Roses Are Red, Vaginas Are Pink: 10 Best Rose Sex Toys (2023 Updated)

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Roses Are Red, Vaginas Are Pink: 10 Best Rose Sex Toys (2023 Updated)

I have always sought out all sorts of exotic dildos and wild vibrators to adorn the private garden which is my vagina.

I have also sought out the many ways I can pleasure my feminine palace – rubbing the clit between my fingers, dipping fingers inside my sensitive cavern and playing with folds until they flutter on their own.

I’ve tried a lot of things in the name of sex, and I’m ready to share with you the one thing that has given my life and libido the perfect touch of passionate red: rose sex toys.

Allow me to present to you: The top 10 rose sex toys of 2023.

What is a Rose Sex Toy?

If it’s your first time encountering this, allow the women from Wirecutter to give you a fragrant introduction.

Don’t let their pretty looks fool you. Rose sex toys have one distinct and fierce feature – they deliver targeted, pulsating air suction to any part of your body that you wish to stimulate, whether that be your neck, nipples, clit or folds. They’re absolutely, fully capable of focusing on the parts where bigger toys have a hard time reaching which is perfect for times where you just want to hit the right spot.

How to use a Rose Sex Toy?

With its overflowing power, how does one go about using a rose sex toy?

Mind Body Green takes you down the steps:

  • Add lube! Of course, we can’t forget about this as it helps your vagina and the toy to get along from the second they meet. No rough patches here!
  • Instead of letting this vibrating rose sex toy meet you in the middle, let it work its way from the side – littering touches that send the good shivers down your spine.
  • Feel it! A rose-shaped sex toy has different kinds of vibrations to offer so it's best to explore them on your own time and pick the ones you like best.
  • Go beyond the clit! Sure, making your clit happy feels like you’ve hit the jackpot but like what I’ve mentioned before, there are other areas in your body that these wonderful things can touch and make you feel good! You can work your way from the neck down, or the reverse which is down up! The key is discovery and you’ll never go wrong with that!

Rose Sex Toy Review

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the 10 best rose adult toys of 2023:

The Rose Clit Stimulator

rose toy


We’re starting off strong with a red rose sex toy that has 10 adjustable modes that cater to every clit need that you can imagine! Not just that, the sucking technique itself feels better than a long-term boyfriend because every move is born out of in-depth research of how women want to be touched. Call that a perfect marriage of science and sheer horny-ness!

Horny Rose – Vibrating Clit Licking Stimulator

rose sex toy


This rose bud sex toy has something blooming from the center – a talented tongue. It’s certain that once this stimulator attaches to your clit, it’s never going to let go until it runs out of battery. So, it’s best to have tissues ready for faster clean-up. If you know what I mean.

Fuchsia - Rose Clit Licking Stimulator & Vibrating Egg

the rose toy


Consider the Fuschia as a sister to the Horny Rose – she is the star of the show, and the supporting act is an egg vibrator that you can insert inside your vagina at the same time the rose is wrecking mouth-watering havoc on your clit.

Rose Rope - Rose Clit Sucking Stimulator & Thrusting Egg

the rose sex toy


Don’t let the similar look fool you. While the Rose Rope has the same features as Fuschia, she is different in one, unique way: Her egg vibrator can thrust! Rest assured that if you want the full spread of clit, vaginal and penetrative stimulation, this one can step to the plate and succeed!

Dora - Rose Toy Clit Vibrator and Licker

rose toy for women

No, this isn’t Dora the Explorer. She’s in a different league with her capability to lick your clit and send earth-shattering vibrations at the same time. All of that while looking the most feminine out of the bunch. If you want to be surprised, then she’s the one for you!

Momo - Rose Clit Licker & Tapping Egg Vibrator

the rose sexual toy

Another sister from the same family, Momo is the kind of lady that doesn’t stop until she’s got all the angles. That’s why her technology matches that drive! She can go up and down, but she can also go left, right and all around – sweeping through every inch of sensitive skin to make you scream how good it is.

Rosie Rebellion - The Rose Toy Clit Licker & Vibrating Egg

rose sexual toy

Of course, we can’t forget the one that started it all. With her 7 licking modes and 9 vibrating patterns, she’s the best when it comes to getting you all wet and loose in no time. Plus, she’s even better in the shower as her shape and texture allow her to slip easier with water. Looks like it’s time for some mouth-watering shower play.

Nectar - The Rose Sex Toy Clit Stimulator

rose adult toy

She’s small, and that’s the reason why she’s perfect. You can take her anywhere you want to go and she can continuously give you smooth yet juicy licks and vibrations for your clit and nipple – just like fresh honey.

Teresa - The Rose Toy With Tongue Vibrator

rose toys

She’s the one you need for Valentines’. She’s also the one you need for anniversaries. Most especially, she’s the one you need for make-up sex with your partner. With her 9 stimulating modes, you and your partner will certainly arrive on a truce by the end of the night.

Rose Queen -2 In 1 Rose Clit Sucker Vibrator With Tongue

rose sexual toys

She is the rose queen for a reason! 10 vibration modes are packed into a rose that can pleasure your clit and nipples, making it perfect for foreplay, solo play or even partner play.

All of these are made with love by Juntame. They made sure to mold these toys into realistic roses that look amazing on your vanity, side drawer or even on display in the bathroom! Truly beautiful in every single way!


Allow me and The Dating Diary and Hypebae to give you some additional info that’ll help you on your journey into making a sexy, delectable rose garden for yourself:

Are rose sex toys safe to use for women?

The short answer is yes! As long as your practice proper hygiene in your body and on your toy, any rose toy will be safe to you use on the most intimate parts of your body.

Can I use rose sex toys on my partner, regardless of gender?

Absolutely! Rose sex toys may be designed for the clitoris, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to pleasure your penis-having partner! For starters, you can press the rose toy on the tip of the penis and let it lick the slit until it leaks.

Is this more affordable than other sex toys?

It’s another yes! Because of its small size and ergonomic design, rose sex toys are budget-friendly for the ones who need the mind-blowing pleasure minus breaking the bank.


There you have it! The best rose sex toys of 2023! This year, take away the fear and explore more of what makes you feel good!


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