Say “Oh”: The 8 Best Positions for G-Spot Stimulation

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Say "Oh" : The 8 Best Positions for G-Spot Stimulationsex position

They say that the secret to a healthy relationship is by getting to know yourself and the person you are with, accepting their strengths and flaws, and loving yourself or your person for who they are.

That applies to every aspect of an individual whether physical, emotional, mental and sexual.

Yup, we said it. Even sexual.

While society is growing to become a more open space to talk about intimacy, there is still stigma surrounding conversations involving physical pleasure. That includes masturbation, foreplay, and even the act of sex itself.

We’re here to tell you that there is nothing wrong in discovering yourself or your partner through physical relations. In fact, we even encourage it as this form of intimacy actually helps to strengthen the bond within yourself or between your partners.

So, yes – you do need to know what turns you on…and what better way to do that than by exploring the many different ways of having sex.

Since sex has so many things underneath its umbrella, allow us to guide you through one thing: G-Spot Stimulation.

We’d love to show you what a g-spot is, what it does, how to touch it and which positions are the best for stimulating it!

Enjoy this quick ride to G-Town because for sure, once you come off, you’re gonna be singing sweet “Oh”s all the time.

What is a G-Spot?

According to Everyday Health, a g-spot is a mass of spongy tissue full of blood vessels and nerve endings, located near the urethra. Due to it having a lot of nerve endings, it becomes a very sensitive part of the body, and is consequently known as one of the sweet spots for women along with the clitoris.

What are the benefits of a G-Spot?

An article from Delight Medical says that the main benefit of a g-spot is to provide pleasurable sensations, swelling and fluid ejaculation. While this proves to be highly beneficial for the end goal of orgasming, the same article from Everyday Health reminds us that the g-spot is not the end all, be all in terms of sex and pleasure. In fact, touching the g-spot is just one of the many ways you can provide pleasure and should be done in line with touching other erogenous zones such as the clit, breasts and neck, for example.

How can I make touching the G-Spot better?

Great question! One of the many challenges to pleasuring a g-spot is: Are you really touching it right? Without the help of vision, it’s hard to get a handle on how to position your fingers to make sure every move feels oh-so-good.

But Everyday Health is here to break-down tips on how to touch the g-spot better:

First, slowly insert your finger inside the vagina. This applies to both masturbation and sex with a partner.

Second, carefully find the g-spot along the top wall of the vagina, it should be halfway through the vaginal opening and the cervix.

Third, stimulate the g-spot by doing the “come hither” motion. Remember that this is a bundle of nerves so there’s no need to be so hard on it!

The 8 Positions


Now onto the exciting part! Here are the 8 positions you can do for the best g-spot stimulation from Women’s Health and She Knows:

The Soft Serve

Think of this as spooning…but better. That’s because your partner, as the big spoon, can have easy access to most erogenous zones of your body – especially the vagina. They can just trail their hand down and slip a finger inside as if they are scooping for the sweetest ice cream known to the universe. The cherry on top? Your partner can also provide clitoral stimulation with this position because there is enough space to maneuver around.

Just in case you want to add more than just the hand, then we recommend using Adva – a clit and g-spot stimulator couple sex toy that can definitely ignite some sparks in both your partner’s g-spot and clit.

Be On Top

As the name suggests, this position allows you to sit on top of your partner at a 45-degree angle whether that’s on a sofa, a bed or a floor! This is perfect to give both of you the leverage of penetration plus stimulation via the penis or a sex toy. Since we’re talking about the exploration of the g-spot, then we highly recommend using a sex toy! More specifically Lilian – a g-spot vibrator with rotating head and vibrating tongue which is great for when your partner wants to watch you come apart through the g-spot and clit before inserting their strap or penis.


Unlike the previous position, this one will put you on your back while your partner has your legs on their shoulders – making the vagina narrower and access to the g-spot easier. For deliciously tight situations like these, the Le Couplet is your best friend because while this toy can stimulate the g-spot and the clit at the same time, it’s also designed to allow your penis or strap-on to penetrate with the toy! Now that’s orgasmic!

Doggy Style

A classic is a classic for a reason and the doggy style makes it easy for your partner to hit it from behind and give your anus the pleasure it deserves, while reaching down to stimulate your g-spot with their free hand or a toy like the Dolphin – a rolling g-spot vibrator and clit stimulator that mimics the “come hither” motion to make you come strong on the sheets later on.

The Snake

The easiest way we could describe this is like missionary but in reverse. Instead of you lying on your back, you’re lying on your front while your partner touches you from behind. But how can you reach the g-spot when you’re lying on your front, this is where “ass up, face down” comes to play because you’re going to tilt your hips up a bit to give your partner the space to sneak in with a hand or with something like Fuschia, which is a rose clit licking stimulator and vibrating egg that will give you dual pleasure without the big size.

Modified Cowgirl

In the same breadth as the snake, the only difference is that you’re on top and lying against your partner for this one. While this position mainly allows the penis or a strap-on to stimulate the g-spot, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a toy like Angel which is a triple tease clit licker and g-spot stimulator, to warm the clit as well.

The Wheelbarrow

This one’s kind of wild, everyone. Simply put, this is a doggy but in the air because your partner is standing and lifting your hips up to suspend your lower body mid-air while they penetrate from behind. Due to this being a rather complex move, you can definitely use Angel in this situation as well. 

The Gee-Shell

Now this is missionary with a G-Whiz twist because you’re lying down with your legs bent to your ears, giving your partner full access to your vagina and anus in one view. Positions like this require a top-performing toy like Jade which is a 3-in-1 clitoral sucking g-spot vibrator and clit licking tongue, making it easy to do a millions things at the same time! For example, your partner could penetrate while the toy is licking your clit or your partner could be using the toy to stimulate your g-spot while they use their tongue to please your clit, the possibilities are endless!

Pro Tip

While all of these position guarantee a fun time, we’d love to impart to you one pro-tip from Everyday Health:

You can enhance g-spot stimulation by squeezing your pelvic floor muscles around the penis, strap-on or toy because this boosts arousal by making you feel the motions much more! It’s like having every touch ingrained onto your body, which provides satisfaction to your fantasies as well!


There you have it, the 8 positions for g-spot stimulation that will make you say “Oh!” all night long! As always, your pleasure is completely up to you and our articles merely serve as guides – not strict instructions! Do this exploration at your own pace and put enjoyment first!