Do sex toys need cleaning? How to properly clean up sex toys?

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Many people have the habit of using sex toys in their sex life. Before and after using sex toys, if they don’t pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, there are often many hidden safety hazards. Cleaning up sex toys is also something that many people ignore in their sex life. . How to use sex toys correctly? How can I clean sex toys?

One of the biggest misconceptions about sexual hygiene is that you should only clean your toys after sex. Cleaning your sex toys should be done before and after sex. Not washing toys twice can cause a lot of problems, like bringing germs from the boudoir into the body.

Depending on the type of toy, you can use a sex toy cleaner or warm water and odorless soap to easily disinfect your playmates. Some people choose to boil their non-electronic toys. It doesn't matter if it's made of silicone or glass. Electronic toys can be cleaned with a towel and unscented soap, avoiding electronic components.

When washing with warm water and soap, thoroughly disinfect for about 20 to 30 seconds. It can then be air-dried or patted with paper towels.

The safest way to clean any type of sex toy is to use a sex toy cleaner, just spray the cleaner and let your toy air dry.

Whether cleaning with warm water, soap, or a professional sex toy cleaner, it is important to note that sex toys need to be completely dry before storing or using them to ensure they are clean and tidy , there is no security risk.


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