Are sex toys for everyone?

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Sex toys are currently widely used in both sexes, and as sex toys exceed billions of dollars, it is easy to buy a variety of sex toys, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores. Of course, in the face of the more sensitive issue of sex toys, many people may ask: Are sex toys really suitable for all people?

In fact, there is no accurate answer to this question. In different countries, with different religious beliefs, and different laws, some countries or regions are completely open to sex toys, but some countries Toys may be completely banned.

Who is not suitable for sex toys?

Describing who is not a sex toy, because it can illustrate the opposite. So, the simple answer is kids. Especially the little guy exploring your nightstand, I say. In doing so, I discovered a treasure trove of what looked like a pink shaking rocket. Then, they happily walk into your dinner to present their findings.

Aside from being humiliated, sex toys are not for those with cultural and religious rules that consider sex toys illegal or bad for their soul (see more below). In addition, sex toys are not suitable for young people under the legal age to buy sex toys. Granted, some teens wouldn't have a lot of trouble if they had adult toys. But, most of the time, it's not a comfortable thing to bring this issue to parents.

Are sex toys suitable for me?

To find out if sex toys are right for you, I want to ask myself the following questions:

Are you the proud owner of a penis or vagina?

Do you often feel excited or "good" when you don't cooperate?

Are you at or past the legal age to buy toys?

Are your fingers or hands too exhausted to train alone again?

Are you interested in exploring your body, sexuality and different orgasm options?

Do you enjoy the stress reduction and health benefits of orgasm?

Do you have an irrational fear of buzzing things?

Are you sure about these questions? Well, the answer is yes, sex toys are for you. What are you waiting for? Time to buy adult toys. But if you're not sure where to start, or how, read on to the end and I'll give you some sex toys tips for beginners.

Who should not buy sex toys?

We briefly covered the topic above, but I'll explain in more detail who shouldn't buy sex toys. First of all, no one should buy sex toys as a surprise for their boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse. In other words, unless you've talked to your significant other and they're agreeable and willing to try adult stuff.

Imagine your partner suddenly giving you a nicely packaged box. Immediately, your heart races in anticipation of a piece of jewelry you've always wanted or a collection of miniature crystal cats. Instead, you open the gift to find a monstrous 12-inch dildo faster than a kitchen mixer. So, to say the least, you can understand that this might be distasteful. Also, here are some people who shouldn't buy sex toys and their reasons.

  You are too young

Sex toys are not for you. Do not buy adult products if you are not of legal age. The age to buy sex toys in the US is 18. In other words, if the toy is actually legal in your area. Remember, you may need to show your ID if you try to enter an adult store or try to buy a sex toy at the NVC.

You are an illegal country in a sex toy

Most of the illegal toys are also sharia law countries. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Malaysia, Maldives and Indonesia. In addition, the sale, purchase and possession of sex toys are illegal in India, Vietnam and Thailand. While sex toys are illegal in Cambodia, there are still ways to become addicted.

For example, this VICE article describes how subjects would meet with a sex toy dealer behind them to get a battery-powered playmate. So grab your trench coat and sunglasses and get ready to buy illegal toys from someone else's trunk. Or, a better idea might be that he was not violated at all and ended up incarcerated because he had an explicit pornography.

Sex toys are also illegal in some parts of the United States

Okay, so it may not be illegal to own sex toys, but under the Anti-Obscene Enforcement Act of 1998, it is illegal in Alabama to sell anything "primarily used to stimulate human reproductive organs" to protect public morality. So in a pinch, use a massage, an electric toothbrush, or a variety of produce.

Also, in parts of Alabama and Georgia, as well as parts of Texas, Maine, and New Mexico, it is illegal to sell anything that is obscene. Honestly, I feel that what is considered obscene varies from person to person, so it's not set in stone and shouldn't be legally enforceable.

However, the people and travelers of Georgia are full of hope. There is an exception to the law, where sex toys can be purchased if they are primarily used for medical or scientific, educational, legislative or law enforcement purposes. Mandatory? Imagine being beaten by a dildo while you're protesting on behalf of Civil Affairs, and he succumbs.

However, legislation to use toys might understand. After all, taxes, laws, governments don't always seem to be on the side of the common man, and we often feel like we're in a mess. Therefore, it's important to know your local laws and whether your state is a sex toy ban zone.

Religious beliefs and sex toys

While some religious beliefs are strictly against toys, such as Baptists and Muslims, some religions have come out of the woods trying to mainstream sex toys. For example, create a set of sex toys around religious symbols to prevent you from confessing to the Creator when you confessed last night. Additionally, a Christian woman created a sex toy website for the married couple, hoping to spice up their relationship. However, when I searched for a Jewish toy site I read in vain, I ran into a "forbidden" error, like someone knew I was a naughty girl. In addition, I found more abandoned Orthodox Jewish, Christian and even Muslim ruins. Or banished and banned by a greater power?

Anyway, if you're comfortable with your sexuality and believe you're not making a pass to hellfire when you're building a car, then it's better to use an adult toy. Still, if you have any questions, that's ok. Your personal and spiritual comfort is paramount.

Who should buy sex toys?

Now that it has completely covered who should not buy sex toys, let's talk about who should buy it and why. But again, this is a personal decision and whatever I say should not affect your choice or preference. Having said all that, here's my advice to anyone who should buy sex toys.

Single men and women

Let's face it, dating isn't easy. So, if you are alone and seeking human comfort, you must find your soulmate. However, if you're looking for orgasm stress, sex toys will keep you safe from STIs, dating site monsters, and the hurt of those who refuse to leave your apartment the next morning.

Singles can also benefit from buying sex toys as it saves money on dates, allows you to keep any New Year's vows, learns about your body and the things that make you happy. After all, you can't have satisfying intimacy with others if you don't know what keeps your engine running.

Failed couple

If you're in a committed relationship and find your weekends consist of watching Netflix and having drab vanilla sex, then maybe it's time to add a third party to your bedroom routine. And, no, I mean another person, but a sex toy. Even the simple act of discussing your sexual fantasies with your partner can start a fire.

So sit down, grab a glass of wine and a laptop, discuss what you want to try, and browse some sex toy sites. Or, search for lingerie or sex shops in your area and go on an exciting shopping trip together. This way you can actually see and touch the product to determine if the project or product is a good fit for both parties.

Divorce, Husband and Maturity

Sex toys are not strictly designed for young people, and there is no age limit. So, if you've been single after a long time of marriage, or you've been single all the time, you should definitely buy sex toys. For example, orgasm cream is good for postmenopausal women and pairs perfectly with clitoral stimulators and other sex toys. In addition to this, you can find vibrators and dildos for insertion, as well as various male masturbation toys such as sleeves, meat lamps, and even lifelike dolls. Ladies, they also produced male dolls for our entertainment! So just because you're older doesn't mean you shouldn't get heart health and lower blood pressure from old-fashioned orgasms.

I want to buy sex toys, where do I start?

Adult products have various brands and various sex toys, whether online or in person, how to choose a good sex toy among the many brands? Based on my experience, I recommend choosing big brands like JUNTAME or HoneyPlayBox. Not only are the products safe and reliable, but the key prices are reasonable. How to choose to buy sex toys is very important!


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