10 Erogenous Zones for Males You Need to Know

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10 Erogenous Zones for Males You Need to Know


There are different means and methods for creating an amazing sexual environment for all partners regardless of gender and specific preferences. However, a lot of individuals seem to have missed one of the most essential and natural ways of maximizing pleasure during the sexual time, which is through the use of what experts commonly refer to as erogenous zones. 

Sex is more than just the use of genitals to build pleasure. If you have noticed, some amazing sexual stimulus includes even just talking and communicating. So it is no surprise that even just touching some spots creates much enjoyable sexual tension for both partners. Similar to how all of us have our sought-after sex positions, the same goes for our bodies we also have hot spots or turn-on spots that can significantly stimulate us even if we are aware of these spots or not. 

Luckily, you don't have to be in the dark for long when it comes to these so-called erogenous zones as we'll take a look at the different erogenous spots for men and how you can best maximize it to give a better sexual experience for our male partners.

What is an erogenous zone?

The term "Erogenous" comes from the combination of the Greek words "eros" which means love and "genous" which translates to producing. To put it simply, Erogenous zones are the different parts of your body that experience a heightened sensation whenever touched. This is due to the presence of nerve endings in these spots that gives the effect of feeling sexually aroused whenever touched. 

However, considering the complexity of the human body, some say that the erogenous zone can be any area that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated. Either way, these parts are a must-know due to the existence of receptors that make these spots more attuned to light touch or gentle tickling.

There is also no hard and fast rule when it comes to using these spots. Always remember that everyone has their own sets of comfort and specific preferences including when it comes to the sense of touch, this means that some people may prefer getting rubbed in these spots, some may want to be just tickled, or might only be triggered when there exist vibrations of pressure against it. 

So in learning about these spots, take into consideration how your partner reacts to the different ways of touching. It may seem complicated, but as you learn more about your partner, you also get to learn how to best give a pleasurable experience. As always, communication is key, feel free to speak to your partner about these things before trying out different methods to spice up your sex lives. It's always great to learn something new about your partner.

What is the Male Erogenous Zones Map?

While it is true that there are different erogenous zones for both males and females. There are some widely common spots that are generally agreed by most that can be stimulated, these common spots are what you can see in male erogenous zone maps. 

These sensitive areas can be divided into the genital and extragenital erogenous zones. The first one is located along the genital areas such as the penis and scrotum for example while the extragenital erogenous zones are those located elsewhere, this can even be as far as the back & nape of the neck or even the scalp. Now that you have a general idea of what erogenous zones are. It's time to take a deep dive into each and one of them.

Erogenous zones for males   

1. Feet

Feet are by default sensitive and ticklish which makes is the basic ingredients you need in order to build an erotic sensation. But this doesn't mean that you just tickle your man's feet and get a sensual result, a top recommendation would be to give a foot massage to your man whether it is a slow or hard way. 

Not only does it relaxes your man, but since there are numerous pressure points that are directly linked to the genital area making it a highly recommended pleasure point to give a heightened sense of touch. If you're into some advanced things, you can try a bit of toe-sucking as long as you and your partner are comfortable trying it out.

2. Hands

We usually view the hands as an accessory when it comes to sex. But the hand, by itself, can be a source of arousal. If you think about it, similar to how the feet can provide the same sensation, the hands are also packed with tons of nerve endings and usually holds tons of tension that can help magnify pleasure when approached correctly. 

You can start by massaging the hands as well. And once you see or feel that your partner has released some of the tension in his hands, you can start slowly stroking it or give it a bit of a tickle. You can also suck his fingers which is usually a huge turn-on for everyone.

3. Scrotum 

To some degree, there is awareness as to how the balls are one of the most sensitive parts of a man's body. Yet, it remains one of the most underused or even untouched areas. While it is true to be held with care, the testicles are packed with many nerve endings and sensitive tissues surrounding them. Whether you hold, cup, rub, massage, or even lick it - satisfaction is almost a guarantee. 

If you're unsure of how to start, always go with the most gentle of all pressure. Feel free to ask if he wants to take it up a notch as each man has his own preferences when it comes to the testicular pressure that he can handle. Another thing to note is when it comes to handjobs, you can go down and lick his balls which will definitely double down on the pleasure he receives. Just be careful as he might not be able to control himself, there's a reason why this part feels like a huge cheat code when it comes to men's pleasure.

4. Nipples

While nipples are easily a sensitive area for all men, take note that not all appreciate being touched or licked here. So one of the things you should do before surveying this area is to ask your man if he is comfortable playing this section. 

But once you're in the clear, try to gently trace the nipple area with your fingers. Proceed in kissing or even licking the spot softly to give a more sensitive reaction. Some would like them to be pinched but this extent would also require prior communication just to be sure.

5. Perineum

This section is often mistaken as part of the scrotum area, and that's totally understandable considering that it is located in the same region as the scrotum. The perineum is located underneath the testicles that span all the way back to the pubic bone and anus. This single small spot is best stimulated by pressing gently or by light licking your tongue. 

The way I'd recommend checking this spot is during or after playing with the scrotum, you can bring yourself further down south and give a nice touch or lick to the area for an added surprise. While you can play with this area leading up to sex, you can also visit this area while giving a handjob or part of the blowjob routine before the penis in itself. This area is super sensitive and even houses the male G-spot.

6. Back Part Of The Neck

This area, including the nape, while it is a pleasurable spot for a woman in general, the same goes for men. The nerve endings here definitely send an erotic signal to the brain that in return further fuels the mood. Approach this area by giving it a nice massage to start. if you're very low-key with your sensual signals, try breathing a warm breath down the back of the neck before giving it a nice kiss. You can also touch this place during sex, making the entire ordeal much more sensual and pleasurable overall.

7. Ears

This part of the body is often used as part of setting or creating the initial mood of a sexy time (whispering that you are in the mood), but the use can definitely be more than that. Try to caress or slowly bite on the earlobes to further build up the sensation. There's also a small patch of skin located just behind the ears, feel free to kiss it slowly or even lightly lick it. The sensation is great whether you do it prior to or during sex, just to add to the variety of pleasure that you are feeling.

8. Mouth and Lips

As basic as it may sound, people usually leave this part out during sex in order to focus on their partner's reactions (since admittedly, it does bring in a huge sexual turn-on). Feel free to keep kissing or making out during the deed. You can also bite his lips gently to hard depending on how familiar you are with the pain tolerance of your partner. 

9. Inner Thigh

If you noticed, there are random moments where your man just reacts even to the simple caressing or touch of the inner thighs. Despite being a thick-skinned and muscular area, it's actually pretty sensitive. While this entire region together with the penis is a huge sensitive part, feel free to include the inner thigh as part of the routine. Even the simple massaging, caressing, or using of the nails gives a huge pleasure point.

10. Penis

While you probably had an idea about this part considering that it is the main tool used, there are different ways of stimulating the penis. Aside from the insertion or stroking of this part, play around this area by playing around the base and top of the penis. Give it a light kiss or lick while using your fingers to play around the shaft. In this case, the more you play around with this part, the more you boost blood flow resulting in an increase in sensitivity. Aside from being a turn-on, it will leave your partner begging to proceed with the deed.

Stimulating The Male Erogenous Zones With Toys

For partners who like to play with toys as part of their routines, here are some items that we would recommend:

Finn - Best Blowjob Machine & Automatic Blowjob Simulator

Finn - Best Blowjob Machine

This device is an automatic blowjob simulator. This means you only need to hold it for your partner and not worry about constantly moving it to give pleasure. This item is a great way towards giving your partner tons of pleasure through the penis while you're working on some other parts. A great combination that can lead to an amazing time.

Priti - Automatic Rotating Penis Stimulator

Priti - Automatic Rotating Penis Stimulator


What's great with Priti is that it stimulates what it feels like, inside the vagina, it works as a pre-insertion play toy and is a great option since it is filled with raised beads that give a variety of pleasures. Feel free to play around with the different modes or settings available to find and build up your partner's preferences.

Quinn - Wiggle - Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager

Quinn - Wiggle - motion vibrating prostate massager

Unlike the other devices mentioned, Quinn is solely focused on massaging the prostate area which is one of the most highly sensitive areas of the male body. It is designed to hit the "Male G-Spot" making it one of the best devices for giving male pleasure.


Here are some of the male erogenous zones that you should take note of. Not only are these parts the most common areas that give a lot of sensitive and sensual arousal, but they can also dictate the general mood of both partners. Feel free to utilize them as much as you want. Just remember to be openly communicative to your partner as to the parts and actions that both of you are comfortable doing.