How To Do Anal Douching with an Enema Bulb Like a Boss

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How To Do Anal Douching with an Enema Bulb Like a Boss

anal doching

The word ‘douche’ has gotten a bad rap due to popular lingo, but in the bedroom, it has a more positive reception. Opposite of being a scumbag or any derogatory terms, a douche helps with overall hygiene and makes for cleaner and safer sex.

Douching has many associations, but today we’re going to talk about anal douching, or how to use an enema bulb to clean the anus. If there’s anything school or family teaches us, it’s that washing something dirty makes it clean.

Anal adventurers will want to take a closer look, as we’ll show you an easy way to use an enema bulb (hint- it involves a sex toy). That said, let’s get down and dirty on enema bulbs and how you can use them in pre-anal entry.

What is an Enema Bulb?

An enema bulb is just one of the many items you can use to perform anal douching. They’re sometimes called a douche bulb and work exactly as you’d expect from one.

Application-wise, an enema bulb is a sex toy/ device that can wash the insides of your anal region. It’s for couples who want to be extra clean before they perform anal penetration. At the same time, it can be a focal point in a bedroom session if that’s your kink. Advanced enema bulb sex toys, like Auto Bulb, offer an easy way to flush out unwanted particles and have several features for sex play bulb

An enema bulb is usually shaped like a bulb- it has a pointed end (called the nozzle) and a larger and rounded reservoir at the opposite end. The reservoir can hold water or house the electronics if the enema is automatic. The pointy end is the one making the penetration and pushing out the water. Specially made enema bulb sex toys will have a more bum-friendly design so you’ll feel more comfortable during the process.


Like any other object that gets inserted in the bum, an enema bulb requires lubrication. In fact, nearly every sex toy can benefit from having lube, especially devices that penetrate. So, before you go spelunking with your enema bulb into uncharted territory, make sure you have plenty of lube on hand.

How to Use an Enema Bulb

Using an enema bulb involves the device, a cleaning solution (usually water), and lube. As an option, you can bring along a glove to ease into the anus and make it more relaxed. As a word of precaution, it’s best to do it properly to reduce discomfort and possible tissue damage.

Step 1. Prepare for Entry


Get the enema bulb and butt for action by first cleaning the device using gentle soap and warm water. Allow the bulb to fully dry before you continue. The water to be used in the douche should be lukewarm to avoid burning the insides of the anus. Then, apply a bit of lube on the bulb tip for easy insertion.

Step 2. Go For It

Anal douching can be used with several items, including enema bags, fleet enemas, and shower enemas, but we’ll be focusing on bulb enemas. However, most of the items mentioned work the same way- flushing out the system using a liquid of some sort.

If the intent of the enema bulb is to clean the anus, then you can do this in the shower or bathroom so the contents will be washed away. It’s possible to do this on your own, but with a partner, the process is easier. Stand on one leg or assume a crouching position, then put a gloved finger into the anus to relax it. Insert the enema bulb and work it according to instructions.

For automatic enema bulbs, you can fill the water using room-temperature water, then relax the anal opening with lubricant. Insert the nozzle in and press the button to make the bulb work. The receiver can try to hold the water inside for a few seconds, then stand in the shower or sit on the toilet to let the liquid out. Do the same thing several times until the ejected liquid is clear.

Step 3. Cleaning Up

Once the douching is over it’s time to clean up. You can take a shower, a bath, or a quick rinse after taking care of any mess left behind. As a general rule, it might be best to wait anywhere between 15-30 minutes before anal play. Also, you may want to hold onto those lubes and possibly a condom or two for safety and hygienic purposes.

Is Anal Douching Important? What are the Benefits?


You probably don’t know it, but you’re doing anal douching regularly. If you’ve used water from a bidet or something similar to wash up after pooping, then it’s nearly the same thing. Otherwise, if you use toilet paper for cleaning then anal douching will feel like a totally different experience.


Anal douching has the distinction of having semi-pressurized water go further up the colon, but thanks to gravity, the water tends to go down and out of the same hole. As far as importance is concerned, you can probably do away with anal douching until you’re curious and want to try it.


Having a clean bum prior to anal sex presents several benefits. First off, there’s little chance that the bedroom session will get interrupted, and there won’t be any worries or embarrassment from both sides. Hygiene-wise, the risks of contracting bacteria and parasites will be lowered. As a side note, sex partners shouldn’t put any toy or their genitalia in both anal and vaginal holes without washing up first. Last but not least, a cleaner bum is definitely better than a dirty one, and an enema bulb can be an instrument to achieving this goal.

How to Use an Enema Bulb FAQs


Why Do You Need Anal Douching?


Let’s be clear on this- anal douching is entirely optional. If you’re horrified by the thought of poop reaching the sex organs during anal play, then your fears are probably unfounded.


The body puts all the stuff pretty high up, and if you’ve taken a shower or washed your butt then it’s probably not going to happen. However, as a safety precaution or a kinky foreplay, anal douching is a great way to be intimate with yourself or your partner.

Are Enema Bulbs Safe?


Using an enema bulb as an anal douche is considered safe. Follow the instructions on the manual that came with the bulb so you will know how to operate the device when the time comes. Only the nozzle or narrow tip should be inserted during the cleanse.

How Often Should I Use an Enema Bulb?


It actually depends on your preference and how often you plan on doing anal sex. Douching before anal play is recommended, but be careful about the process or the cleaning solution you use each time. If you’re not keen on douching often then a quick shower or scrub should be fine.


Are There Risks to Anal Douching?


There are always risks to any sexual activity, ass douching included. That’s why it pays to be mindful of what you’re doing and what you put inside your body. Clean water is usually enough to wash off any poop material in the anus, but it shouldn’t be too warm to damage the tissue or lining inside.

What are Automatic Enema Bulbs?


An automatic enema bulb is a device specially designed to make anal douching easier. They will contain a reservoir for water, and electronic parts that push out the water in different ways. Also, the nozzle will be usually made from skin-safe material, like silicon, for hygienic reasons.

Do You Have an Enema Bulb For Sale?


Anal toys are a huge part of our sex toy lineup, and yes, we do have an enema bulb you can buy. Juntame is known for high-quality adult products, and you can be sure that your enema bulb will last a long time.

Can I Use a DIY Enema Bulb for Washing?


It may be better to buy a device that’s made for anal douching. Since it’s your body we’re talking about, you shouldn’t compromise on health and safety. Other alternatives include shower attachments, enema bags, and fleet enemas, just to name a few.

Try an Enema Bulb from Juntame Today


Anal douching using an enema bulb is an optional thing for those who want to be sure they’re clean down there before an anal play. Done right, the process in itself is pleasurable and won’t produce any serious discomfort or pain.


Slow and steady is the key to a good anal wash. If you’re trying it for the first time, then you can expect some discomfort and get used to the sensation of water running through the anal region. After the second and third time, you’ll be comfortable enough to think of it as a ritual, like taking a bath. If you want a device that can make it easier, check out our enema bulb product at


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