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Fenix - Automatic Blowjob Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage

Fenix - Automatic Blowjob Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage

Male Masturbator with Testicle Massage Fenix is our newest and most unique male masturbating toy made to take your sessions to the next orgasm-inducing level. Added with an extended exterior...
Paul - 3 Modes Of  Vibration  AB Masturbator Cup

Paul - 3 Modes Of Vibration AB Masturbator Cup

It looks like a flashlight and is very handsome, which helps you avoid the embarrassment of privacy leaks to a large extent. AB cup is specially designed for male-Double hole...
Tony - Mini Males Masturbator

Tony - Mini Males Masturbator

Have you ever seen a masturbation egg-like ice cream? This is a male masturbation egg, you can put it in your pocket, carry it with you, and use it whenever...
Pocket Pussy

Cora - Super Deep Throat Blowjob Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy Cora is a horny, thirsty, blowjob stroker who desperately wants to suck you off till the last drop. With its realistic, slightly opened mouth, it replicates real oral...
Lin - Breast Pussy  Sex Doll Male Masturbator

Lin - Breast Pussy Sex Doll Male Masturbator

Lin is based on a woman with a perfect body, full breasts, mature cherry-like nipples, no clothes, you can close your eyes and imagined, it likes a real girl lying...
Ultra Slutty Double-Hole Pocket Pussy

Ultra Slutty Double-Hole Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy Hole Queen is unlike other masturbators with mouth or vaginal openings. She is a life-like masturbator with an incredible tightness, vivid design, and, best of all, she has...
Holly - Realistic Vagina and Ass Male Stroker

Holly - Realistic Vagina and Ass Male Stroker

Pocket Male Stroker  Holly is a pocket male stroker that combines vaginal and anal penetration in one amazing package! It’s designed for every horny craving, giving you the orgasmic experience...
Zenith - Graduated Anal Beads

Zenith - Graduated Anal Beads

Graduating Anal Beads With Pleasure Nubs With a progressive small-to-large bead pattern, these anal beads are user-friendly for both beginners and experienced players. The set consists of six beads, starting...
The Anal Trio Bundle, Premium Prostate Massager w/ Remote + Anal Beads + 2 oz Lube, Portable & Waterproof

The Anal Trio Bundle, Premium Prostate Massager w/ Remote + Anal Beads + 2 oz Lube, Portable & Waterproof

UPC: 686911824180 Juntame's "Anal Trio Set" is one of the greatest bundles on the planet. Composed of a remote controlled prostate massager, luxurious anal beads, and an organic water based lube....
Magic - Egg Masterbator

Magic - Egg Masterbator

Made of environmentally friendly soft medical grade silicone with super smooth texture. Flexible and representational orifice that has dozens of tiny bumps throughout the sleeve for extra sensations. Be sure...
Grandeur - Waterproof Bullet Penis Vibrator

Grandeur - Waterproof Bullet Penis Vibrator

Versatile multi functional, Grandeur! The Grandeur's range of abilities include stimulating the clitoris or penis with an open c-shaped silicone tips. Vibrators are for every body and every anatomy, but...
Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

Defy - Vibrating Silicone Anal Beads

Discover the joys of anal play - one bead at a time with added vibrations for even more intense orgasms. Like traditional anal beads, the tip of this toy starts...
Ripple - Vibrating Anal Bead Plug

Ripple - Vibrating Anal Bead Plug

Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads Butt Plug Refresh your anal play with the Ripple - all the fun of anal beads with added vibrations for even more intense orgasms. With...
Roxy - Licking Sex Toy & Vibrating Dual Penis Ring

Roxy - Licking Sex Toy & Vibrating Dual Penis Ring

Licking Sex Toy & Vibrating Dual Penis Ring Spice up your normal sex routine with a couple's sex toy that provides mutual satisfaction. No more selfishness or self-centeredness - give...
Ark - Vibrating Penis Stroker

Ark - Vibrating Penis Stroker

Exercise the penis, enjoy fantastic pleasure while reducing the sensitivity of silicone, and prolonging the erection time with Ark vibrating penis stroker.This wing shape is made of medical silky silicone,...
Ubohi - Mini Stroker

Ubohi - Mini Stroker

Small size portable masturbator is super tight with 2 different blowholes, provides you extraordinary orgasm! Horizontal raised textures uniformly distributed increasing friction. Under the bottom, it leaves a position perfectly...
Hi Fun - Remote Controlled Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples

Hi Fun - Remote Controlled Vibrating Penis Ring for Couples

Get an extra-hard erection that goes the extra mile or feel shivers of pleasure through the clit. The thrills keep coming until, simultaneously, you both have the kind of orgasm...
Seth-Realistic Sex Doll Male Masturbator

Seth-Realistic Sex Doll Male Masturbator

It requires some visual impact to complete better masturbation, this realistic sex doll made from silicone. Seth has plump buttocks that feel like a real girl's body, Soft and comfortable. This...
Snoots - Black Silicone Cock Balls Ring

Snoots - Black Silicone Cock Balls Ring

Stretchy Cock and Balls Ring Holds You Tight Experience unique pleasure with the two-in-one design of SNOOTS' penis ring. It securely holds your shaft and cradles your testicles, enhancing your...
Hover - Vibrating Glans Penis Training Male Masturbator

Hover - Vibrating Glans Penis Training Male Masturbator

A Game-Changer: 2-in-1 Vibrating Penis Stimulator Get ready to awaken your every nerve ending with Hover, a toy designed to thill and satisfy. Featuring a sturdy sleeve, a winged ball...
Black Fox - Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeves 

Black Fox - Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeves 

$56.99 – $60.99
Vibrating Girth Enhancer Penis Sleeve & Clit Stimulator Featuring a full textured sleeve and a clit attachment, this vibrating penis enhancer makes your erections harder and enhances your erotic moments....

The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys: Explore Every Type of Toy

Sex toys are definitely one of the best ways to liven things up in the bedroom. Think of them as an extra pair of hands (or cock, pussy, or tongue..you get what we mean) sans the hassle of finding a third wheel to play with you or your partner.

At Juntame, you’re sure to find a sex toy that provides heightened orgasms, spine-chilling pleasure, and more importantly, great value for money. But what if it’s your first time trying a sex toy and you don’t know what to choose?

Well, fear not because you’ll experience a true sexual awakening with our definitive guide to sex toys. Here, you can read and explore each popular item and how they’re used to give you or your partner that special tingle.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are largely an unexplored niche in the realm of adult products, mostly because people think of their anuses as only for pooping. However, once you get past that preconceived notion you’ll find that anal play can actually be enjoyable!

An anal toy is a device that can cover or penetrate the rear to provide sexual pleasure. Depending on what you want, the toy can get in deep, vibrate, or give you a feeling of fullness while you do other things. As a side note, anal play requires that you and your partner clean up a bit so there won’t be any icky accidents along the way.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are exactly as they sound- toys that fill up the anus with the idea that they’re stationarily penetrated.

As for the shape, butt plugs come in all kinds, from long and beady bodies to cute little numbers with sparkly gems at the end. If you’re feeling foxy, then there’s a butt plug with a furry tail you can purchase.

Butt plugs are more than just for show- they can provide pleasure via vibrations or thrusting mechanisms. These usually come with a remote control and several intensity options. Our top butt plugs in this department are Habiki and Dakota, both of which are great for solo or partner play!

Don’t worry about our butt plugs going inside your anus, as our toys have a tapered and wide base that keeps them in place. After sex, you can wash it using gentle soap and warm water and leave it to dry.

Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are similar to butt plugs, except they have a more singular function. These toys are made to penetrate your butt, reach the pleasure spots, and keep it going with earth-shaking vibrations!

Guys who are open to anal play can benefit from prostate massagers, which is a form of anal vibrator with a contoured head. These sex toys are designed to stimulate the p-spot or the perineal area. Perineum orgasm can be achieved easily this way. Akira is a master at this, as is Demon.

Ladies can get in on the anal action with popular anal vibrators such as Earle Plus. Like butt plugs, anal vibrators will have tapered ends to prevent the device from accidentally slipping in whole. Operating an anal vibrator is easy enough, but make sure to charge it to 100% before going to town. You wouldn’t want your toy running out of steam in the middle of a session!

Anal Beads

Anal beads are quite unusual, as they have ‘beads’, or round balls running down the length of the device. Plus, they aren’t as thick compared to normal-sized dildos so you can really feel the stimulation the balls bring. Some can pass as tabletop decor due to their contemporary shape. If you’re feeling a bit bold, place your anal beads where the toy can be seen and wait for people to comment on them.

The nice thing about an anal bead is that it can touch multiple nerve endings in the butt, making you feel like you’re on fire (sexually speaking, of course). You may not know this, but anal beads are made for continuous re-entry into your nether regions. Pull the beads out slowly and feel the waves of pleasure, then reinsert them to get the same sensation.

Still not sure about whether you’ll like anal beads or not? Then Bullet Vibrator with Attachment will work well for you. This toy can suck your clit, enter your ass, or penetrate. More utility equals more fun in the bedroom!

Tail Plugs

We’ve covered tail plugs in the butt plug section in passing. However, there’s one distinction of a tail plug that separates itself from that category. It’s the perfect addition to an animal kink or if you’re shy about showing your naked butt to your partner.

At the literal tail end of a butt plug are fluffy and furry adornments. Fancy a long bushy tail as you sashay to the bed? Or maybe you’d want your partner or viewers to ooh and aah at your beautifully adorned ass. You can turn your butthole into a black or white bunny tail that will surely capture their attention.


When one hears the words ‘sex toy’ in any conversation, one’ll usually think of dildos and their innumerable offshoots. It’s a testament to the popularity of dildos and how they’re so prevalent across the globe.

To the uninitiated, a dildo is a semi-flexible sex toy that’s in the shape of a penis. It’s usually long, has a good-sized thickness, and is perfect for penetration. The more adventurous individuals will find a way to use a dildo to stimulate other erogenous zones, such as their nipples or thighs to reach a more satisfying climax. Since you own it, it’s really up to you how you’d like to finish!

As a word of advice, we’d recommend having plenty of lube on hand when you’re using a dildo. Aside from reducing friction burn, lube literally makes the sexperience smoother so you’d have an enjoyable time.

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are for those who want to feel every fold, bulge, and protrusion of a real cock. There’s just something so visceral about the experience that makes it lifelike, hence the categorization ‘realistic’. Some people say that it’s quite like having sex with a real person, except you’re in command of every thrust and depth.

So the question is, who doesn’t want to get laid or realize their wildest fantasies? Realistic dildos can make this happen, along with other sex toys to cater to your particular niche. At Juntame, our mission is to provide high-quality dildos with innovative features so you can have a fulfilling sex life.

With realistic dildos, you can go big and black, like our bestseller Alger, or multi-purpose, like Justin, which has a pair of balls and a clit licker for extra tingly points on the clitoris. Vibrating realistic dildos are also on hand if you want those, but make sure to ease in before you put the whole thing inside you.

Thrusting Dildos

Thrusting dildos take realism to a whole new level, allowing individuals to take it up the vagina or ass without putting in the effort. Some come with a suction cup so you can position it anywhere, even on glass walls and tiles in your bathroom or shower.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, and come- it’s as simple as that. Make the dildo hit the right spot and it will surely become your favorite sex toy. Bend, lean forward, or ride the device like a cowgirl- anything is possible with a bit of imagination.

When shopping for the best thrusting dildo, make sure to read up on the features and determine which ones you like. Do you want it big and hungry, or are you looking for a reliable toy that can get you off with extra stimulation on the clit or g-spot? Adam, with its ten vibrating and thrusting modes and built-in suction cup, is a great choice for beginners and experienced dildo users.

Strap On Dildos

Strap-ons are usually associated with pegging, but are okay to use in other scenarios. These sex toys come in two variants- one with a harness and the other is a complete product for easier access. With a strap-on, you ‘wear’ them by fitting them through your waist or hips, and voila! You now have an artificial dick for penetration.

Using a strap-on is easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to get started. Once the harness is on, attach the dildo and go for a ride. The golden rule of penetration is that you shouldn’t insert the dildo into a vagina once it’s gone into an anus.

Joji is a realistic strap-on dildo that should ease you and your partner into kinky sex. The 3-point harness is a cinch to wear and remove, and it’s waterproof for those wet and wild sessions.

Suction Cup Dildos

Suction cup dildos offer a hands-free sexperience in moments where you absolutely want to be drilled from behind. That, or you can put the dildo on the floor and ride the heck out of it!

The most basic form of a suction dildo is a regular dildo with a suction mechanism at the base. To make sure the toy sticks, press with considerable force on a smooth and flat surface. Also, the dildo has to be accessible since you wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable getting it into your ass or vagina and trying to reach the thing.

Suction cup dildos are pretty straightforward- use them as you would a regular dildo and there will be no harm done. The type of suction cup dildo for you depends on your preference or fantasy. For a truly out-of-this-world experience, try Alexander, Melonworm, or Masaki- they’re designed to fulfill your hentai thirst with some truly unique features!


Vibrators are more of a sub-niche since most sex toys nowadays have a vibrating function. For this category, we’ll be focusing on women’s vibrators and their different types.

A woman’s vagina is a complex organ filled with lots of pleasure areas, including the clitoris and the g-spot. Vibrators are an embarrassment of riches that cater to every need- do you want something that’s easily hidden, or a complete vibrator that has all the bells and whistles to make you moan louder than usual?

One more thing- a vibrator doesn’t have to have the full size of a dildo since it will mostly concentrate on the outer vaginal layers. The right size is the one that can fit if you want some penetrative action.

G-Spot Vibrators

Does your wild side get activated whenever your g-spot is stimulated? Then you’ll definitely want a g-spot vibrator. These devices are designed to reach and constantly touch your g-spot so you can reach absolute climax.

G-spot vibrators can be single- or multi-pronged, with curved protrusions to easily reach that sweet spot. Some will have a vibrating mechanism, while others move to a ‘come hither’ motion, just like you’d get when having sex with a skilled partner. A g-spot vibrator can also act as a third wheel in foreplay or penetration.

If you’re sold on the idea of using a g-spot vibrator, then try Lilian, with its delicious rotating head and vibrating tongue. Or, go all out and choose Paula for some remote-controlled g-spot fun!

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators may sound cute but they serve to accomplish your every sexual desire. In basic terms, a rabbit vibrator is a dildo-like device with bunny ears, or two smaller protrusions that can stimulate the clit.

A rabbit vibrator can do two things- stimulate the clitoris and g-spot and often simultaneously. Use the device and you’ll find that your pleasurable spots get constant attention. It’s like the g-spot vibrator because it focuses on the external parts of the vagina for orgasm.

When vanilla sex isn’t enough to bring you home, then a rabbit vibrator should do the trick. For some quality solo play, why not try Salty Bunny? It has a good-sized dildo built in, and a clit and g-spot stimulator in one mind-blowing device.

Tongue Vibrators

Are you a sucker for oral sex? The heavenly feeling when someone goes down on you and licks all the right spots is a surefire way to cum. When a cunnilingus master is nowhere in sight, you can settle for the next best thing with a tongue vibrator.

Tongue vibrators are smaller vibrators with a curiously-shaped ‘tongue’ or protrusion. Activate the sex toy and bring it close to get the party started! At Juntame, our tongue vibrators can suck, blow, or lick in different vibration modes. You can explore and put the vibrator against your sensitive areas, such as your nipple or anus for extra stimulation.

Oral sex finders can try Horny Rose, a palm-shaped tongue vibrator with a discreet clit-licking action.

Clitoral Suction

Not all sex toys are made for penetration or being penetrated. Case in point- the clitoral suction toy seeks to break the mold by bringing laser-like clitoral stimulation through several modes of action. As the name suggests, it’s a toy that stimulates the clit by breathing on it or licking it. It simulates oral sex done by a real person, and does a damn good job of it.

Beginners and experienced sex toy users can get a clitoral kick with Scioness. This device can lick and suck like the best of them!

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators assume a small, bullet shape and are perfect for clandestine sexy times. They’re made to be inserted and appear invisible on the outside, but inside they’ll be working their magic and provide eye-rolling pleasure!

Though small in size, bullet vibrators pack a wallop, sexually wise. Beware when using a bullet vibrator for the first time and read the manual thoroughly. Position the toy in your sweet spot (you may need to experiment a bit if it’s your first time), then play away!


People often say that BSDM isn’t for the faint of heart. Part of the misconception lies in early forms of the practice in videos and films that promote masochism or sadism. However, the truth is that couples do have a degree of freedom on how they want to play the domination-submissive game. It can be as hardcore as you want or as light-hearted as possible, depending on what you agreed upon.

BDSM acts usually involve being tied, blindfolded, or gagged. It’s a sex toy-heavy genre, with cuffs, paddles, and whips aplenty. In fact, the more toys you have in play, the better! Even traditional sex devices such as egg vibrators, ball rings, and dildos are welcome here.

Handcuffs & Restraints

Handcuffs and restraints play a very important role in kinky sex- limiting the submissive partner’s movement and mobility. From a dom’s point of view, there’s nothing sexier than seeing their partner hog-tied, cuffed, and have their legs spread out in front of them.

At Juntame, we design our BDSM toys with safety and comfort in mind. Whether with bed restraints or bondage kits, or wrist cuffs and leashes, you can be sure that the material has been tested and has features that will come in handy in an emergency. Plus, our cuffs and straps aesthetics really play into that BDSM scene or roleplay.

Depending on the scenario, we recommend the Kinky Play Bondage Kit, which is a truly versatile bondage kit, or the Federico for that luxurious treatment and feel of genuine leather. Also, the Power Play Collar & Leash should always be in any BDSM couple’s collection.

Blindfolds & Gags

BDSM play isn’t really BDSM without the requisite blindfold and gag equipment. Take away your submissive’s sight and their other senses get more enhanced. That soft whip or light paddling will really get them going!

For this you can play an elaborate kink game with a restraint kit- we love Fabiana - Restraint Kit Genuine Leather and its all-in-one approach to the BDSM play. Just buy once and you can start your much-awaited session.

Why use a boring sleep mask when you can get the No Peeking Blindfold? You keep the BDSM theme and the fantasy in check. The elastic strap can be adjusted, and the exterior features a stylish vinyl pattern. Remember to agree on a safe word when in kink, and communicate constantly to get a feel for each other.


Lubricants for sex are literally the life of the sex toy party. Without them, play sessions are dry, uncomfortable, and end sooner than expected.

The material of the sex toy you have will dictate the kind of lube you’ll buy. As a general rule, silicone skins and condoms will do well with water-based lubes, while oil-based lubes are used for massages. Silicone lubes offer a pretty slick experience and make vaginal or anal entry so much better.

Lubes have the benefit of keeping away irritation while making sex more enjoyable. Some will have additives to prolong orgasms or produce a cooling effect. When participating in anal sex, dildo penetration, vibrators, and male strokers, having a bottle of lube on hand is essential. They’re optional in oral sex, e.g., blowjobs (use flavored water-based lube) and foreplay (sensual massage with an oil-based lubricant). Don’t start playing without it!

Penis Toys

Sex toys for men have been rising in popularity lately, and there’s no shortage of penis toys to choose from. Full-fledged sex dolls are for high-end delights, while on the other end of the spectrum are pocket pussies and portable strokers designed for a quick release of pent-up energy.

Guys can get their share of fun solo with a capable penis toy. Luckily, there are different devices that offer unique pleasures, and they cater to varying needs. As per its namesake, penis toys are things that you can penetrate or fit into your cock to simulate real sex. Whatever you need, Juntame has you covered!

Male Strokers

Male strokers are considered cutting-edge masturbators that simulate the feeling of a mouth, vagina, or ass. Picking the best male masturbator is a matter of thinking about what you want, e.g., a blowjob simulator to get the feeling of a person going down on you, or maybe an auto stroker so you can lay back, relax, and focus on homing in your fantasy scene.

Nowadays, auto masturbators offer a better sleeve or inner lining that gives you the feeling of fucking a real pussy or anus. Most of them will have a sort of texture, including ribbing, lining, and details for added pleasure. It’s not just about penetrating until you cum but more about the realism of sex in all its forms.

Then, there are features such as sucking, blowing, vibrating, and automatic stroking as an upgrade to pleasuring oneself. Your hand is now just an option, thanks to amazing auto male masturbators like Hayden and Finn!

Pocket Pussy

Pocket pussies are still viable alternatives if you’re looking to get off on a whim. Not only are they very easy to conceal and carry around, but they’re also great for solo play and if you want to be satisfied, sexually wise.

At Juntame, we elevate pocket pussies to a higher level, bringing innovative features and realism to penis toys. Penetration feels like fucking a real pussy or ass, and we do have blowjob-themed toys to help bring your fantasy to life. Cora and Vida are masters of their craft, and you do have the option to deep-throat if you want.

If realism is what you crave, then we recommend Holly - Realistic Vagina and Ass Male Stroker, which has both anal and vaginal openings you can try. Both offer a wholly unique sexperience, such that you’ll want to do her over and over again!

Penis Pump

Penis pumps are more of a training tool than a device you use for pleasure. You may have heard or read about them on medical platforms and websites as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, a penis pump can grant you every man’s wish- to have a bigger and more engorged penis for sex.

A penis pump will have specific usage instructions, and it’s best to read and understand them before you try it. Basically, you’ll have to get your penis into a semi-erect or erect state, then insert it into the pump. A vacuum mechanism locks in the hardness and traps the blood in the organ, thereby making it bigger. The tissue in your penis gets a nice tug- leave it on for the recommended amount of time every day for the best results.

That said, don’t expect to see a huge change right away. Like exercise or going to the gym, a bigger or longer penis takes time and effort. If you want your penis pump sessions to be more comfortable and pleasurable, then make sure to check out Kian, with its nine modes of suction, or Pipe, which is an automatic penis enlarger that can serve as a pocket pussy in a pinch!

Cock Rings

Last on our list of penis toys is the humble cock ring. Like the penis pump, cock rings are more of a training tool, although they can be used in the bedroom and while you’re having sex. Some of our best offerings even have extra features, like a prostate massager or a licking mechanism to tickle the clit or g-spot as you have intercourse.

Cock rings usually have silicone skin that can wrap comfortably around the base of the penis. For a more multi-purpose approach, why not get Robbie for added vibrations and double the pleasure? Or, you can have your p-spot massaged for a more explosive orgasm with Demon - Remote Control Prostate Massager & Vibrating Penis Ring.

Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys FAQs

What Kind of Sex Toys Can I Get for Beginners?

Simple and easy-to-use sex toys can ease you into that wonderful world and allow you to explore your sexuality. That said, when shopping for beginner sex toys, you will want to focus on the basics. A no-frills dildo or a male masturbator will do well in the solo play niche, while a straightforward vibrator goes great for those who want that heavenly buzz.

Where Can I Buy High Quality Sex Toys?

Buy only sex toys in reputable retailers and shops so you can get your money’s worth. You’ll have a higher chance of getting that toy that stays with you through time and delivers a fair amount of play sessions. We recommend you browse through our selections to see which works best for you.

How to Care for Sex Toys?

Taking care of your new toy ensures you get the best value out of it. Most can be cleaned using gentle soap and warm water, but you should read the manual first as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If it has electrical components inside, then a wipe using a clean cloth should suffice.

Are Sex Toys Safe to Use?

Yes, as long as you use them as they’re intended. Again, read carefully through the manual to understand what you can and can’t do with a toy, say a penis pump or a rabbit vibrator. When using a device for the first time, be deliberately slow and thorough. Once you’re comfortable, then go ahead and explore!

Why Buy Juntame Sex Toys?

Juntame sex toys are highly regarded as a brand associated with quality. We push sex toy innovation to its limits to bring unique products to the sexual wellness market. We aim for high satisfaction from our customers and constantly improve our sex toys to cater to everyone.

What is a Sex Toy?

Looking for something to spice up your bedroom? Try some sex toys!

Sex toys are objects that are used for sexual stimulation – and there are tons of sex toys that you can choose from here in Juntame! We have vibrators, we have insertable toys, and we have sex toys for penises, too.

Each sex toy comes in different shapes and sizes. Are you feeling wild and want to use a big-ass toy? Or are you feeling sneaky and want something small and more discreet? We have it all! There are a lot of choices, so you just have to choose those that best fits your sexual needs and preference.

Materials of Sex Toys

Most sex toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which makes them soft to the touch and body-safe especially when a sex toy is designed to be inserted into the vagina or rectum. Aside from silicone, there are also sex toys with hard plastics (ABS) in them, making them have a smooth texture. There are also certain kinds of sex toys, like butt plugs or anal beads that are made of metal or glass. There are also sex toys that are made of jelly, wood, or crystals.

How to Use a Sex Toy?

Sex toys are versatile! The use of sex toys depends on the type of sex toy we are talking about. For example: anal toys, from the name itself, are used to enhance pleasure around or inside the anus. Penis toys are used to stimulate the penis more to make sex or masturbation more pleasurable. 

To know more about how to use your unique sex toy, please refer to the user’s manual for full instructions.

How to Clean Sex Toys?

Cleaning your sex toys is easy. Most sex toys can be cleaned with some mild soap and water, pat them dry, and they’re good to go! Just remember to wash them before and after use, and keep them in a box or satin pouch to protect them especially if they are made of silicone, jelly, or other materials that attract dust, fur, hair, and any other things that can stick to them.

For complete instructions on caring for and storing your sex toys, please refer to the user’s manual. Some sex toys may have specific instructions on their maintenance.

Remember: if you take good care of your toys, they’ll last longer.

Explore Your Sexuality with Amazing Sex Toys Today

There you have it, a definitive guide on the sex toys you can buy today. There’s sure to be a toy you’d like- it’s just a matter of exploring what can possibly work and doing a deep dive to understand the device. Or, you can go random and be in for a pleasantly electrifying sensation you’ve been looking for all your life!