The New and Best Tongue Vibrators in 2022: An Ultimate Guide to Buying Tongue Vibrators

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Eating out is a masterpiece and not everybody is Picasso. It takes more than just swiping your tongue up and down to get someone to orgasm like a fountain. It takes an even greater effort to find a partner with a magic tongue. Imagine yourself meeting a lot of amazing people, only to fall short of what you want in bed. It leaves a somewhat bittersweet taste in your tongue, and believe me when I say that I’ve been there, done that so many times.

That’s not to say it’s a hopeless case! There are other ways to find the perfect tongue – even if it’s not attached to a person.

I’ve searched far and wide and tried so many toys to find out what can come close, and now I’m going to show you the best tongue vibrators for this year. So you won’t miss out on a great meal (pun intended) while the right partner isn’t in your life yet!

Tongue Demon

One look at this tongue vibrator and it’s gonna make you salivate. Why? Every detail is made to look close to an actual tongue with the added features of raised ribs and ridges for whenever you want the added texture no real tongue could give.

It also has ten tongue-flapping patterns so you have a variety to choose from whenever you want to get your nipples, clit or vagina licked.

Here’s the cherry on top: This Tongue Demon warms up to feel like the actual thing! It’s easy for all of us to miss this little detail but that’s what this tongue toy is here for!


If you want an oral sex toy that has the best of both worlds, then the Scioness is the one for you! It is both a licking toy and a sucking toy with nine intense tongue flicking modes and two interchangeable attachment cups to help customize your experience.

I tried this on myself before and it was such a mind-blowing experience because it can do two of my most favorite things at once with consistency, which is something we’re looking for when we want to orgasm!


We are only going up from here! Jade is a three-in-one clit licking and sucking G-Spot vibrator. Apparently, this clitoris stimulator was inspired by Chinese stones that have been beautified over a thousand years and become treasures.

I definitely understand that as this suction vibrator comes with nine vibrating and licking patterns and three suction modes. Plus, the G-Spot vibration is adjustable to help you get that leg-shaking, mouth-gaping orgasm!


Lilian isn’t for the weak of heart. It comes double-ended which you can use for penetration and clit stimulation. On top of that, there are three rotating patterns and ten vibrating and licking patterns that is perfect for when you want to create different sets of patterns to satisfy your every sexual incursion – whether that’s tame or intense!

Horny Rose

This is silent but deadly in the best way. Its rose shape will give you enough discretion to use it anytime, anywhere.

Waiting to meet a date? You can put this on and get yourself prepared if the date progresses into coming home to their apartment.

There is company at home? Just make a quick stop to the bathroom and let this clit licking toy work its magic.

Want to send a pretty video to your lover? You can add this as your prop!

There’s so many things you can do with the Horny Rose beyond its seven clit licking and vibrating modes and life-sized tongue. That’s why this is a part of my list.


Last but certainly not the least – Seduction is also a clit licker and a clit sucker like Scioness and Jade but what sets this one apart is that it is designed to cocoon your entire clitoris within its large mouth that helps the built licking and sucking pattern to love all of you from your vagina to your clitoris.


Why are tongue vibrators on the rise?

According to an article at the Daily Mail, tongue vibrators have become the rage because they are extremely discreet and have the capability to perform like a human partner would.

That means that these oral sex toys are developed with the sexual needs of people in mind!

How do you choose a tongue vibrator?

Scarlet Girl lays it down pretty simple:

  • Size Matters - Now, we usually don’t think about this when it comes to sex but in terms of picking the right toy vibrator – it does. Choosing one that is too small will give you little stimulation while picking one that is too big might just inconvenience you while using it.
  • Technique Matters - The reason why there are many different types of tongue vibrators is to cater to various uses. Some women like to use them in their mouths while some like to use them in their vagina.
  • Comfort Matters - Just because a particular model is trending, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Especially if you’re not confident that it’ll be comfortable for you. Find what works for your body and stick with that! Don’t care for what others say and enjoy tongue vibrators for your own satisfaction.
  • Research Matters - But if you’re still at a loss about what to choose then going for one that has a straight tongue should be a good starting place for you. It allows you to explore the feeling of the vibrator first in terms of pace and strength without overwhelming yourself.

How do you use a tongue vibrator?

Vice lays it down pretty simply – as you can achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation as much as penetration, using clitoris toys will provide consistent and direct sensation to your clit and its surrounding areas.

So you can use:

  • Suction Toys to stimulate through small bursts of air, pulsation or sonic waves
  • Tongue Toys to surround your clit with soft movements by mimicking the human tongue and vibrating patterns and,
  • Pumps to replicate the feeling of someone pulling at your clit and can work better on individuals with larger clits

Are there things I should take note of tongue vibrators?

Yes! According to Vents Magazine, tongue vibrators are:

  • Delicate in terms of structure and its variety of vibrations and pulses
  • Multifunctional like the features I described in my top tongue vibrators previously
  • Have a Unique Method of Use as it mostly focuses on the clit and vulva
  • Its size doesn’t matter because what does is the capacity of the toy to provide you the pleasure you need

But is it sanitary?

There seems to be a preconceived notion that oral sex isn’t real sex.

But according to Healthline, penetration is not the end all, be all of sex. There are many other ways to please yourself and your partner and using your mouth is one of them.

They continue on to say that if there are many ways to attain pleasure, then there is no room for comparison. Our bodies come in different shapes, sizes and kinks so the magic lies on discovery and experimentation!

Let’s not forget that our bodies also produce their own scents! Having a smell doesn’t automatically mean you’re dirty – it most likely means that your body is showing signs that it is functioning at a healthy level.

Same goes with taste! Our juices don’t smell like cookies and cream because that simply does not exist! As long as you are keeping your health in check, then your taste is good and shouldn’t be told otherwise.

As with any aspect of your life, taking care of your body and the tools you use for pleasure are important to maintain your health. So pay attention to how you treat your body and I promise you, it will return the favor!

Any other ways to use a tongue vibrator?

Of course! In fact, Madamenoire have a few you can try aside from clitoral stimulation:

  • Nipple Play - You can use your tongue vibrator to run circles around your nipples and take advantage of its bundle of nerves to get yourself turned on pretty fast.
  • Anal Play - This one is for when you want something adventurous. You or your partner can use the tongue vibrator against your anus or, you can get one that has a vibrating dildo attached so you can do penetration and clit stimulation at the same time.
  • Body Play - Now, this comes from my own experience but there’s something about being tickled all over by a tongue that just gets me wet and ready. You can try this one and see if it does the same for you!


There you have it! A quick run-down of tongue vibrators and how you can use them in your pleasure journey. Remember to put your pleasure and comfort first and always have fun with it! Let us know if you’ve tried this out as I’d love to hear your stories!


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