The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Mindblowing Lingam Massage

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A penis massage and a lingam massage can both be done alone or most commonly with a partner. It is a great way to connect with yourself or your partner on a much deeper level regarding your sexual self. It could also be a great surprise for your partner. But, what are their differences?

What is a lingam massage?

In Germany, Andro Andreas established the lingam massage. It is considered one of the esoteric practices which bring emphasis to praising the penis. Glorification occurs in the course of sensual, prolonged massage of the penis that can be done together with the balls and the prostate, otherwise known as the Sacred Spot.

Lingam is derived from the Sanskrit language, which is a sacred language of Hindus, which means “sign, symbol or mark” that commonly portrays Shiva, a Hindu god. Shiva constitutes the yielding ability of all creativity and fertility which is why it takes on the shape of a phallus. For this reason, the word “Lingam” got linked to the word penis which is also the translation of male genitalia.

Reasons to give a lingam massage

Tantric practices aim to build an intimate connection between people and those can be achieved with sensual massages like a Yoni massage. With a lingam massage, it would bring a number of benefits to men relating to their sexual health:

Creates Intimacy

Lingam massages usually take place in a bedroom, this is a great way to build intimacy with your partner because it’s just the two of you. When massaging, make sure to take it slow, and try to connect with yourself and another half while making your partner feel good and focusing on their pleasure.

Boosts Stamina

A lingam massage will surely boost your partner’s sexual stamina and make him feel a greater deal of pleasure. At first, lingam was designed to assist men in connecting with themselves and feeling their sexual energy, making them discover new areas of sensations other than orgasm.

If you want to last longer in bed and avoid ejaculating too fast, a lingam massage is a solution to your problems.

Give your partner amazing multiple orgasms

Men could also achieve multiple orgasms with the help of a lingam massage, it is definitely worth learning for your partner to experience. However, ejaculation is not the main focus of a lingam massage and that is not supposed to be your main objective. On the other hand, your goal is to put your partner in an orgasmic state where he can ejaculate numerous times in a session.

It’s one of the best ways to add excitement to your relationship with your partner and get to know his preferences in terms of what gets him aroused. It’s also the ideal way of showing that you care about your partner’s pleasure by making them feel special and loved.

How to give a Lingam massage to your partner?

If you reached this part of the article, you’re now determined to give your man the wildest pleasure, but first, you have to be knowledgeable about the lingam massage technique:


To prepare yourself for a lingam massage, it is key to ready the essentials so the session won’t go disturbed once started. For this type of erotic massage, you wouldn’t need any fancy or expensive stuff, just be sure to have these within reach:

  • Towels: this will make any mess easier to clean, be sure to have a couple of these prepared to avoid inconvenience.
  • Massage oils: stroking dry skin can be uncomfortable or even painful, it is recommended to use massage oil or even coconut oil which is commonly found in the kitchen to make each stroke flawless.
  • Candles: having lit scented candles around the room can add fragrance to the room while also setting the mood. A massage oil can also be helpful which can be applied on your partner’s body for the duration of the massage.
  • Toys: if your partner is open, you want to add interest by adding a prostate massage during the lingam. Prostate toysguarantee to make sessions more fun.

 remote control buttplug

                       Quinn - Wiggle - Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager


Preparing the essentials in advance would set things at ease and make you free from worries, making you and your partner focus more on each other.


Make sure you have an open schedule and set aside an ample amount of time to accommodate the activities before, during, and after the session. This will free you from any interruption so that the chances of someone barging in will be less than zero. One activity you can do before the session is to share a bath with your partner and add some salts to help you both calm down and feel the moment.

When you’re both ready to do it, have your partner lay in bed and make sure they're comfortable with their position. Adding pillows to support their bodies like the head or their hips will help relax their bodies. Keep in mind that they will maintain this position for a long period of time so be sure they’re not feeling uncomfortable.

The first thing your partner should do is to spread his legs wide and bend his knees slightly as you settle in between his legs. With this position, your partner’s genitals will be very accessible. However, if you do not find this according to your liking, you can always try other positions that suit you.

Adding a chill or light erotic music in the background can also help set the mood, be sure not to be distracted by it, just something to fill the silence. Now, light the candles, dim the light, and have fun!


Even though the lingam massage is all about the penis, it’s better to start with a full-body massage. Apply massage or coconut oil with a great amount around your partner’s body and massage it thoroughly, disregarding the penis at the moment.

A full body massage during the time of foreplay helps men with premature ejaculation and makes them feel relaxed. Guide and tell them to only breathe deeply and slowly. Synching your breaths together will help you attain a deeper connection as you massage your partner’s body.

A hand massage is very pleasurable and relaxes one’s body and mind. Taking your time to rub your hands across your partner’s body along each section will make them feel loved and that you value them. They will treasure this experience and make the lingam massage memorable.

Slowly, you will want to inch closer to their penis, massaging their abdominal, then inner thighs, and finally, the area right around their penis.

Gradually, make your way near the penis, going through the stomach, passing through the inner thighs, and ultimately circling around the penis.


As your partner relaxes and calms down with satisfaction, it’s finally time for the best part which is the pleasurable penis massage. Your partner might already be erect because of the blood flow caused by the massage. If not, you have nothing to worry about the mood of the penis because eventually,  it’s about to feel enjoyable.

Here are different massaging techniques that you can incorporate with the lingam massage that can be the one your partner feels best with:

  • Use both your index fingers and thumbs to secure the penis. Gently move your fingers from the base of the penis towards the tip by pressing points or by massaging it.
  • Hold the penis using both hands. Afterward, twist your hands in opposite directions as you change between tight and light grips in massaging the penis.
  • Using one hand, hold the base of the penis. With the other hand’s thumb, rub the area under the head of the penis in circular motions.
  • Compassionately massage their balls with one hand as you move the other hand up and down their shaft. Changing the pressure of your grip from lighter and tighter is ideal. Adjusting the speed from slow to fast would also turn them on.
  • Another technique is using the index and thumb of one hand to wrap below the head of the penis as you twist the same hand, changing the grip strength from time to time. Meanwhile, use the other hand to glide along their shaft or play with their balls.


It is important to communicate with your partner even in the process of massaging them to check if they’re feeling good, if the pressure is enough or if they like you to do other things for them.

They know what makes them feel good, and having communication with them lets them know that you care about their pleasure so they can have the best fun with this new experience. They will be appreciative of the things you do for them and this will help both of you to have a deeper connection.


A prostate is a small gland that helps men make semen and which is important for their pleasure, better ask your partner if they’re interested in adding prostate stimulation together with the lingam massage. If for some reason they feel shy, you can encourage them first with an external stimulation before going straight to the internal stimulation.

The prostate can easily be stimulated. With an index finger, find the area which is roughly the size of a walnut in between their testicles and anus. This is the area you’d want to focus on and play around and find out what your partner finds more pleasurable. Continue pressing the area inwards as you play with their penis simultaneously.

If your partner finds this according to his liking and wants to try the internal prostate stimulation, start first with your fingers. Be sure to apply a substantial amount of oil on your hands and their anus and gently press one finger inside. Find internally the area where the external walnut-size area is found and then try out different techniques and adjust the pressure of the massage to find out which suits him best.

Once they find the use of fingers to massage the prostate enjoyable, you might want to introduce him to some prostate toys. Quinn is a compact and polished prostate massager that is great for beginners for it is also discrete. It would be perfect with penis stimulation as well.

Demon is even better if you’re alone or want a hands-free prostate massager. It is very simple to use, just insert it in your partner’s anus, try out different vibrating patterns, and massage their penis with both hands all at the same time. If you don’t have a partner, you won’t have to worry because this comes with a vibrating cock ring which will make you ejaculate more intensely.


One great part of a lingam massage is it includes edging or controlling the orgasm which can help your partner last longer and have more substantial orgasms. While you manage their penis, observe their breathing and body language. When you feel that their breathing is shallow or uneven, or when they are about to climax, slow down the intensity of the massage and go back to massaging other parts of their body.

Tell them to relax and breathe slowly, and make them calm down before going back to pleasuring the penis. Do this process repeatedly, so that when it’s time for an orgasm, the pressure and ejaculation will be much more intense.


What is a penis massage? 

A penis massage can treat sexual disorders and even strengthen the muscles of the penis. The benefits also include making your penis look vigorous which makes it look thicker, firmer, and more erect.

How to massage your penis / how to give a penis massage?

  • Apply lube throughout the stem of the penis to avoid friction than can produce minor bruises or skin irritation
  • Position both hands throughout the bottom of the penis
  • Glide your hands upward toward the tip of the penis
  • Control the pressure of the grip, and reduce pressure when hurting
  • Loosen grip upon reaching the tip of the penis
  • Do this at least once per day for 20 minutes
  • Preferably, gliding your hands from the bottom to the tip of the penis has to take 3 to 5 seconds

Is it healthy to massage your balls? 

Normal massaging of the testicles can promote local blood circulation which avoids the risk of testicular atrophy.

How to manage prostate massager? 

With this kind of toy, it is important to clean it before and after use. You can clean it by rinsing it in water, applying a cleaning spray, and then rinse it again before leaving it to dry. You can also wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Afterward, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a clean towel.

What type of lubricant to use? 

In any penetration, it is recommended to use lube to reduce friction and increase pleasure. It has the ability to eliminate pain and discomfort when using the toy. Water-based lubricants are best for prostate massagers, especially with materials that are made from silicone.

How to store a prostate massager? 

Silicone anal toys must be kept in breathable space to allow for the odor to die down. It should also be noted to store it in a cool, dark, and dry place. Keep it out of direct sunlight and from wet surfaces.


A lingam massage is a great tool to have as it builds intimacy and connection while at the same time providing a relaxing experience to your partner. As you learn more about your partner, the more that you can build the sexual rapport that both of you already have. It is easy to learn and can definitely be a huge improvement for those looking to improve their sexual experiences.