis Pump FAQs

Can I Use a Penis Pump in the Bedroom?

You probably can, but it will take a lot of effort and imagination to bring a penis pump into a play session. The thing is that a penis pump is primarily used pre-sex to make the penis appear and feel bigger. It’s considered a training tool and not a sex toy you’d use while having sex. To this end, a cock ring might be the better alternative.

Is a Penis Pump the Same as a Cock Ring?

Penis pumps and cock rings have several things in common. They’re both training tools so men can have a more engorged penis. The mechanism may be slightly different but they all work towards the same goal. However, a cock ring is often used while playing while a penis pump is more for penile exercises than a sex toy.

How Much Gain Can I Expect with a Penis Pump?

Realistically speaking, the gains you can get from using a penis pump are minimal. Products that advertise a 4-6 inch gain are a scam at best, since there’s really no way to get that much length unless you undergo surgery. However, an inch or so should be enough to attain greater sexual satisfaction. Plus, a penis pump can improve your manhood’s rigidity and make it stand up for longer, which may be all you need to satisfy your partner.

Can a Penis Pump Damage My Penis?

There are inherent risks involved with using a penis pump, including not using the device for its intent and ignoring the length of time recommended while training. As long as you’ve read the instructions and use your penis pump properly, there shouldn’t be any worries about the device damaging your penis.

Are Penis Pumps Worth It?

Yes, if you want to get the benefits. Penis pumps can elongate tissue and encourage more blood flow to the penis, thereby making it bigger and more erect. As long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations and have trouble keeping your penis active during foreplay and sex, then, by all means, go for it. Juntame has several high-quality penis pumps you can buy.

What Other Products Can I Use?

There are several other sex toys you can use to ‘train’ your penis, including a cock ring, jelqing technique, and more. Penis pumps are easier to use, and they’re automated in a way that you can just lie back and get the results without having to do manual work. For male sex toys, feel free to browse through our dedicated section and pick the one you like.

Get a Bigger Penis with a Penis Pump Today

A penis pump can give you the support you need for an active sexual lifestyle. It only takes a few minutes daily to see the results, and the benefits you get will make you more confident in the bedroom. Try it now!


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