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Black Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Black Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This adorable fluffy tail will turn you into a sensual and playful bunny! Weighted for comfort and a feeling of fullness, this bunny tail butt plug is smooth, tapered, and...
White Bunny Tail Butt Plug

White Bunny Tail Butt Plug

This adorable fluffy tail will turn you into a sensual and playful bunny! Weighted for comfort and a feeling of fullness, this bunny tail butt plug is smooth, tapered, and...

Metal Plugs

Innocuous as it may sound, metal plugs as a sex toy offer a devilishly delightful way to um…plug your butt. Metal plugs can serve as a fashion accessory or a sex toy you can use for aesthetic purposes.

Short of dressing up as a naughty bunny in the bedroom, sex toy metal plugs are small accessories for covering the anal hole. In fact, you can combine it with the aforementioned costume and complete your look seamlessly. We recommend Juntame metal plugs because they’re made especially for this purpose. These sex toy/ fashion accessories also have a wide end so they won’t accidentally go inside at inopportune times.

If part of your getup stream or bedroom play is having sex toys, then you’ll surely fit in a metal plug seamlessly. Of course, these go away when you want to have some anal action through an anal dildo or a vibrator, but you get bonus points when you keep them inside while having penetrative sex with a partner or a realistic dildo. It’s best to keep them around as part of your sex toy collection- who knows when you’ll end up needing one?

What Metal Plugs Are and What They Are For

A metal plug in the adult industry is a short yet thick accessory for putting in the butt. They’re usually shaped like a club suit in a deck of cards with a flat and wide base at the end. The shape serves a purpose aesthetically and for the wearer. For starters, the wide base end ensures that the small sex toy won’t go inside and require a trip to a hospital emergency room. As for the pleasure aspect, a metal plug is shaped like the head of a penis so you can feel it filling your inside.

So, imagine a permanent penis inside your bum and you’ll have an idea of what a metal plug does in the bedroom. Metal can feel really nice as they don’t shrink- you’ll feel them as long as they’re inside your anal hole. Some of the things you can do with a metal plug include warming it up a bit or cooling the accessory for a surprise sensation. Lube also goes really well with metal as it will make the surface slicker.

Ways You Can Use a Metal Plug for Sex

Metal plugs for sex are more than just for show (although they’re kind of classy in their own way). You can use them in many ways, including the following:

Double Penetration

Double penetration is a sex position where the receiver gets penetrated in both the vaginal and anal holes. There may be reservations about anal sex, and this is where the plug can be useful. Simply put the metal plug in first, then you can resume normal sex and foreplay. The metal plug fills the anus nicely and touches on all those sensitive nerve endings. Make sure to wash the sex toy before and after to prevent unwanted infections.

In a Fantasy Scenario

Fancy feeling like a fox or a Playboy bunny? A metal plug with a bunny end can complete the setup nicely. It’s a cost-effective way of dressing up, and as a bonus, there won’t be anything in the way when you decide to do the down-and-dirty (you know, penetration) as compared to a fox costume. This is just one example of using a metal plug in a roleplay scenario- feel free to cook up your own!

Hot or Cold?

Metal is a great conductor- it can be warm and feel like a human’s penis, or cold for that nice shock to the system. This type of play depends on the wearer’s preference or the game you want to play. To prepare, you can have a nice bowl of warm water or several ice cubes in the bedroom, then experiment what feels best.

With Other Juntame Sex Toys

The fun doesn’t end with a single metal plug for anal penetration- you can combine this low-profile sex toy with other quality Juntame products for a full-on sexual awakening experience.

Anything that can stimulate the clitoris and g-spot is fair game at this point, which means you can add a vibrator, a clit tickler, or a g-spot device to add to the mix. Even a realistic dildo or a thruster will blend in well with your play session. Whether you’re planning a BDSM, solo, and couple’s play scenario, make sure to add a metal plug or two to round it off.

The Juntame Metal Plug Collection

Juntame metal plugs are rated safe and effective when it comes to anal play. Our products are made from high-quality materials and are safe for the skin. We curate our products with our customers in mind. Discover a whole new world with Juntame and our metal plug collection today!