The “Holy Grail” of Orgasms: What are Blended Orgasms and how can you get one?

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The “Holy Grail” of Orgasms: 

What are Blended Orgasms and how can you get one?


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If there is one fact we can all agree on, it’s this.

Orgasms are amazing. 

They should be the satisfying culmination of any sexual experience, where your pleasure reaches its highest point and you feel amazing erotic relief after an awesome upward climb of stimulation.

But can we make orgasms even better?

There are whispers of the “ultimate orgasm,” the Holy Grail of orgasms, if you will. And we’ve just discovered it!

It’s called a blended orgasm, and you absolutely have to experience it for yourself.

What is a Blended Orgasm?

Most orgasms are the result of stimulating one pleasure point on the body, like the clitoris, penis, or anus. This singular focus on only one pleasure source is often a result of being inexperienced or unadventurous when it comes to sex. Most people know that the clitoris or the G-spot is the ultimate “sweet spot,” for example, so they just focus all their effort on that in order to make their partner orgasm.

If you really care about making your partner feel good (and you should!), you need to start branching out and pleasing them in multiple places at once. After all, our bodies can be pleased at two or more spots at the same time!

But what are blended orgasms?

Like the name implies, a blended orgasm is an orgasm that combines two or more sources of stimulation to lead to one combined sexual climax.

Blended orgasms are amazing because, for most people, they feel twice as pleasurable as regular, single-point orgasms.

That might sound too good to be true. You might read that and think, are blended orgasms real? 

Thankfully, blended orgasms aren’t just real, they’re easy to achieve and very easy to implement in your sexual intercourse repertoire!

If you’re anything like us, you might be running to the top of this page to search: “how to have a blended orgasm?”

But don’t go anywhere! Below is a handy guide that’ll tell you all you need to know about blended orgasms, how to get one, and how to give one to your partner!

Who can Have a Blended Orgasm?

The internet is full of articles about blended orgasms that focus exclusively on people with vulvas. 

This focus on the vulva has led many people with penises to believe that they are anatomically unable to achieve a blended orgasm, but have no fear!

Our guides are always meant to be as inclusive as possible, and we’re here to give you the best news.

Anyone can enjoy a blended orgasm!

But where do you start?


First things first. Before including any new kind of experience, stimulation, position, toy, or add-on, you should always talk to your partner and get their consent to try out something new.

Every sexual experience should be preceded by one (or several) conversations regarding boundaries, comfort zones, comfort levels, expectations, and likes and dislikes. Sex is about communication, cooperation, and mutual satisfaction. 

With that out of the way, let’s begin.


Sex is a skill and an art. You can get better at it, but only through research, practice, and a desire to make your partner feel great.

Unfortunately, most people have a selfish approach to sex. They focus on their own pleasure, without giving much thought to their partner’s pleasure. They have a “one fits all” approach to intercourse, pleasing every sexual partner in much the same way because it’s easier than changing their approach every time.

Sex should be a custom fit experience. You have to listen to your partner’s body, know their preferences, and go with the flow.

If you want to have amazing sex, and make your partner feel amazing, then you need to start multitasking.

Multitasking is the foundation to every blended orgasm.

Think about all the erogenous zones on your partner’s body and how you can please them.

Kiss their lips, lick and suck on their nipples, massage and caress their breasts, cup and massage their scrotum.

But don’t try to do it all at once! This is not about trying to please all erogenous zones equally. Rather, do whatever feels more natural and listen to your partner’s moans and interpret how their body is reacting.

Most sexual partners lead you to the places they like to be stimulated, grabbing your hands and putting them over their breasts, for example, or nudging your head so your mouth fits over their favorite spot.

You can’t just focus on that spot, though. You have two hands, a mouth, and an amazing organ between your legs, use them to your advantage! Some people even love to lock their legs together or play “footsies” during sex!

Blended Orgasms for People with a Penis

If your partner has a penis, you’re probably used to focusing on the penis and scrotum. Most people know that massaging, cupping, or caressing someone’s scrotum while giving them a blowjob is pleasurable, but that doesn’t really lead to a blended orgasm.

To achieve that, you’re going to have to stimulate another erogenous zone away from your partner’s penis.

Our research suggests that the two best places are the nipples and the prostate, and even pleasing both at the same time!

Tease their Nipples

Everyone’s nipples are an amazing erogenous spot that can be massaged, flicked, or pinched with the fingers and licked, sucked, and bit lightly with the mouth. Most people with a penis aren’t used to teasing their nipples during masturbation and many of their partners aren’t focused on stimulating them during intercourse, simply because the nipples on someone with a penis are not as sensitive as those on someone with a vulva. However, this erogenous zone can still be stimulated and mined for some sweet sexual pleasure!

Please their P-spot

People with a penis don’t have a “G-spot,” but they do have a “P-spot!” The prostate is a small, walnut or ping-pong shaped gland below the bladder of a person with a penis. Its main function is to add fluid to the semen. 

To stimulate the prostate and the “P-spot,” you should insert a lubricated finger or lubricated sex toy into the anus and slowly push it forward until you push into the front wall of the rectum, curling your finger upward in a “come hither” motion toward the belly button.

Remember, you’re massaging and teasing, not just sticking your finger and jabbing it back and forth!

Doing this while having intercourse or pleasing your partner’s penis with your mouth or hands should give them a blended orgasm during sex, and this is because you’re teasing their penis and another area at the same time!

Things to Try for People with a Penis

If your partner has a penis, here are some fun ideas to experiment with:

  • Use a Sex Toy:

  • Using a sex toy, like a bullet vibrator to stimulate your partner’s nipples, shaft, tip of the penis, or anus, will make multitasking easier for you and more intense for them. Sex toys come with the added benefit of allowing you to control the kind of vibration and the intensity as well, giving you more options to customize their pleasure.

  • Experiment with Blowjobs and Handjobs:

  • While stimulating your partner’s P-spot with a sex toy or your hands, give your partner a blowjob or handjob instead of having intercourse with them. Oral sex and handjobs are versatile and creative ways to please someone’s penis, and give you more direct and minute control over your partner’s pleasure.

    Blended Orgasms for People with Vulvas

    Blended orgasms are actually easier to achieve for people with vulvas. Vulvas have both internal and external sensitive spots, the clit (external) and the G-spot (internal). This means that you can stimulate a person’s clitoris at the same time as you enter them to stimulate their G-spot. 

    Like we mentioned before, people with vulvas have very sensitive erogenous zones because they generally have more sensitive skin. This is due to a variety of factors, including hormones and a general sparseness of body hair, but the end result is that caressing, massaging, kissing, and teasing the skin of a person with a vulva can wield a wealth of pleasurable feelings.

    But how do you achieve a blended orgasm with a person with a vulva?

    Remember, it’s all about multitasking!

    As you read these tips, keep in mind that you can combine two (or more!) of these together as well as with penetration!

    Tease their Nipples

    Like we mentioned before, the nipples are an incredibly sensitive erogenous zone for people with a vulva! 

    During intercourse, you can massage, flick them with your finger, pinch, lick, suck, and flick your tongue over them for some titillating nipple pleasure!

    Massage their Breasts

    The breasts are an amazing source for stimulation during intercourse. You can massage them, caress them, kiss and lick them, and even use them to stimulate a person’s penis (known as a t*tf*cking or a boobjob!).

    Stimulate their Clit

    The easiest way to achieve a blended orgasm for a person with a vulva is to stimulate their clit at the same time as you penetrate them.

    Luckily, the clit is an external organ, so stimulating it with your fingers or a sex toy is very easy, even for beginners!

    Stimulate their G-spot

    The G-spot is a constant source of online discussion because it may be hard to locate for beginners. There are many online guides you can read to find it (like this one), but it’s located on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 2-3 inches up, toward the belly button.

    It can be easily reached if you’re penetrating your partner’s vagina with your penis, strap on, or other sex toy.

    Stimulate their Anus

    While people with vulvas don’t have a prostate or P-spot, they can still enjoy stimulation of the nerves of their anus. 

    You can engage in double penetration with them, using a sex toy from the back while you penetrate them from the front.

    You could even engage in some 3 way stimulation: please their clit, penetrate them from the front to tease their G-spot, and penetrate or massage their anus.

    Things to Try for People with a Vulva

  • Use a Blended Orgasm Sex Toy:

  • Like we mentioned before, the best (and easiest) way to achieve a blended orgasm is to stimulate the clit while penetrating to please the G-spot, and the best way to do this is to use a sex toy that was specifically designed to please the clit and G-spot at the same time!

    This is an amazing and guaranteed way to achieve a blended orgasm and, if you have a vulva, you can use a sex toy to get a blended orgasm without even needing a partner!

    There are a wealth of sex toys designed for this purpose, with a wealth of functions, features, and uses. 


    Skylar-Rabbit Sex Toys


    We recommend Skylar, a clit-sucking, G-spot-tapping vibrator!

    Layla-Clitoris Stimulator

    Or Layla, a rosy clit-stimulating, flapping G-spot vibrator.

    These are some of the best sex toys around that have been designed specifically for blended orgasms! 

  • Combine Masturbation and Penetration:

  • While you penetrate your partner who has a vulva, they can actually please their clit externally, adding to their own pleasure to achieve a blended orgasm.

    This works very well because they know their own clit and how it likes to be pleased, so a blended orgasm is practically guaranteed!

    How Does it Feel to Have a Blended Orgasm?

    After all this talk about blended orgasms, you may be wondering how they feel.

    Luckily, reading this guide has given you the best tools to reach one and discover it for yourself!

    But, if you want a sneak peek, blended orgasms are generally considered to feel twice as good as ordinary orgasms, with a climax that is twice as powerful!

    So think of getting two orgasms at once!

    In Conclusion

    Now you’re an expert on blended orgasms! 

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