How do guys use Male Masturbator?

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The night was quiet and no one else was around. Hands and hands... can't control it, grope down... wait a minute!

Have you confirmed that the surroundings are safe? Haven't been cleaned yet! Is it just "piston movement"? There are so many places to explore on the body, and toys of various styles emerge in an endless stream...

So, don't just simply move up and down to make a quick battle! You can also slow down and enjoy it all by yourself! Let's take a look with Xiao Ai, how many new tricks can boys play with their own hands!

01. Safe and private environment

Environmental safety is very important. When I was rising up, suddenly someone broke in, what a disappointment! Many people even got impotence because they were accidentally caught in sex or masturbation.

Although such impotence is psychogenic and can be intervened through psychotherapy, the process that should be enjoyed has become a psychological shadow, which is not worth the loss!

Of course, a slightly dangerous environment can stimulate people's senses even more, making you reach the climax of your senses. But don't forget that "dangerous environments" must also be controllable, and safety is the top priority!

02. Hygiene is very important

It is very important to do a good job of cleaning before self-feeding! Although male penis is less likely to be infected than women due to the different structure of penis, there are also young men who are often troubled by penis inflammation.

So for the sake of your own health and the pleasure of the process, please wash your hands and utensils well!

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03. Let's flirt

Since you have to take good care of yourself, why are there so few former XIs! Don’t think that just licking your hair is enough, flirting can fully mobilize your senses and double the enjoyment! Do you know your sensitive parts? Take this opportunity to have a good time Explore your body once!

Gently touch your neck, below the navel, inner thigh, scrotum, perineum, etc. (It is said that in the middle of the scrotum you can see a raised line dividing the scrotum into two parts, if you follow this The friction between the front and back of the middle seam can make the boys get a great sense of 㭈!) Some men's RU heads are very sensitive, and you can try to touch them.

Visual stimulation is another very important form of sexual stimulation. Portraits of gods and goddesses, small action movies, or fantasies with wide-open brains are all good ways to add to the fun.

04. Would you like some lubrication?

Do boys need lubricating fluid? It depends on individual needs. The penis itself secretes lubricating fluid, but first, it takes time, and second, some people don’t secrete much lubricating fluid, so external lubricating fluid can be used as appropriate. Of course, if you prefer this kind of penis tingling, then please don't be careless.

05. Enter the theme

After completing these preparations, you can start to have intimate contact with Tintin! Use your imagination, in addition to the most basic piston movement, what other ways can you care for Tintin? Gently squeeze the turtle | head; or put your index finger Form an O shape with the thumb, then put it on the penis, and start to stimulate it back and forth (up and down) like milking a cow; or put the penis between the palms and rub it repeatedly...

06. Enjoy the residual warmth

Don't get up right after "Oh oh oh!", give yourself a little time to enjoy the feeling of the orgasm subsides. It is also a good experience to experience the changes in the body.

07. Do a good job of cleaning

Because of the semen, the cleaning work of male compatriots is obviously more difficult than that of sisters. When masturbating, I choose to use a condom, which not only makes cleaning easier and more convenient, but also safer and more hygienic.

But if you don't want to use a condom, how do you clean it? First of all, if you're afraid of getting on the sheets, you can put a cloth or something under your body, so that you won't always think about whether you will get it in the process of masturbating Dirty sheets.

After the end, also wipe the semen clean, most people will choose to use paper towels, but pay attention to choose soft paper towels, do not rub hard to hurt the penis.

In addition to choosing soft towels, those who choose to use towels should also pay attention to the cleaning of towels. Wash the towel well after each wiping with the towel.

If you leave it there after wiping, it will easily breed bacteria. If you use it again next time, it will be difficult not to get infected! For the sake of a sustainable experience, don't be lazy!


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