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Zenith - Graduated Anal Beads

Zenith - Graduated Anal Beads

Graduating Anal Beads With Pleasure Nubs With a progressive small-to-large bead pattern, these anal beads are user-friendly for both beginners and experienced players. The set consists of six beads, starting...
Elza - Beaded Anal Plug in Brown

Elza - Beaded Anal Plug in Brown

The Elza anal plug is powerful and intense,thicker, bigger and longer three-stage beaded plug. The size of the beads is slightly different, the beads are plump, close to the body...
Ringer - 3 Anal Beads Prostate Massager Butt Plug with Cock Ring & Remote Control

Ringer - 3 Anal Beads Prostate Massager Butt Plug with Cock Ring & Remote Control

Your Best Anal Vibrator with Cock Ring 3 In 1 Unlock the ultimate male pleasure with Ringer! This premium and versatile anal plug is more powerful and stronger than most,...
Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

Discover the joys of anal play - one bead at a time with added vibrations for even more intense orgasms. Like traditional anal beads, the tip of this toy starts...
Ripple - Vibrating Anal Bead Plug

Ripple - Vibrating Anal Bead Plug

Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug Refresh your anal play with the Ripple - all the fun of anal beads with added vibrations for even more intense orgasms. With...
Rosanna - Remote Control Rose Rotating Beads Butt Plug Vibrator

Rosanna - Remote Control Rose Rotating Beads Butt Plug Vibrator

Remote Control Rose Rotating Beads Butt Plug Vibrator Blossoming into an elegant and seductive rose, Rosanna blooms with 2 pairs of beads in a graduated size for enhanced backdoor play....
Get ready for naughtier anal sex! If you’re looking for a kinkier way to reach that sweet heavenly orgasm, maybe anal beads are for you.
These kinds of anal toys are suitable for those who want to have it rough and hard. If you’re a submissive little pet and like to get stretched with bigger and bigger balls up your ass, you’re looking at the right toy!
  1. What is an Anal Bead?
Anal beads are like a long string of balls, and some even have balls that go bigger as you reach the base. Since the rectum has so many nerve endings that are sensitive to stimulation, anal beads send you waves after waves of pleasure through the firm balls being inserted up your anus. After being inserted, anal beads are then pulled out, which also feels pleasurable. This anal toy is perfect if you’re a kinky submissive who wants to challenge yourself to stretch your anus and see how big the balls can you handle!

  1. Anal Beads Vs. Anal Vibrators
While anal beads and anal vibrators are both designed to bring pleasure to your anus, they are nothing alike. Anal vibrators feature their vibration modes, and these vibrations are what bring a pleasurable experience into your anal sex. Meanwhile, anal beads feature balls (or beads) that are attached in a series as if they are in a string. These beads are what bring such linen-gripping pleasure into your wild anal sex. Designed to stretch your anus, anal beads will make you get down on all fours and get dirty and wild.
While some anal beads also double as a vibrator, do not get them confused. Anal beads are called such because of the string of beads it has. Anal vibrators are called such because it vibrates.
  1. How to Use an Anal Bead?
Finally up to the challenge to use an anal bead? Then get your lubes ready because this is going to be a rough ride. When using anal beads, make sure that you use lubes that are compatible with the material of your toy. Silicone toys, for example, are not compatible with silicone lubes. While toys that are made of metal or glass are okay with silicone lubes. For full instructions on what kind of lubricants to use, please refer to the user’s manual of your sex toy.

As for using the anal bead, make sure to insert the beads one by one in a gentle manner, so that it won’t hurt. There are also anal beads that have balls that get bigger in size as it reaches the base, and it is designed to further stretch the anus as you get the anal bead deeper inside. If you are using one for yourself or for your partner, make sure to not force a bigger bead if you (or your partner) are not ready yet. You don’t want your fun night to end with an injury because you were too excited to get it all in!
  1. Best-Selling Anal Beads
If you’re thinking of getting either an anal bead or an anal vibrator, why not choose a toy that is both? Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads are not just anal beads, but it also has 9 vibrating modes that keep your toes curled in pleasure! It is also made of silicone so it is soft and comfortable, plus it has a graduated shape for easy insertion. Now you can enjoy 2 toys for the price of 1 with Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads.
  1. How to clean Anal Beads?
Cleaning anal beads are straightforward. You can simply wash them with mild soap and water or use a sex toy cleaner, pat them dry, then they’re good to go!
If your anal beads have vibrating or thrusting features, check if they are splashproof or waterproof. You can only wash splashproof toys with a damp cloth or under running water (just be careful not to get any water into the charging ports, buttons, and battery compartments). Meanwhile, toys that are waterproof can be submerged in water.
Once you’re done washing your anal beads, dry them up and store them in a box or a velvet or satin pouch to keep them safe from dust, dirt, hair, scratches, and anything that may harm your toy’s quality. The better you take care of your toys, the longer they will stay to serve your pleasures.