Four parts teach you how to use anal beads correctly

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 ​​In sexual life, many people have the habit of using sex toys, but while using sex toys brings pleasure, it often brings a lot of risks. If sex toys are used improperly, they may harm our bodies and bring more negative effects to our sex life.

As we all know, among sex toys, anal beads are a relatively popular sex toy. This kind of toy brings pleasure and stimulation during sex. Because of this, anal beads also have a greater trend if they are used improperly.

 What are anal beads

While it's not often used as a primary means of stimulation, anal beads provide a pleasing enhancement to "traditional" sex or masturbation. They consist of 3 to 10 smooth beads that hang from a string or flexible rod and are designed to stimulate sensitive nerve endings around the anus. In particular they enhance and repeat strong penetrations (as opposed to connecting plugs, which stimulate butt in the form of stretched plumps).

The material of the anal beads is silicone, although glass, rubber, and plastic are commonly used (sometimes weighed to enhance the feel - more on this later). They are connected by ropes or arranged on a flexible shaft. Depending on the style, beads can be uniform or categorized in size, from round to oval to tapered.

Practical Considerations Before Launching

Safety is always the most important. Although there are many anal beads, inspect all beads before each use. Rough edges should be smoothed with a diamond sanding plate. It is a good way to check the beads before use. If you find any defects, discard them.

A high-quality water-based lubricant is an absolute must. For a rectum that is not naturally lubricated, special lubricants inside the anus are thicker and safer. Proper lube helps prevent damage to delicate internal tissues and enhances the quality of your experience. Some even have a numbing effect to make the first anal easier.

Cleaning is very important, so when choosing anal beads, avoid using nylon ropes that cannot be properly sterilized. Silicone coatings or sticks are more design-inspired because they are less allergenic, smooth and easy to clean. A simple scrubbing with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner will keep them hygienic. Dry and keep away from vaginal toys.

Each bead should have a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle to prevent it from "losing". The wide T-handle and loop are practical and safe.

  • Step 1: Clean, Relax

Take a hot bath to completely relax, relax any tense muscles, and become very clean. Rinsing ensures extra cleanliness and avoids unexpected messes.

  • Step 2: Cheer yourself up

Get the real thrill first. Indulge in pornography or self-deprecating, depending on your preferences. By making sure you get fired, you'll have a better experience.

  • Step 3: Smooth

Apply lube on your fingers and around your anus. Run your fingers around a few times until it feels naturally loose. Take it slow - patience and care will pay off. After relaxing, apply more lubricant both inside and outside of your anus. Step 4: Preparing the Beads

Apply lubricant to the beads. Start with the smallest and gently rub around the anus and the anus. Slightly down, carefully insert the first bead. It should be slow, intense, and enjoyable. Slowly, insert as many beads as you can - you don't have to take the whole bead. Listen to your body and respond appropriately.

  • Step 4: Build and Release

When paired with anal beads, the extra stimulation is great. Dildos, vibrators or hands are great. As you approach orgasm, slowly pull the bead out. This can be done before, during or after orgasm. Different people like different feelings, so try to see what you like. Don't jerk - you don't mean to start the mower! Also, pull directly on the beads.

 If you have mastered the correct use of the above anal beads, I believe that the anal beads not only bring you satisfaction and pleasure in your sex life, but also ensure the health of your sex life. It is more and more important to pay attention to the correct use of anal beads.


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