Wet and Wild: How to do Shower Head Masturbation

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Wet and Wild: How to do Shower Head Masturbation



Shower Head Masturbation


What’s your idea of a self-care day? Maybe it’s stretching your back out after sitting for too long, or going for a nice walk. Maybe you’re the type to indulge in some snacks or watch your favorite shows. There are so many ways to unwind but there is one that is talked about in hushed whispers because despite the progress the world’s making, there’s still some taboo surrounding  this admittedly enjoyable activity.

What’s that, you ask? Here’s a clue: it’s wet and something everybody uses in their homes to get clean!

It’s so simple and unsuspecting that the answer might even shock you.

You have your guesses? Great, because the answer is shower head masturbation!

To the ones who have experience, you might’ve guessed it from the start, but for the uninitiated, you might be confused as to what this is.

So, allow us to guide you on what shower head sex is and how you can do this in the privacy of your own bathroom!

What is Shower Head Masturbation?

The name sounds a little bit complicated but we promise you, it’s simple. According to Mel Magazine, shower head masturbation is the use of the shower head and its settings to stimulate your most sensitive parts. It involves a lot of experimentation of the kind of shower-head, the strength of the water, and the speed of its run from the faucet.

Should I Masturbate while Showering?

Along with Cosmopolitan, we say yes!

Take yourself back to the first time you wondered what it would feel like touching yourself.

You’re excited because it’s a new foray into self-discovery, but nervous at the same time because what if you get caught?

Someone could walk through your bedroom door and interrupt a healthy and intimate act.

Consequently, this fear of getting caught causes us to look for other, more private means to get the pleasure we seek and the natural option is hopping onto the shower.

Naturally, no one would even dare come in because it’s recognized as the most exclusive space in a home.

In short, no one would dare come in because they know someone might be naked inside, unlike the bedroom.

So, not only is the bathroom the perfect place to masturbate, it also puts you in a position where you just have to let go and feel the pleasure overcome your body.

You’re already naked and wet anyway, so might as well ride the pleasure stream all the way to the end!

Plus, masturbating in general is healthy as it relieves stress and allows you to explore your own body at your own pace.

Masturbating is actually proven to be good for you! The more you know!

Is it Safe to do Shower Head Masturbation?

According to the same article from Cosmopolitan, shower head masturbation is considered safe when you use the water pressure from the device to stimulate your clitoris. So, there’s no penetration happening at all! Just some amazing clitoral and vaginal action!

Ways to Orgasm from Shower Head Masturbation

There are three ways to achieve orgasm from shower head masturbation! Together with Steady Health, let us lay them down for you like this:

  • Pointing the stream of water directly at the clitoris and its immediate area.
  • Experiment with the presence or absence of movement. Meaning, you can try keeping the shower-head steady or moving up and down or around the town!
  • Experiment with different positions like standing up, propping one leg up, squatting or lying down in the bathtub.

These may all sound simple, but trying out these ways yourself will take time which is key if you want to end up with the right shower-head moves to make your come like lightning.

Can I use Toys? What’re the best Toys for Shower Head Masturbation?




Yes, you can use toys! Together with Popsugar, we’ll list down the different waterproof (take special note of this!) toys you can use along with the shower-head to intensify your self-care routine inside the shower:

  • Clitoral Stimulator - So your clit can get eaten out while getting rained down upon.
  • Rabbit Vibrator - So you can hit your two precious spots at the same time: the g-spot and the clit. The water from the shower-head will act as the cherry on top by acting as the force that quickly builds up on your pleasure.
  • G-Spot Vibrator - So your inner spot is taken care of while the shower-head goes to town on your clit.

How to Pick Shower-Heads?

We look to the experts: Homoq! For picking the perfect shower-heads is as easy as:

  • Choosing the right material - So that it doesn’t turn to rust after use.
  • Choosing a suitable design - Make sure it’s easy to hold and has a variety of options to adjust the water’s pressure and frequency.
  • Examining the water pressure - Just because it has a lot of options, doesn’t mean they’re all good. Choose a shower-head where it's the most intense setting won’t hurt your skin still!
  • If it requires a filter or not - We don’t want dirty or rough water to damage your most intimate parts.
  • If it can be mounted to the wall - While our grip may be strong, it needs to rest from time to time too so having the choice to mount it to the wall is good to have.

All of these will contribute to the overall experience you’ll have from the shower-head so make sure to take your time when choosing! The fate of your orgasm relies on it!


Masturbation shouldn’t be treated as taboo because it fulfills a specific human need which is the desire to be pleasured.

There’s no shame in wanting to feel good! If you’re looking for a concrete reason, then allow me to tell you that it’s been scientifically proven that touching yourself is healthy for your heart and mind.

So go out there and fuck yourself silly! Get wet and wild and reach new pleasurable heights! This is another awesome way to take care of yourself after a long, hard day. You deserve it.