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At present, in the sex toys market, all kinds of sex toy products are various in terms of style and function. The unique design and function of these sex toys make people feel happy in sex life; Among the most popular sex toys, clitoral suckers can really make you reach an exciting orgasm in less than a minute, enjoy the pleasure of sex, etc.

The clitoral sucker has a unique design and unique function, which can stimulate your orgasm in a short time. In addition, in the sexual life, the clitoral sucker is designed and produced in consideration of the safety of commodity use. As soon as the suction cup was launched, it was welcomed by the market. So what are clitoral suckers? How to use the clitoral sucker correctly? See below:

So what is a clitoral sucker?

It is a female stimulation device whose main function is to provide more natural and intense stimulation to the clitoris. It can take different shapes or forms, but usually, they have a round "mouth" opening tip. This is where all the magic happens.

The name "Fool" comes from the technology behind these stimulators. Instead of vibrating, the clitoral suction cups feel like tiny air pulses of suction. Clitoral suckers provide indirect stimulation - nothing touches the clitoris like a vibrator, providing direct stimulation. I know a "suction cup" might sound like a powerful vacuum cleaner, but the only powerful thing is the orgasm that comes with the toy. Don't worry, the suction is very light, similar to oral sex, and the button under the head can adjust the strength of the suction at any time. This makes clitoral suckers good for people who don't like vibration. Additionally, some clitoral suckers can penetrate more of the internal clitoral network for deeper stimulation.

If you like intense clitoral stimulation and want to try something more than vibrators, here you are! Find various types of clitoral suckers and maybe you'll find something that interests you. Who doesn't want a toy that mimics blowjob?

How do clitoral suckers work?

The clitoral suckers owe their fame to air-pulse technology, which mimics the sensation of oral sex. How could you want to know? Well, the air pulse technology uses a small stream of air with subtle suction. In addition, the shape of the sucking mouth is round and made of soft silicone, giving the perfect impression of hugging the clitoris perfectly. Remember, this technique only mimics oral sex. It's not 100% like it, but it certainly comes closer than any other clitoral stimulator.

The clitoral sucker brings more pleasure to the clitoris because it feels more natural than traditional vibration. In short, the stimulation of the vibrator can be touched a thousand times in a minute like your clitoris, and the clitoral sucker feels like soft lips gently sucking on the clitoris.

Why are clitoral suckers so good?

They are totally clitoral-centric. Finally, some people understand how the clitoris is undervalued. The design, material, shape and strength of the suction are all designed to deliver stronger orgasms.

It feels more natural than traditional vibrators.

Easier to use than vibrators. Strong vibrations can cause clitoral numbness. Plus, it can be a little tiring to hold a rumbling vibrator in your hand. It can also be used as a nipple sucker.

They are quieter and more cautious than vibers.

Types of clitoral suckers

There are many different clitoral suckers. They are all different in color, shape, function and design. But the most important difference is the size of the toys. Because all vulvas are not the same, the clitoris is not the same shape and size. The clitoral sucker should be the right size for your clitoris. But now let's focus on what these sucking devices do:

Vibration: Double stimulation clitoral suckers are suitable for those who like to enjoy vibration and attractive stimulation to the clitoris. Big fans of external stimuli will be impressed.

G-spot stimulation: At the same time, provides penetration and clitoral sucking. There is usually a tip attached to the g-spot vibrator, providing intense penetration and oral sex!

Remote or app enabled: Almost everything is enabled by an app these days, so apps and remote controls for clitoral suckers are also used. These might be useful for a different place or bedroom game of thrones. Getting realistic oral sex with the remote while masturbating is also a fun experience.

How does the clitoral sucker work?

Here's a little guide on how to use the clitoris. If you are a beginner, you may find it very useful. For more experienced users, think of this as a reminder on how to enjoy the toy.

True, all bodies are different, but maybe I can inspire you to use your toys in a more fun way. You can also get more inspiration from another article we wrote about how to use your clitoris to attract stimuli.

Clean before use

Always clean your toys before using them. Getting new sex toys is always a hassle, but clean it up right away before rushing to the bedroom!

Test the button!

Discover what's hidden behind the button. There are many different vibration speeds and modes or suction modes in modern times.

If you don't want to ruin the night by running reading instructions, take a moment to test and see which ones are pleasant and which ones are temporarily avoided.

Don't forget the foreplay

A clitoral stimulator can also bring a lot of fun to your nipples and labia. Try different settings in different areas. Play as you want, it's your toy. Also, a glass of wine and a candle help set the mood.

Lubricants make everything better!

Applying lube to your clitoris enhances the experience and brings it closer to true oral pleasure. We always recommend water-based lubricants for silicone toys. This is the safest option and will not cause damage to your toys.

Mix it up!

If you have an app-enabled toy, you can use a clitoral stimulator with your partner. Put them under the shower or bathtub.

How to clean the clitoral sucker?

It is important to wash toys after each use to prevent infection. Cleaning your toy will also help your toy last longer.

Start with the manufacturer's guidelines. Check if your toy is waterproof and what it is made of. Typically, clitoral stimulators are made of silicone or hard plastic. If your toy is waterproof, you can wash it with warm water and soap. If not waterproof, use a damp cloth and sex toy cleaner, or use no soap. NOTE: Be careful when cleaning the clitoral "mouth". Give it extra friction and extra love. Maybe this part of your clitoral sucker is removed so it's easier to clean. After washing, you must dry your toys and put them in a box or bag.

After reading the above content, you should have a clearer understanding of the use of clitoral suction cups. In order to use clitoral suction cups to bring more satisfaction and pleasure, you need to master the correct use of clitoral suction cups, as well as before and after use. It is very important to consider the safety of the use of sexual tools such as clitoral suckers or dildos.


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