The Fine Art of Giving a Yoni Massage

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The Fine Art of Giving a Yoni Massage


Yoni massage is often linked to tantric sex, but the truth is that it’s one aspect of the whole picture.

You see, yoni massage is a great way for women to connect to their deeper sexual selves and explore the possibilities of having multiple orgasms. It’s even recommended for those who’ve never touched themselves or had an orgasm (hint: the virgins.)

Let’s find out more about yoni massage, how you can prepare for it, and the techniques you or your partner can use.

What is a Yoni Massage

By definition, a yoni massage is a kind of tantra practice that touches on the vagina. In Sanskrit, the term ‘yoni’ means ‘a sacred space’, which points to the woman’s organ.

You can find yoni massage books, videos, and everything about the practice online, in sexual wellness sections, sex-ed websites like and more specifically, in the tantric genre. Though it may sound intimidating, yoni massage can actually be done at home with a bit of preparation.

Most people think that yoni massage is glorified vaginal masturbation, but this isn’t always the case. Reaching an orgasm is the shared goal for both, but that’s where the similarities end. Sure, there’s massaging and stimulation involved, but the receiver will take the time to appreciate the different sensations and actually enjoy the moment rather than rushing to finish the sex.

If you want to find out more about how you can give a yoni massage, read on and we’ll show you.

Yoni Massage - Setting the Stage

Here are several things you can do to set the stage for an amazing yoni massage.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Like tantric sex where couples spend hours exploring each other’s bodies in a relaxed and mindful atmosphere, yoni massage is best done in a relaxing atmosphere. The setting might change depending on the individual’s preferences, but the goal remains the same.

Prop up a few pillows, lay a comfortable rug, and have a bottle of your favorite scented massage oil ready. It’s best to clear your mind and heart and allow the sexual energy to flow through your whole being.

Prepare the Mind and Body

Give yourself enough time to have a yoni massage without thinking about anything else. The session should be free of worries and tasks that you need to do throughout the day. An hour or two should be more than enough time to allocate a yoni massage.

First, you’ll want to lie down on a comfortable spot, such as your bed or floor. Prop a few pillows on the back and head, then ground yourself with your feet placed flat and the legs open.


The next step is to start being mindful of your breathing. Your next breaths should be audible, slow, and deep, which grounds you into the energy and opens up the path to orgasmic connections. Although yoni massage is primarily a vaginal stimulation, you’ll want the energy to go around to the other parts of your body.

Once you feel well and relaxed, it’s time to proceed to warm up.

Warm Up

Warming up for a yoni massage doesn’t start at the clitoris, but rather at the other erogenous zones in your body. This is a way to gather energy that you can release later on.

It’s recommended that you get a short body massage or head straight into breast massage. Use the scented massage oil and put some on your belly, particularly between the breasts, the abdomen, and the rib cage.

When the body responds, you can move on to the more sensitive spots, such as the areola and then the nipples. Change the touch to light, then strong, and put in a few medium pressure here and there as well. Once sufficiently warmed, you’re ready for the actual yoni massage.

How to Give a Yoni Massage


There aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to yoni massage, but there are a few standard techniques you can use. You can also watch a yoni massage video to get an idea of the pace and motions you can carry out to get it going. And yes, you can bring your partner along for the ride (as long as they’re prepared and come in with a tantric intention in mind.)

Massage the G-Spot

The g-spot is a sensitive area in the vagina. Its location is not quite deep- you or your partner can probably reach it once you part the labia or the external folds of the vagina.

Start by inserting a finger with the fleshy part touching the labia. Somewhere an inch or two you’ll come across a small bump in the clitoris area. This is the g-spot and there are several ways to pleasure it.

You can do a ‘come hither’ motion or assume a slow tickle where the fingers are in constant contact with the g-spot. Make sure you can consistently locate it so there won’t be a disconnect in the massage process.

Vary the depth of strokes, as well as the pace and technique so you can get more immersed in the flow. 

Tap, Tug, and Roll

Yoni massage has a few more techniques, such as tapping, tugging, and rolling. After all, the essence of yoni massage is all about exploring and finding the sweet spot. Don’t settle for just one technique and do it over and over- experiment so you get a plethora of unique sensations.

The tap technique is easy- use your finger(s) to tap the clitoral area and shift the pace from slow to fast. Get a rhythm going but make sure you’re mindful and focused on the present.

The tug technique may sound painful, but it isn’t. It’s achieved when your fingers slightly pinch the clitoris and move it gently away. Do a sort of ‘back and forth’ motion with varying strokes and length. Think of the clitoris as a violin and your finger as the fiddle and you’ll get the idea.

Circle, Push and Pull

The tips of the finger can perform yoni massage via the circling technique. Concentrate on pleasuring the clitoris and change it up via clockwise and counter-clockwise movement. You can also change the speed and the size of the circles, as well as the pressure. Remember, do what feels good and try to get more of that feeling.

The push and pull method is a bit more complicated but it’s worth it. Here, you will do small pulsing movements, just like you would typing on a keyboard. The finger tips will provide the pressure and touch upon both sides of the labia and the clitoris.

A variation of the push and pull is keeping a finger on the clit while pulling it down the shaft. From there, alternate both sides and see which one gives you the best sensation.

Make Yoni Massage More Exciting

Learn More

The yoni massage techniques mentioned above are just a few examples, and there are more out there.

You can expand your knowledge of yoni and how to perform it by reading yoni massage books and learning about tantric yoni massage. The internet has a good number of resources, as well as book stores and educational platforms.

Yoni massage can be slightly different depending on whether you’re playing solo or with a partner. Solo yoni massage is private and you can be yourself, but you’ll find it a bit more difficult to pleasure yourself in certain positions. With a partner, you’ll have a depth that spans more than just movement- you both can experience the tantric and mindful feeling and share that energy.

Adding Sex Toys to Yoni Massage

Bora-rabbit tapping vibrator

Who says you can’t add sex toys to a yoni massage? Sex toys can be transformed into yoni massage tools and give you an orgasm or climax you won’t forget soon. Basic toys such as crystals, as well as advanced toys such as clit massagers or g-spot tappers are fair game when it comes to sexual exploration.

Regardless of whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, a sex toy can provide that extra touch you need to make yoni massage special. Since it’s all about focusing on the vagina, you can incorporate several ‘for women’ sex toys into the mix. However, you should always remember that yoni massage is more about the journey than the destination. Other than that, you’re free to experiment as you or your partner sees fit. A best sex doll shop here.

Before adding sex toys, it’s best to ask your partner about it and get their consent. Also, don’t forget to bring lube and wash the sex toy after every session. Sexual well-being is important, but don’t forget about hygiene as well.


After the yoni massage, the session can be finished via an orgasm or penetration. You’ll know when it’s time to end the massage- you’re fully satisfied and have explored different sensations using different techniques.

Don’t forget your breathing and center yourself, and practice the art of ‘edging’, or the state of near-climax without actually crossing the line. When this happens, stop the touch and allow yourself to come back before continuing further.