Top 10 Crazy Sex Positions You Should Try Today

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Top 10 Crazy Sex Positions You Should Try Today

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So you think you’re a maestro in the bedroom having done all the possible sex positions you know. Well, it’s time to explore uncharted territory and dive into challenging and crazy sex positions that will test your physical limits. Provided you and your partner are fit, then we recommend you spice up your sex life to ten and give these a try.


The Helicopter is the stuff of sex dreams, spoken only in quiet whispers and reverent tones. To say that this sex position is crazy is an understatement. That said, it’s not for the faint of heart but it wouldn’t hurt to give this one a go for adventure’s sake.

To start, both of you should be lying flat on your stomach and away from each other with intercrossed legs. The penis assumes an unnatural angle as it will be pointing down and away. The giver can lift himself up a bit if the discomfort is too much; otherwise, the penis will penetrate the vagina and nestle right into the g-spot.

This move won’t produce a lot of force, but it’s great for slow and intimate sex. You can cum into your partner, but make sure to wear protection or take contraceptives if there’s no intent to impregnate.


Arguably the most popular crazy sex position there is, the Wheelbarrow will test the receiver’s arm strength and muscle stamina. You’ll need a non-slippery surface or floor because there will be a lot of pushing from the giver, which subsequently means there will be a lot of stabilizing required from the receiver.

The giver will assume a position similar to carrying a wheelbarrow, only it’s the receiver’s legs they will be holding. The receiver is lifted off the floor with only their arms supporting their weight. Then, let the pumping commence!

The Wheelbarrow can be done two ways, including a downward-facing position or an upward–facing position for the receiver. This sex position can transition into a more tame form when the receiver gets tired- switch to spread-eagled missionary to finish the job.

All the Toys in the World


Granted, All the Toys in the World is not a sex position per se, but something that you can do for fun. The idea here is to load up on all your favorite sex toys and find inventive ways to use them all at once.

g spot vibrator

For women, you can use a dildo or vibrator for vaginal entry or stimulation, while a butt plug or anal beads can cover the butt. There are several sex toys that can work both ends and give the clitoris or g-spot some love as well. In the men’s department, you can get an auto masturbator coupled with a p-spot massager for a blended orgasm.

There are also other erogenous zones to cover, including the nipples, legs, and neck, among others. Complementary toys, such as cuffs, gags, clamps, and paddles may not seem much but they do add a degree of pleasure.


Yep, the Piledriver came from one of those infamous wrestling finisher moves that drops the opponent on their heads. In the bedroom though, you won’t be doing that but it’s nearly the same thing.

The sex position is relatively tame compared to others on the list, and it’s a good starting point for those who want to explore their kinky side. The Piledriver starts off with the receiver lying on the bed or floor with their hips and legs spread up high. The giver gets into position, holding each leg in hand and spreading them further apart. The giver can stabilize their partner’s position and commence pumping.

For extra stability, the receiver can hold the giver’s knees and use their lower back muscle. It’s best to do this sex position on a soft surface, such as a yoga mat or carpet.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a wild take on the classic sixty-nine. The ‘triangle’ comes from the pose the woman takes when they’re giving head, a.k.a., oral sex. Guys can get in on the action and do a triangle with their bodies as well, but it’s not a necessity.

It will be easier to do this on a couch or bed so the naughty bits will be within easy reach. Guys sit normally on the couch while the girls will stand on it with their legs spread apart. This puts the vagina and ass directly on the face, making for easy oral. However, ladies will have to do an upside-down head, but it’s still accomplishable by a wide margin. 

To stay on the safe side, take a one-minute break for every four or five minutes in this position.

The Frog

Make like amphibians and embrace the crazy absurdity of animals doing the dirty deed. In this position, you both will be hopping about and putting the wood where it’s supposed to go- on your partner’s back and humping.

The Frog entails you assume an ‘about to hop’ position, with your legs serving as the main point of balance. The giver goes on the back while the receiver is at the forefront. Play naturally starts with penetration, and maybe a bit of fondling the naughty bits. Guys can also tickle the clitoris at the front or give their partners a passionate kiss from behind.

You’ll more or less have two options for penetration while in this position. The difficult part will be maintaining the pose and not falling into a doggy style if you want a faster and more comfortable pace.


The Superman position is not gender-specific, which means that you can be Superman or Supergirl. The name refers to the flying pose you’d have to master to tick this box off your dirty to-do list.

It’s a super-pose that can be achieved by having the entire legs straightened up. To make the pleasurable parts easily accessible, it’s best to have the receiver lay on a raised platform, like a table or chair. The upper body will be supported by the table while the legs jut straight out. The giver takes position at the rear and proceeds to penetrate.


This crazy sex position has a hard requirement in that men will have to be able to lift their partners and hold them in place for more than a few minutes. An easier alternative is to do this on a couch so you won’t get fatigued and can enjoy the sex that comes.

With the Snake, the guy has to drape his partner’s lower body and legs over his shoulder. The girl will be on her back and her vagina will be facing the guy’s face. Then, her head will be within close proximity to the penis. It’s a wild variation of the sixty-nine and an amazing feat if you manage to accomplish it.

Upside Down Blowjob

As you may have already guessed, our list of crazy sex positions isn’t all about penetration and orgasm. That said, the Upside Down Blowjob takes quite a bit of practice to get right- you and your partner will need to have good balance, core, and arm strength to even attempt this position.

If you or your guy can lift you up for a minute or two, then you’re good to go. You’ll need a good grasp of the legs or hips, and most of the weight will be near the ground. It’s a vertical version of the classic sixty nine, with both partners performing oral sex in an upright position.

We recommend doing this while standing on padded flooring, such as a carpet, rug, or a big yoga mat. You get plus points if both of you were able to achieve orgasm!

X Marks the Spot

Last but not least is ‘X Marks the Spot’, where you and your partner can assume several positions, including standing up, sitting, or lying down. The ‘x’ formed will be like a pair of scissors, or in this case, the crossing of legs to experience either external stimulation or penetration.

The beauty of this crazy sex position is that you both have the option to dial it up a notch or tone the difficulty down depending on your physical capacity. Mastering the pose opens up new possibilities and tones your muscles so you can do the other sex positions on the list.

X Marks the Spot is the great equalizer- both the giver and receiver won’t have to do extra effort on their parts to enjoy a different kind of pleasure. This is one of the most beginner-friendly positions you can do if you want to ease into the crazy world of sex acrobatics.

Are These Crazy Sex Positions For You? Find Out Now

Crazy sex positions breathe new life into a tired sex routine. It shouldn’t matter if you both were unable to last a whole five minutes trying a new thing- what’s important is that you experimented with your sexuality and came out with an experience to remember. With practice, you can last longer and achieve a crazy good orgasm with these strange new sex positions.