Sex Educators Tell You What It's Like to Have Anal Sex

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Do you know what anal sex feels like? How about close anal sex? Sex workers will give you a comprehensive answer today.

First of all, I need to know that anal sex is a sexual act, and it is becoming more and more popular. Many people like the excitement brought by anal sex games. Of course, there are many people who are more repulsive or even resistant to anal sex, because they first I don't know much about anal sex, and I can't feel the satisfaction that anal sex brings in sex.

why do you trust us?

Sex disappears with our educated writers. Or you can say that one or more body parts go into any or every hole.

All kinds of oral sex or anal sex, we all know what we are talking about.

Because we're handsome in My Guide to Sex Toys, and we're not afraid to ask more knowledgeable experts when needed, we strive to provide you with the best content on our site and anywhere.

An authority on news is M.Christian. They are erotic writers, sex tech reporters, conclusion and BDSM educators, and an authority on good stuff. It's here to help us understand what anal feels like, with its signature humor, responsibility, and sexy skills.

What does anal sex feel like at the top?

Penetrator sex can get into tighter, hotter holes, rub more, and even suck.

For those who like vaginal sex, anal sex may bring different feelings. Although for those who don't like vaginal sex, it can be a pleasant one.

There are other factors, for example, when power-money trading and anal sex games are combined. Jackets, for example, may be excited because they are particularly domineering. It's like the anus is specially subordinate to the bottom.

You don't need a penis to penetrate someone. An example is nails, when using a strap-on dildo or vaginal play.

By the way, non-penis owners aren't the only ones who use seat belts. Especially since they don't need an erection.

Also, the anus can be stretched or elongated so that you can get a greater sensation over time.

For example, the person being inserted can practice lengthening the anal canal. This not only changed their enjoyment of anal sex, but also their partner.

Likewise, the anal sphincter can be widened, reducing tightness around the penis and reducing anal pressure when someone enters the anus.

How does anal sex feel on the butt?

For the recipient, this strong feeling comes from the pressure and rhythmic blows that are placed on them. It feels like a reverse discharge, probably because the anus is close to our genitals.

But even without genital stimulation, the anus has more than its fair share of pleasure. It's a feeling you're probably familiar with, like when you're happy when you have a bowel movement. So it's interested in plugging in something to double or triple the effect, which isn't a huge leap.

Additionally, for people with prostate cancer, the prostate can be a great source of intense pleasure. It is as big as a big river. It is located between the rectum and bladder. It is responsible for the production of semen and provides fluid for sperm.

But that's not the only role of the prostate. Massaging with your fingers or a specially designed toy may cause a prostate orgasm. This was described as the most intense orgasm they had ever experienced.

Or, depending on how you and your body are built, prostate stimulation can also enhance penile orgasms.

Some even combine the two. If done the right way, it might make them compare it to multiple orgasms.

You can read more about how to have same-sex anal sex here.

What does anal sex feel like for women?

For those who have vaginas, anus is exciting.

Again, this may be due to how rectal insertion stimulates the end of the reproductive nerve. But the anal collection itself also plays a role in sex.

For women who enjoy having sex, anal sex may offer different sexual sensations, which can be very appealing because switching from one sensation to another can be very exciting.

Then there is double vaginal penetration and double anal penetration, two or one person using vaginal or anal toys at the same time. It sounds appealing, but needs to be prepared in advance, like sex to put everything and everyone in the right place.

So we think women should insert both vaginal and anus slowly at the same time. Too much anal pressure that you haven't experienced can have adverse consequences. Like a tear in anal tissue, the formation of hemorrhoids, or worse.

That's why we love connecting plugs. Our plugs or other anal-approved sex toys are great for vagina or penis owners. Getting familiar with anal penetration doesn't get any better than a butt plug.

You can gently dilate the anus with a sex toy to increase its environment or length. A larger, wider or longer anus is the key to making insertion more comfortable and less painful.

Sex toys are sometimes a particularly good choice during anal sex. Sex toys can not only stimulate orgasm to a large extent, but if used properly, they can also promote sexual satisfaction and well-being. Of course, it is worth noting that, After using sex toys, it is necessary to clean and maintain the sex toys in time, so as to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases during anal sex!


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