How to Choose And Use Large Vibers?

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In the sexual life, the vibrator products produced by many manufacturers have poor functions, and the weak vibration brings us a very bad sexual experience. Then, a strong vibrator can bring enough satisfaction and pleasure. At this time, how to choose a functional and powerful vibrator is more important.

So how to choose a good vibrator and use the vibrator correctly?

Dare you wonder, has anyone tried all these big vibrators? The answer is no, it's a little too drastic, even for a sex toy expert. But what we do is use the Juntame team, the Juntame team pro Knowledge, in one test, wraps it in the best reviews.

First, we looked at the best large vibrators on the market. They are the most popular and why. We then ran through the winners, checking out every detail of the toy (trust me, we know when we know what to find). Discussions about the toy have been between experts and BedBible's own testers. When all of this is done, a sex toy expert will narrow it down and summarize, and you'll find the results below.

Large vibrators can be attributed to many types of sex toys. I mean, if it's a sex toy, it's a big, vibrating--. It's a large vibrator, very simple. But we'll explain more precisely what we thought when testing classified products:

Size - It is a large diameter vibrator. From its thick shaft, or does it have a giant spherical head? It's a giant handle that makes it easier to hold, or it provides satisfaction to the user. Feel?

Some vibrations - chosen for their crazy humming. Even if you want to take it slow and cheer yourself up, it can happen, and that's an orgasm.

What to find in a large vibrator?

  • Feeling - what kind of vibration do you want? Or a low sound? Do you want it to spin or push you?
  • Materials - You can find sex toys made of different materials, so it all depends on your preference. Silicone resin, ABS plastic, etc.
  • Shape - are you looking for a dildo, wand, butt plug or something else?
  • Price - You'll quickly notice that you can find prices between high and low prices.

What is a large vibrator?

A large vibrator is a sex toy that stimulates you by vibrating. It can have different shapes, it can be a classic dildo, a bullet vibrator, or why it's not a bunny vibrator. Anything that is large, vibrating with sexual pleasure, is considered a large vibrator in this test.

How to use a large vibrator?

Now, let's understand how to use the large vibrator and the precautions. Remember! Using a large vibrator shouldn't cause damage.

  •   warm up!

Find a place where you can relax. Some positions may be better than others. Be sure to find an environment where you feel comfortable, you can light some candles, turn on some sexy music, and you can move on no matter what.

  • use outside

Most of the large vibrometers in this test can be used both indoors and outdoors. A perfect way to warm up is to just use the vibration pattern and use it to touch your body. If you feel too strong, touch yourself with your hands, or start using a vibrator on your clothing.

  • Lubricate and use inside

Make sure you have plenty of lube, especially if you want to use it inside. Remember, if it has some "stops", for example, use a speaker-shaped base on the anus just to be on the safe side. If necessary, before using a large vibrator, slow down and use a smaller sex toy to prepare your body.

Large-scale vibrators are very particular about the choice of purchase. When purchasing, we need to consider the safety of the product in addition to the feel, material, shape, price and other factors of the product. Large vibrators can not only bring enough pleasure in sexual life, but also ensure the safety of sexual life, which is why we often emphasize that large vibrators need correct use and correct cleaning and maintenance.


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