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Sophia Avant Lesbian Pride Dildo 7 Inch

Sophia Avant Lesbian Pride Dildo 7 Inch

Adding color to life is something that every girl who is full of enthusiasm happy to do. When the brilliant color meets the dildo, does the orgasm become gorgeous? Of...
Virgil - Remote Control Wiggling Vibrating Dildo 5.5 Inch

Virgil - Remote Control Wiggling Vibrating Dildo 5.5 Inch

Combine super powerful vibration and Swing, this dreamy starry sky-look dildo offers dazzling enjoyments to you near or far. Wraped by ultra soft and life like liquid silicone, the tough...
Are looking for a dildo that has bolder and wilder colors to match up with your bold, wild sex life? Then pride dildos are the one!

Pride dildos usually have vibrant colors of the LGBTQIA+ pride flag. Whether that is the rainbow flag or any other flag of different genders and sexualities, pride dildos will stand proud for you. So if you’re a member and you want a dildo that screams gay, then pride dildos all the way!

  1. What is a Pride Dildo?
Pride dildos are dildos with vibrant colors of the different pride flags. Whether you are looking for a dildo that has the colors of the rainbow flag or any other sexualities, pride dildos are perfectly made for you! It can also be the perfect gift for yourself or for your friends during Pride Month.

Nothing screams prouder than the bold colors of the pride dildo!

  1. Pride Dildos Vs. Other Dildos
You can never confuse pride dildos with other dildos because their colors are pretty loud. While other dildos only come in neutral or classic colors, pride dildos are here to make your sex journey more colorful. Pride dildos are made to represent the LGBTQIA+ community, but you can also get a pride dildo if you want something extra bold.

If you’re not into skin tone colors of dildos or the usual pink, purple, or black colors of a sex toy, consider getting a pride dildo for a change.

  1. How to Use a Pride Dildo?
Pride dildos can be used just like any other dildo. Get it into your vagina or your anus and enjoy a colorful ride to your heavenly orgasms! Just remember to put on some lubes to avoid discomfort, and be careful not to put it anywhere near the vagina if you have already used it for the anus. You don’t want to get yourself or your partner with some infections.

Also, don’t forget to use lubes! It will save you from a lot of pain and discomfort that may ruin your fantasies.

  1. Best-Selling Pride Dildos
Nothing makes our lesbian customers prouder than this Sophia Avant Lesbian Pride Dildo 7 Inch! Sophia Avant is a 7-inch dildo with a firm but flexible shaft that offers incredible stimulation. It also has a realistic skin texture for a lifelike feeling, plus it has a strong suction cup base for hands-free fun! It is also harness-compatible, so you can turn it into a strap-on dildo and use it on your partner who likes to bottom (or your partner can use it on you if you like to bottom!)

Oh, and there’s more! It also has brilliant colors of pink and blue for visual enjoyment. Sophia Avant screams gay while you scream “O”!

  1. How to clean Pride Dildos?
Cleaning pride dildos is just like cleaning any other dildo. You can use water and mild soap on it and store it safely in a box or satin pouch. If it is waterproof, then you can run it under a faucet or submerge it in water. You don’t have to worry about the colors coming off because it is perfectly body safe!

For full instructions on the care and maintenance of your sex toys, please check the user’s manual.