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Julian - 5.4-inch Rainbow Jelly Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

Julian - 5.4-inch Rainbow Jelly Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

Rainbow Jelly 5.4-inch Realistic Suction Cup Dildo A new addition to your dildo collection with a unique, fantasy-inspired touch. Experience a colorful and whimsical thrill with a transparent jelly dildo...
Ezra - Black Dildo with Suction Cup 7 Inch

Ezra - Black Dildo with Suction Cup 7 Inch

Size queens, rejoice! The 9 Inch suction cup black dildo comes equipped with an impressive suction cup base for a variety of purposes, including hands-free masturbation when stuck to a...
Pride - Rainbow Silicone Suction Cup Dildo Strap-On Harness Kit

Pride - Rainbow Silicone Suction Cup Dildo Strap-On Harness Kit

Rainbow Strap-On and Dildo Set Get everything you need to fulfill your wildest strap-on and pegging fantasies, in one amazing set! This eye-catching rainbow kit comes with a fully adjustable...
If you’re a first-time shopper of dildos and are more concerned about the price, jelly dildos are the way to go! Jelly dildos are much cheaper than other dildos because the material used is also cheaper. It is smooth and flexible and has a soft cover to offer incredible stimulation. It also comes in different fun shapes and colors!

  1. What is a Jelly Dildo?
Jelly dildos are sex toys made of jelly rubber. They are intricately detailed to imitate a real penis, from a circumcised penis head to bulging veins on the shaft. Jelly dildos also come in different shapes and colors that you can choose to add spice in your sexual fantasies!

  1. Jelly Dildos Vs. Other Dildos
Jelly dildos are different from most dildos. While a lot of dildos are made of silicone to imitate the lifelike feel, jelly dildos are made of jelly rubber. Because jelly rubber is relatively cheaper than other materials, jelly dildos are much more affordable than other dildos made of silicone, metal, glass, crystals, etc. That is why it is perfect for first-time buyers of dildos or those who are on the tight budget but would like fo find a way to add twists in their sex lives.

  1. How to Use a Jelly Dildo?
Using jelly dildos are much more particular that using other dildos. Jelly dildos can be sticky, so using condoms can make it more comfortable (plus if you’re sharing toys with your sex partners, the condoms is really a must). Also, use water-based or silicone lubricants for jelly dildos. Avoid using oil-based lubes because it can break down the jelly.

After all that, you can go ahead and use your jelly dildos the way you want to. Use it for solo or mutual masturbation or even couple play – be creative and enjoy!

  1. Best-Selling Jelly Dildos
If you’re looking for a cheap dildo that meets your expectations, our Mx. Smith - Textured Jelly Suction Cup Dildo 8 Inch will never disappoint! Aside from its huge size (it’s 8 inches!), Mx. Smith is loved by many for its realistic textures and its firm but flexible shaft. It also has a strong suction cup on its base and is harness compatible! You can never go wrong with this big bad boy.

  1. How to clean Jelly Dildos?
Cleaning jelly dildos is pretty easy. Since it is recommended to use a condom with a jelly dildo, you can go ahead and spray or wipe it down with a disinfectant or toy cleaner before and after use.

When not in use, it is best to put your jelly dildos in a box or pouch. Since jelly dildos are kind of sticky, it is prone to pick up dirt, hair, fur, and anything that could stick with it. So store your jelly dildos properly to keep their condition mint.