Top 10 Most Popular Anal Toys in 2022

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Have you ever played with anal toys? Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of anal toy? Certain topics in certain fields are taboo, and anal is a very sexy topic. Anal sex requires a lot of experience to do it right. Below is our breakdown and summary of anal toys. Can help you quickly learn about anal toys and how to use them!

1. Anal vibrator

Anal vibrators look like your standard dock, dildo, or anal beads, but they vibrate. The added vibration enhances the stimulation and allows you to have an extraordinary orgasm.

2. Anal dildo

Anal dildo is different from vaginal dildo. The differences are subtle, but they are very different:

Anal dummies have a flared base so they don't get sucked in (oops!).

They usually bend over for a better P-spot stimulation experience.

And they're usually slimmer than vaginal dildos, so they can be inserted more smoothly.

3. Butt plug

Butt plugs are like their name - they plug your butt. They have a flared bottom to keep them from going too far into your anus, and a tapered top to make insertion easier.

Most people use them to expand their anus in preparation for anal sex. But there are other ways to incorporate a butt plug into your sex life:

Men can use butt plugs to stimulate their prostates.

Women can also use a butt plug for vaginal insertion.

Husbands and wives also use them to increase the pleasure of penetrative sex.

Because of its simplicity and economy, the butt plug is also the best anal toy for beginners.

Types of butt plugs

Silicone Double Pack: Silicone anal toys are famous for their soft velvet material. Another advantage is that silicone is a non-perforated material, the best material for anal toys. They are easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria. You can find my best butt plug products here.

Glass butt plugs: Glass plugs are pleasing to the eye and have a smoother surface than other plugs, meaning you'll have a smoother insertion and a stronger grip. This glass is also non-perforated and safe for the human body. Who says you can't get dirty if you keep it clean?

Metal Butt: Metal anal sex toys are known for two things: their weight and their ability to regulate temperature, making them a great tool for anal penetration. Just submerge them in cold or lukewarm water and get to work! Click here to review the best metal butt plug models.

Animal Tail: If you want to pervert your partner, the tail is your choice. The tail hanging on the butt will show your original sexy, which is a great tool for playing BDSM. Please check this article for the best tailgate products.

Princess Butt Plug: There are gems at the end of the Princess Butt Plug. It functions like a plug, but looks prettier. You can find my comprehensive review of the best princess plug models in this post.

4. Inflatable Anal Toys

Inflatable anal toys are similar to normal anal sex toys. The difference is that they have a pump. You can use it to inflate them and make them bigger.

These anal sex toys are very popular in the BDSM community and they are also the best anal training toys for boxing prep. Note that they are only for experienced people and you should use them sparingly.

5. Anal probe

The probe is a relatively slender vibrator. However, they are usually longer than regular dildos to reach the prostate or g-spot.

Today, you can find anything from tiny fingers for beginners to giant fingers for experienced users.

6. Prostate massage device

If you have a prostate, you should try prostate massage at least once. Most of them are dedicated to making sure the goals are achieved correctly. They are easy and fun to use. In addition, of course, it will give you a dream orgasm of the prostate.

These anal sexes come in different types and lengths. While it may take a while to figure out which one is right for you, prostate massage is the best anal toy for men.

7. Anal beads

The anal bead is almost a bead on a long rope with a plug at the end, which is easier to insert and remove. The beads are round and usually tapered, which means that the size increases as you walk down the string.

Unlike butt stuffiness that stays in your butt, anal beads provide anal stimulation by simulating anal sex in and out. The beads stimulate the nerve endings in your anal sphincter as you move and move them.

You can read my review of the best anal beads in this guide.

8. Double penetration

A double penetration anal toy provides double the fun and it doesn't disappoint. Whether alone or with a partner, they are one of the best anal sex toys if you want to experience a mixed orgasm.

Today you can find a wide variety of DP anal toys on the market. Some are straps with anal and clitoris. This combination of different sensations—both internal and external stimulation—is the secret to an intense orgasm.

9. Anal stretcher

Let's face it, anal sex can often be a little scary, especially for newbies. Even experienced people may occasionally be startled.

But this is where an anal stretcher can help.

Anal stretchers are the best toys for stretching your anus, allowing you to insert more oversized anal toys and even try anal fisting.

10. Anal hook

As the best anal slave training toy, anal hookup is very popular in the BDSM community.

The design is simple. It's just a metal hook with a loop at one end and a ball at the other. You insert the shorter end into the sub's anus, and you can use the hooked end against the foreign object. The idea is that your slave will be completely still.

Anal toys can generally be divided into the above ten types. In fact, more and more anal toys are emerging in the sex toys market. The difference is too big, and it can basically be summarized into the 10 styles of the previous article. Each style has its own method of use and cleaning. We need to have a clear understanding before using it to ensure that when using it, you can enjoy sex while using it. Orgasms are a better way to keep us safe!