Unleash the Demon - How to Use the Tongue Demon

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Unleash the Demon - How to Use this tongue vibrator?

If I could take a guess, you must be reading this because you’re spending so much time and money exploring an underrated toy in the world of sex – tongue vibrators.

Okay, that might be a stretch because I can’t make accurate predictions.

But just in case I hit it on the nail, then we’re both in the same boat.

We’ve blazed our way through vibrators and dildos that have their rounded heads and curved ends.

We’ve also blazed our way through a variety of tongue toys that promise realistic features and even more accurate motions.

They’re all great and have their own unique appeal but all of these have one thing in common: they don’t feel real.

What do I mean by that? We may feel the shape and their movement, but we can’t feel their warmth – because there isn’t any!

That’s where the Tongue Demon comes in!

This little devil has the one thing we’re all looking for: heat.

And reading through this article will let you know just about everything it can do to pull you from heaven and straight down to hell.

What is the Tongue Demon?

Tongue Demon


This tongue-shaped vibrator is created to look and feel like a real tongue, with special emphasis on its papillae or the small, circular raised bumps scattered all over.

It’s also created with 10 vibrating patterns and a heat ranging from 100.4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit which is a little bit higher than the actual warmth of a real tongue.

It doesn’t just stop there! This is also built to be waterproof so no matter where you take your sexual excursions, rest assured it won’t break down in front of you.

All of these features elevate the experience of a tongue-licking vibrator, and you’ll be surprised to know that you can use it in a multitude of ways!

How to use this tongue vibrator?

Allow me to take you through the foundations!

Start with cleaning your toy and adding some lube! As with any other item, practicing proper hygiene is going to give you the assurance of fun without the exposure to injury or infection!

Next is you have to decide whether you want to use this tongue-like vibrator for foreplay or penetration. If you’re going for foreplay, you can have the Tongue Demon rain hellish pleasure on your clit, nipples or other parts of your body that make you feel good. Just press it firm against those areas and let it rip!

But, if you’re going for penetration, you can insert the tongue vibrator into your vagina or anus and allow it to pleasure the g-spot or the sensitive muscles surrounding your booty-hole. You can even use this to wreak havoc on your perineum too!

Lastly, and this step is optional, you can bring a partner in and have them talk dirty into your ear. The combination of physical and mental play will bring you from dripping to cumming in no time.

How does the Tongue Demon feel?

All technicalities aside, there is a reason why this is the best tongue vibrator ever.

It’s hard to find someone who is willing to go down on you. Moreso teach them the ways that make you see stars.

It gets so difficult that you start to consider the possibility of not finding a partner and taking all the responsibility for yourself.

But when you meet the Tongue Demon, it will feel like there was a real person there.

What’s better is that you don’t have to go through the effort of instructing someone on what to do. You can just turn this bad boy on and click through the different patterns and heat levels to see what makes you feel good.

Gone are the days where you feel underwhelmed or too stimulated to feel good!

Why does the Tongue Demon feel so good?

It feels so good because it was literally made to fulfill your oral dreams.

Not only was it made to look real, it was also made to feel real without the possibility of it getting tired. Unless the battery runs out, which in that case, you can always recharge it for two hours.

Plus, you won’t ever experience a time where a tongue isn’t hitting the right spots. It’s called a Demon for the sole purpose of reaching deep into you and touching those magical bundles of nerves that will make you moan so loud the neighbors can hear you.

Remember, we also mentioned that it’s waterproof. So you can also take this in the shower or tub and to feel additional vibrations for a ride that’s better than anywhere else.

You won’t ever get tired of this devil because it’s always ready to give you one hot night after the other!


The road to attaining peak sexual pleasure had led us here. Remember that exploring your desires takes a lot of time and patience because there will be times where you think you found the one toy that will fulfill all of your fantasies – only to try it out and end up disappointed.

Don’t lose hope, that’s why there’s a lot of options for you out there – the Tongue Demon is no exception.

So, if you’ve been through so many tongues and have not found the one, then maybe this could show you a good time.

As it’s made with body safe silicone, you won’t ever have to worry about hygiene.

As it’s designed with as many realistic features as possible, you won’t ever have to go through the hassle of dating and teaching someone new.

As it’s made with your pleasure in mind, you’re sure that this tongue vibrator will treat you oh-so bad, in the best way.

So take a leap of faith and give the Tongue Demon a try. For sure, it’s going to let you in a different world of pleasure.

Oh! Don’t forget to come back and tell us about your experience!


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