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Alger - 8 Inch Big Black Suction Cup Thrusting Vibration Dildo

Alger - 8 Inch Big Black Suction Cup Thrusting Vibration Dildo

8 Inch Big Black Suction Cup Thrusting Vibration Dildo Imagine the best-endowed penis armed with the most dynamic motor. Alger is a true masterpiece, and it’s here to give you...
Oakley - 8-inch Vibration Rotation Thrusting Realistic Dildo

Oakley - 8-inch Vibration Rotation Thrusting Realistic Dildo

8-inch Vibration Rotation Thrusting Realistic Dildo Bigger is always better! This 3-in-1 realistic, suction cup dildo was born to fulfill your fascination with big dick. It measures 8 inches to...
Sappho – Double-Ended 12-inch Vibrating Dildo

Sappho – Double-Ended 12-inch Vibrating Dildo

Sappho – Double-Sided Vibrating Dildo Sappho is a double-ended vibrating dildo with a total length of 12-inch, and 9 vibration patterns to satisfy different needs of stimulation, which provide more...
Dai - 5.2-inch Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

Dai - 5.2-inch Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

5.2-Inch Realistic Suction Cup Dildo The superior class of realistic suction cup dildos is housed to fulfill naughty horny bits’ sexual fantasies, which surprise you with not only visual expression...
Alexander - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.7 Inch

Alexander - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 6.7 Inch

This dizzy design that's the perfect shape to stimulate your G spot or P spot!Every shaft and every head is carefully handwork with exquisite detail to give you the most...

Are you getting bored with thin dildos because you can’t feel anything with them anymore? Then maybe you need to switch up to a thicker dildo.

But you must be warned! If you are a beginner at shopping dildos, then stay away from these beasts for now. Thick dildos are large. Huge, in fact. It won’t go gently on you and will fill you with its girth. You have to prepare yourself in order to take it all in!

  1. What is a Thick Dildo?

As the name implies, thick dildos are those dildos that have a thicker girth than regular dildos. Most regular dildos have a width of about 1.5”, while thick dildos measure from 2” and up. Thick dildos are created for people who crave extra fullness in their holes. So if you’re a newbie to dildos, this may be a little overwhelming. We suggest going for regular dildos first and leaving the thick dildos to the veterans.

  1. Thick Dildos Vs. Other Dildos

Thick dildos are, as the name implies, thicker and larger than regular dildos. These thick dildos are made to really stretch your vaginal and rectal muscles more than regular dildos. So if you want to challenge yourself with a bigger and better dildo, don’t forget to take a deep breath before you put it in!

Generally, the rule of thumb is the longer the dildo, the wider (and girthier) it is, but this is not always the case. There are dildos that are short and thick, and dildos that are very long and skinny. So if you’re shopping for dildos and looking for girth, do not solely rely on the dildo length. Always check the product description to make sure you are getting what you’re looking for.

  1. How to Use a Thick Dildo?

Lubes. Lubes. Lots of lubes. Especially if you’re a first-time user of thick dildos. Since it will stretch your vaginal and/or rectal muscles further than regular-sized dildos, it may also be a little uncomfortable when you thrust it in and out for the first time. So when using thick dildos, grabbing a bottle of lubes should be the first thing that you think about. Not only that lubes save you from discomfort due to friction, but they will also make your joyful experience smoother.

  1. Best-Selling Thick Dildos

For thick dildos, Heyman - Fantasy Dildo Monster Dong 8 Inch is the favorite of our customers. Not only that it is 8-inch long, but it is also 2.36 inches wide! Plus, it’s perfect for role plays and quenching your out-of-this-world fantasies. It is made of liquid silicone and has high-class colors, with an earth and fire tie-dye style design. So if you’re looking for something thick and bold and quirky, Heyman is a good choice.

  1. How to clean Thick Dildos?

Thick dildos can be cleaned just like any other sex toys –  by using water and mild soap. Don’t forget to also put it in a box or satin pouch for added protection from dust, fur, hair, or scratches. But also note that some sex toys may have specific instructions for cleaning them, so for full instructions on the care and maintenance of your sex toys, please check the user’s manual.