A Comprehensive Guide to Using the LAYLA Rosy Butterfly G Spot Vibrator

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Layla use guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Using the LAYLA Rosy Butterfly G Spot Vibrator


What is Layla flapping G-spot vibrator? 


As the name suggests, a flapping G-spot vibrator is a sex toy that has a flapping finger-like feature created to stimulate your G-spot.

Layla has an insertable portion almost the size of a dildo with a hollowed space in the middle where the "finger" is located.

Unlike regular dildos, a flapping G-spot vibrator mainly targets the highly erogenous G-spot, which will surely make you pulsate and throb in all the right places.

The speed and motion of the flapping G-spot vibrator can also be changed using buttons or a remote control depending on the brand.

Of course, just like a sex toy should be, the flapping G-spot vibrator is made of body-safe material that is best used with lubricant.

This sex toy comes with specific cleaning instructions, just be sure to follow them correctly and store them properly for the next use.

How does it work?

In comparison to your regular remote or button-operated dildo, Layla flapping G-spot vibrator works like a finger that gently, or intensely, taps your G-spot.

Once inside your vagina, you may now start exploring its various motions and speeds, depending on your liking, using the buttons or remote control that come with your item.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you can set it in your desired motion, wear it with your underwear, and go on with your day while indulging in an orgasm!

It is best to use an ample amount of lubricant that is suitable for the material of your sex toy for a better glide.

What does it feel? 


Aside from the clitoris, the G-spot, as we all know, is one of the most sensitive spots in a female's anatomy. When aroused, this famous and *most sought-after* body part even swells up and gets more sensitive to stimulation, thus giving more pleasure and an explosive orgasm.

Even though the sensations that flapping G-spot vibrators give can vary from woman to woman, among the exciting things that you can experience through this sex toy are more intense arousal, a fluttering or flickering sensation, and, of course, the finger-like flapping or tapping that mimics a real human finger.

If you want to level things up, you can also use other toys to stimulate your clitoris while letting the flapping G-spot vibrator do its work inside of you!

How to use the Layla flapping G-spot vibrator? 


If you're looking for a flapping G-spot vibrator that is not only good at doing its job but does it like nothing, or no one, else can, then the Layla Rosy Butterfly G Spot Vibrator is the one for you.

Apparently, this butterfly-looking G-spot vibrator comes with a flapping finger with four intense flapping modes and nine vibrating modes.

Not just that! This gorgeous and attractive sex toy also comes with a clit-teasing butterfly-shaped vibrator for double fun and excitement.

All you have to do is insert the flapping G-spot vibrator in your vagina and push the button located at the rose-shaped base part to choose among its modes and motions.

The button for the clitoris stimulator can also be found in that area.


Once settled, you can now experiment and try all of Layla’s flapping and vibrating levels for that much-anticipated orgasm!


But its name does not limit its capabilities as Layla can also bring joy and sensation to your nipples and butt!

Frequently Asked Questions


What material is Layla - Rosy Butterfly Clit Stimulator Flapping G-spot Vibrator made up of?


Layla is made from ABS and silicone materials, which have been proven to be safe for humans.

What is its size and weight? 


It only measures 6.13'' × 3.71'' × 4.64'' and weighs 0.32 pounds. Its compact shape and size make it easier for you to put it in a pouch and bring it with you on your travels. 

Does it produce a loud noise?


No, Layla, when turned on, only produces ≤ 50 decibels, which are comparable to the sound of a quiet refrigerator, so you would not have to worry whether your neighbors can hear you in your sexy time.

How to Charge Layla the Rosy Butterfly Clit Stimulator Flapping G-spot Vibrator?


Layla was built with a Li-on rechargeable battery. It is USB magnetic rechargeable and can be plugged into an outlet, power bank, car charger, or even a laptop's USB ports using a USB cord. Its charging time takes up to 90 minutes for an hour of usage.

Is Layla - Rosy Butterfly Clit Stimulator Flapping G-spot Vibrator waterproof?


Since Layla has an IPX6 rating, it can resist high water pressure and heavy sprays of water and is also submergible.

How to clean Layla - Rosy Butterfly Clit Stimulator Flapping G-spot Vibrator? 


You can simply use soap and water to clean Layla. You may even submerge it in soapy water for a thorough cleaning. Make sure to pat it all dry before storing it in a secured and dry place for your next use.

Reviews of Layla G-spot Vibrator


"The combination of tapping and tickling vibrations is like nothing I have ever experienced before. The hollow profile allows for a perfect fit and the 3 in 1 feature is an added bonus. I highly recommend this product!" - Lee E.


"This thing is absolutely amazing! My wife has always had a hard time squirting, but with this tapper, she can't stop! In fact, she squirts so much with it that it splashes all over me, and I absolutely love it!" - Nubia


"It's great for anyone starting out with toys. It comes in a very discreet package.

It is completely waterproof, which is a bonus for any toy.

Overall, this is a great product." – Dee


"I love this powerful clitoral stimulator. I got 3 new toys, but I'm not sure which one I like best. This was my first order from this company, but not my last! They did not let me down. Awesome fun! Thank you guys!" - Jessica R.


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